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Vital connections

Posted by appolus on March 8, 2021

Zec 4:3 And two olive trees by it, one upon the right side of the bowl, and the other upon the left side thereof.

One hot summers day as I was walking and talking with the Lord, I thought about how important it is to be filled, to be constantly filled by Him and with Him. I had been reading recently in the Scriptures about the two olive trees in Zec 4. I read that the candlestick was constantly supplied by oil from the bowl that was connected to the two olive trees on either side of the bowl.

Now, it seems clear from Scripture that these trees represent for us, Jesus on one side and the Holy Spirit on the other. And when we are connected to Jesus by the Holy Spirit, then our bowls, our vessels are filled with a never ending source of power, the power of God and the grace of God. In that same chapter we see, and it is such a well know Scripture, that “It is not by might, nor by power but by Spirit says the Lord.”

Then Psalm 133 came to my mind. I thought about the precious oil that anoints the head of the priest. An abundance of oil, so much so that it flows down from the head, onto the beard and covers the garments of the priest. Can I ask, do you have such an anointing brothers and sisters? Do you long for it? Are you intimately connected to the source of such oil? Does it cover every part of you as it did the priest in the Psalm?

As it was early in the morning that I was walking everything was dripping with a heavy dew. Even although it had not rained for many days, the grass was totally soaked and to walk through it meant getting very wet. Here I was, in the middle of a Kansas summer, soaked by the dew that fell from heaven. This is how it is likened in Psalm 133 ”Like the dew of Hermon that flows down the mountains of Zion : for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life forever more.”

Oh brothers and sisters I thought about that life, that life that is in me, that abundant life that overflows out of the abundance of my heart. Unless our heart is like a vessel, connected to the two trees, how can it ever be filled? How can the light of Christ keep shining in us unless we are abiding in Him, connected to Jesus and His Holy Spirit? And how can this oil of gladness, this oil of unity, this oil of life overflow and pour down our garments unless our hearts first be filled to capacity? In this the Lord Himself commands a blessing of life. Only in this is life. Can you see the importance of the two trees? Can you see how important it is to be connected to both?

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The sacking of Rome.

Posted by appolus on March 3, 2021

Psalm 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Brothers and sisters, even now the fires burn all across Christendom. The vandals have entered the gates of the cities. These spirits have come to invade every heart and every mind and every church in the land. These are hordes that have poured forth from the bowels of hell, foul defiling hordes. Yet, they are only the pre-cursor for what is to come. Their job is to tear down everything that is called holy. Every part of society is to be torn down stone by stone. This is the spirit behind the forces who turn wrong into right, who turn day into night. Now brothers and sisters, we can see evidence of this all around us and we see the rapid disintegration of society.

The forces that align themselves against Christianity are gaining momentum. They are making a way for their own master to enter onto the world stage. How shall we react to such forces and events? Many without eyes to see, struggle greatly against this incoming tide. As they see the loss of everything they know and hold dear they have a great desire to fight back. They want to fight against the immoral forces that are tearing down the culture that they love and have created. Fear rises up in them, panic even.

That fear and that panic compels them into the arms of many would be leaders. Some cry out that we need a great revival, others cry out that we need more Godly men in political leadership. Others even consider arming themselves for what they see as a coming cultural war. What is to be the Body of Christ’s response to a society that seems to be in moral free fall? God’s children must worship the Lord their God with all of their hearts, all of their minds and all of their souls.

They must decrease and He must increase. Now is the time for the people of God to trim their lamps and light up the way in the great darkness that is falling over us. Our singular goal must be to press in close to our Lord. He and He alone is our deliverer. Only in Him can we know true freedom, a freedom that can praise God even in captivity. Men prefer another kind of freedom but the freedom that we find in Jesus cannot be taken away by any force.

What the world gives, the world can take away. What was given to us at Calvary can never be taken from us, even if we ourselves were to be crucified. What freedom do you desire today? Choose wisely, one is eternal, the other is fleeting. One is of the Spirit, the other is of the flesh and oftentimes those who follow the flesh do not even know what spirit they are of.

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Whispering “I love you.”

Posted by appolus on February 26, 2021

Eph 6:18 Pray in the Spirit at all times, with every kind of prayer and petition. To this end, stay alert with all perseverance in your prayers for all the saints.

Each whisper, every God-ward thought, every word spoken, each moment of silence spent in His presence is like a musical note to the Lord. The Scriptures refer to the Lord as “He who sits above the circle of the earth.” And so He who sits above the circle of the earth, sees each and every one of these musical notes from around the world from the Body of Christ, rising up in a majestic symphony of love and worship and it is a sweet, sweet sound in His ears. This day, become part of that symphony, let your days be filled with thoughts of Him, release whispers of love to add to the music of prayer.

Simply whisper the name of Jesus all throughout the day, remind Him of how much you love Him, thank Him for the day, no matter what kind of day that you’re having. Rediscover that bond of love and joy and peace that comes simply by being in His presence. When you do this brothers and sisters, your prayer life will change dramatically, but not only your prayer life, your life itself. For when we walk in continual prayer we begin to see the beauty of the Lord everywhere. If it rains, we see His beauty in the raindrops.

When the sun shines we see His beauty as the flowers turn themselves around to face the glory of the Son. When it is cloudy we see his beauty break through the clouds in beams of light that remind us that despite the momentary darkness, He is not finished with us and that His light is ready to break through. Pray without ceasing brothers and sisters, it is not a bondage, rather a glorious privilege that enables us and empowers us to be over-comers in a dark world that is desperate for a manifestation of the light and the love of our Lord Jesus.

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Nobody is perfect.

Posted by appolus on February 25, 2021

The nobody’s perfect card. How many times have you seen it played? The great excuse, it is often a cover for mediocrity and the life less lived. Its the great tragedy of identifying ourselves as sinners rather than saints. We have been called to be extraordinary and the path to the extraordinary is found by the words “follow me.”

We are instructed to be holy as He is Holy. He that called us is Holy and He has called us to be holy. Several hundred years ago, in times of inquisition, the inquisitor’s would come and ask the locals “who among you are living exemplary lives?” This would point them in the direction of those who were truly born again, it would identify them for martyrdom.

If we found ourselves in similar conditions, would we be identified by the locals? This call to the beauty of holiness cannot be heard if you identify yourself as a “mere sinner,” saved by grace. You will not find that in the New Testament. We who know Jesus are children of the living God. We are not sinless but neither are we “mere sinners.”

Too often that is used as an excuse for placating the world, a kind of virtue. It is not virtuous to identify yourself as a sinner. And before someone says well Paul says “of whom I am the chief,” in regard to sinners saved by Jesus, remember the context. Paul is saying that he is the chief of all saved sinners, meaning there was no worse sinner than he and despite that, Jesus saved him.

This is the humility of Paul saying that no one was worse than He , yet still he was saved. It was not that he was still the chief of sinners after being saved, God forbid. That is not how he identified himself and in fact he is bold enough to say “You are to imitate me, just as I imitate Christ,” in 1 Cor 11:1. This really should be the last line in chapter 10, read it in regard to Paul calling us to holiness.

We are new creatures in Christ and behold all things are new. We carry His name among the world. We bring His light down into the darkness. Our total identity is in Christ. There are no other competing identities other than being children of the light, adopted sons and daughters of the Living God, priests and priestesses in a Royal priesthood. This is what we offer the world. They can be saved from drowning in their own sins.

It is strange that all down through the ages that this has been a hated truth. The notion that we count ourselves as separated from the world brings great conviction to the world. “Who do you think you are,” has been the cry down through the ages, the initiator of it being the devil himself. He despises the sons and daughters of the Kingdom.

And so the answer to the world when they say “who do you think you are,” is not to say “we are just like you but we have this theological technicality.” No, the answer is the same as Paul’s “we were just as you are, worse even, but we have been redeemed and rescued by grace and so can you be.” “We have been delivered from the curse of sins deadly power and we have been empowered by His Holy Spirit to live such a life.” An actual witness that brings credit and glory to God because He enabled us to live such a transformed life.

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Tell them about the dream Martin!

Posted by appolus on February 21, 2021

It is said that as Martin Luther King was giving his famous speech that Mahalia Jackson shouted to him from the podium
“tell them about the dream Martin.” If you watch his famous speech, the first 12 minutes were excellent. The words were marvelously written and with great skill they were delivered. Yet when he hears Mahalia Jackson shout “tell them about the dream Martin,” he slides the speech over and begins to speak extemporaneously (without his notes) He begins to tell the crowd about his dream. The speech becomes noticeably less political and takes the tone of an impassioned sermon, as one caught up in the Spirit, the words go from tremendous to lofty and soaring. The sentiment becomes one of unity. That black people and white people would one day sit down with one another, that black children would one day be judged, not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. That was his dream, and even although he returns to the speech with the magnificent phrase of “let freedom ring,’ it will be forever known as the “I have a dream,” speech.

When we go of script and allow God to move in us brothers and sisters, the Spirit of God begins to rise up in us. When it is He alone who speaks and we are but carried along in the updrafts of His presence or by the waters of His current then we truly begin to speak life into a dying world. When Peter began to speak at Pentecost and the power of God began to rise up in him and the deluge of the Holy Spirit began to fall down and engulf the hearts of the hearers. then, and only then, they cried out “what must we do to be saved?” This is how the world is moved, this is how the world is turned upside down, by the Spirit of the Living God flowing through us, unencumbered by our own efforts.

Oh that we would step aside. Oh that we would lay down what we know and lift up who we know. If we begin to simply tell the world about the Jesus that we know, if we begin to lift up the risen Christ, then The Spirit of God would rend the heavens and come down, down upon the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. He would flow down from the mighty mountains of New York. He would rise up to the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania. He would melt the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado.The freedom wrought for us at Calvary would ring out from the curvaceous slopes of California. And from atop Stone mountain of Georgia and Lookout mountain of Tennessee glory would rain down and flood the land.

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My one desire.

Posted by appolus on February 18, 2021

This is my one desire Lord, my bright and morning star
That I might never linger, but come to where your are
To press on in to you, until you come into my view
And know you as you are, ever faithful ever true

You are my shining star, which ever leads me on
You are my blessed hope, when all my hope is gone
You are my very sanity, my reason to exist
The power that ever flows through me, the power to resist

This world is ever lost to me, with all its shining lights
A loss that truly set me free, on you I’ve set my sights
Now every day I walk with thee, it is my one desire
To sing the praises of my Lord, to join your heavenly choir

I rejoice here at your altar, I heard your altar call
And I who lived in vanity, now gladly give my all
I wonder at thy glorious grace, that alone has set me free
And the fact that all along, it was right there in front of me

The brightness of your majesty, I can barely handle
It renders the sun above, to but a lowly flickering candle
The vast expanse of ocean to but a single shallow tear
Your glory covers all the earth and consumes the atmosphere

I am completely swallowed up, by one who once was far
You are my Lord, Emmanuel, my bright and morning star
This soul that once was lifeless,now you have set on fire
To walk with you forevermore, this is my one desire

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Anything less that true freedom is a tragedy

Posted by appolus on February 17, 2021

Joh 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

God has called His children out of darkness into His marvelous light, the light of freedom. Religion is the deadliest enemy of Gods freed children. It spies out their liberty and seeks, with much patience, to again enslave and control them. In these days God is releasing a generation to come forth and live in the freedom that He has called them too. The shackles of the old religious systems are being exposed and broken down.

It can be scary to begin to think for oneself and to walk into open fields of freedom having been so restrained for so long. So confined by that pew that you sit on, year after year nothing but a spectator. Brothers and sisters you were called into a royal Priesthood. He who the Son has set free is free indeed. Free to walk with Him, free to be taught by Him, free to hear Him, free to be directed by Him. Our call is a radical one and it is to Jesus and Jesus alone. This is where freedom begins.

Many years ago I was walking in the suburbs of Kansas where I live. Walking through a wealthy neighborhood I saw gardens with meticulously planted flowers. A lot of work had obviously went into them. They had a design and had undoubtedly been measured exactly, every flower planted the exact distance from each other. Each home-owner knew what they wanted and it had been achieved. There was a regimentation in these gardens and they certainly had some kind of beauty. Then I heard the Holy Spirit telling me to look across the street.

There was a large field. At the far end of the field was an open drainage system for water run-off and a large culvert. All around this area was full of wild flowers of all kinds. No hand had placed them where they were. They were wherever the wind had blown their seed. It was truly a magnificent sight and had a beauty that was unmatched by the little regimented soldiers all standing to attention, watching from across the street, now seemingly entrapped and longing to breathe free.

Brothers and sisters, where are you? Did the wind of the Spirit blow in your life? Did He lead and guide you to where you are now? To be where the Lord wants you to be and to be part of a garden that the Lord Himself planted is to have ridden the winds of the Holy Spirit. Can you just stand and let go? Can you let the updrafts of His presence and Spirit carry you? Can you breathe free today? It is your birthright and that freedom from a crushing religious system of control and man centered activity was wrought for you on the bloody battle field of Calvary. To live in anything less than that freedom is a tragedy.

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Adultery with the little things.

Posted by appolus on February 13, 2021

It is not only wrong to worry, it is real infidelity-because it means we do no believe God can look after the little practical details of our lives. Notice what Jesus said would choke the Word He puts in us. The devil? No, cares of this world. That is how infidelity begins. It is the “little foxes that spoil the vines,” always the little worries. The great cure for infidelity is obedience to the Spirit of God. Refuse to be swamped by the cares of this world, cut out non-essentials and continually revise your relationship to God and see that you are concentrated absolutely on Him (Oswald Chambers)

Notice how Chambers uses the word infidelity? Adultery by any other name. It is offensive is it not to think that not trusting God in the little things are the first steps of unfaithfulness? If I smile at a woman in my office and the smile leads to small talk and the small talk leads to deeper talks which leads to lunch and then in the moment of “weakness,” or “crisis,’ it leads to the bedroom, then the adultery is complete. Adultery has to start somewhere. And without a doubt there is a still small voice saying “do not go down this road.”

So, if a smile can lead to adultery ( I am not advocating not smiling or talking to people) can we see that to be anxious, to worry about the little things are the first steps in the building blocks of unfaithfulness? Jesus Himself says through the Word that we are to be “anxious for nothing.’ Think about that. Not a suggestion but a command. Does it stagger your mind that it is possible to be “anxious for nothing?” And what are we told to do instead of being anxious? “But in everything (note that word everything) by prayer and supplication and thanksgiving, make your requests known to God, and the peace that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.” (Php 4:6)

All of what we are commanded to do is predicated upon thanksgiving. In that state of thanksgiving as we come before the Lord, as we walk down the narrow path of this life with our Glorious companion, we can walk in a peace that surpasses understanding. This place must be “entered in.” This gift of peace must be possessed. This possession can only truly be grasped by those who seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all those “other things,” are the little foxes that spoil the vine. Foxes are sneaky and stealthy, they move quietly among the tall grass as they hone in on their target. Not a big predator by any means, but a spoiler of the “vines, for our vines have tender grapes.” (Song of Solomon 2:15)

We are the vines in this example brothers and sisters. And our grapes are tender, our faith, not yet fully established. Would you like to be anxious free? Then the little worries must be dealt with. We must see them for what they are. We must not normalize them or rationalize them. We do that, don’t we? We hang onto them. Dare I say that we embrace them as our own. Any notion of putting them away is usually met by scoffing and scorn, and that typically from our own hearts. The first step towards possessing this peace is to recognize out little worries as infidelity. We cannot move on until we see that. Once we see it, once it is brought into the light of our minds then there is no question about it, it must go.

There is a place where we have ceased from our own works and entered into His rest. Let us lay hold of it. An eternal sabbath day. Rest, to lay down in the palm of His hand. To be anxious for nothing. To the heavy laden Jesus says “I will give you rest.” Do you have that rest? Have you reached out and received that rest? It awaits thee brothers and sisters at the hand of God. Be faithful to Him in the little things, meaning trust Him in the little things, the little worries, commit yourself to Him in all these little things and you shall serve only one Master. Be faithful to Jesus, everything else is infidelity.

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Do you worship the axe?

Posted by appolus on February 11, 2021

When you are trying to find out the condition of a church, do not just inquire whether it is evangelical. Ask whether it is an Evangelical rationalistic church that says “The test is enough,” or whether it is a church that believes that the test plus the Holy Spirit is enough. I would rather be part of a small group with inner knowledge than part of a vast group with only intellectual knowledge. In the great day of Christ’s coming, all that will matter is whether or not I have been inwardly illuminated, inwardly regenerated, inwardly purified( A.W.Tozer)

Brother Tozer in so much of his writings talks about this “inner knowledge,” as opposed to intellectual knowledge. Whenever one speaks of this it can arouse great passions in people. In fact, if you are anything of a church historian you will know that over the last 2000 years, this has been exactly the issue. Typically those burned at the stake were those who made such claims and it aroused violent murderous hatred. I would argue that every single man who ever burned another human being or gave assent to men being burned were those of the “intellectual knowledge,” class. If Saul was jealous of David, and he was, and it caused him to lose his mind and it did, then the same spirit exists in our day as it has always done.

The two groups that Tozer identified, the small group with inner knowledge and the vast majority of those with mere intellectual knowledge of the Word still exist. And this inner knowledge is not some special knowledge that only a small group know, it is simply Biblical knowledge illuminated by the Holy Spirit. And the fruit of that illumination leads to men and women who are inwardly regenerated which leads to a purity that is Spirit driven. Inside out. Changed at the core of our beings and the fruit of those changes being on display for all to see. You will know a man by his fruit and by his love for one another. Imagine such a man or woman burning to death another human being, impossible.

Now, those with an intellectual knowledge of the Bible understand that it teaches about purity and change and being a new creature in Christ. If they have no actual inner knowledge, meaning the Holy Spirit does not reside within them, then the changes must come from the outside in. The outward appearance. Aesthetics. How we dress, strict adherence to religious observance, a focus on the things we do not do, or what we are against, as opposed to who we are in Christ and what we are for. All of these things and more mark the man or woman who is trying to create a holiness and a purity by the work of their own righteousness. It is an age old trap. It cannot work.

The simplest way to illustrate the difference between the two groups would be this. Imagine a vast forest, thick and dense with no trails through it. Yet right through the middle of it runs a mighty river. The river leads to the ocean and this is the stated objective of the two groups. The river is wild and deep and its current is fierce. One group commits itself to the river. Not ankle deep or knee deep nor even waist deep but fully immersed in the depths of the river so that the current takes you where it will.

The other group cannot make such a commitment to abandon themselves to the river and allow the river to simply take them. No, they want to be in charge of their progress. So they begin the hopeless and backbreaking task of hacking their way through the vast forest in a effort to reach the ocean which they shall never reach. Yet they commend themselves on the hard work they undertake. The work itself becomes the virtue. They measure their progress by the fruitless and frenetic work that they undertake.

One group will arrive at its destination and will never be able to commend themselves, for the river did all the work, their only role was to abandon themselves to the river and go with the flow. The other group will never reach the ocean, they will merely pass the axe to each proceeding generation. They will worship the axe and build great monuments to it. To what group do you belong?

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Will you die on every hill? Will you die on any hill?

Posted by appolus on February 9, 2021

The question is “what hill will you die on?” In every battle in life whether in war or in our own personal lives there is one side holding the ground and the opposing side is attempting to take that ground. Could be a hill, a castle, a city, a town or a bridge. It could be a million things in our personal lives. Your flesh versus your spirit for example. No matter, in these battles there is the one holding on and the one attempting to displace and take.

Now, it does not really matter what position you are in, the fundamentals are the same whether you are holding the line or attempting to take a stronghold. For instance, if you are defending a village then you have a line and you are holding the line.It is very important that you hold the line. When the enemy is advancing and your line begins to break then you would scatter and retreat in chaos and the enemy advances and takes his objective.

Now, if you were attacking, attempting to take the position, the principal would be that you have to keep moving forward and put your enemy back on his heels. If you do not keep moving forward as an attacking force and get bogged down in an open position, then the defenders will be able to zero in on your position, rain fire down upon you and you have to scatter and retreat in chaos and the enemy comes out of his defensive position and comes after your retreating forces and cuts you down.

Now these principals work. Hold the line, hold the objective. Move forward and keep moving forward and take the objective. Yet like everything in life they are not hard and fast. For any plan to go awry the battle must merely commence. Once the battle begins, you have to be able to adapt to the changing conditions on the ground. The great leaders of every battle can see the battle-field and can adjust as the circumstance warrant. So, although the principle of keep moving forward is a good one, sometimes we may have underestimated the enemies strength and depth of forces. Under those circumstances do we keep moving forward?

What about holding the line? Perhaps you have a limited amount of men and ammunition and the force that is attacking you is just too great and if you continue to try and hold the line the you will be overrun and wiped out. In each case strategic withdrawals are warranted. The man who would die on every hill may have some momentary zeal and glory, but he will die and he will likely get everyone else killed. So the wise man knows when to stop, retreat, regroup and reconsider his options. Whether defending or attacking the wise man, if the situation warrants it shall sound the retreat, then regroup and the reconsider. The unwise man is not capable of this.

In the Christian world we need to understand the battles that we are involved in. Is this a hill we are going to die on? Can I suggest that we as Christians are involved in a constant war that rages on many fronts. We have been called to the battle-field not the play ground. And in the midst of these battles we already have a commander in chief who directs the battle. It is vital that we have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. We can know our war manual back to front but if we cannot be directed in the heat of the battle in real time, since almost every single situation unique to you, then we shall be defeated.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a hill out there with your name on it, maybe more than one and these hills were built for us to stand or die while never retreating. But we must be led by the Word of God and His holy Spirit and not by the zeal and the passion that arises from our own desires and wisdom. So, the Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom on when to hold the line or when to retreat, regroup and reconsider your strategy.

There are the big battles in our lives and there is also the every day battles with our flesh and with our sanctification. The principles from above may be real war battles from battle-fields but they apply to our spiritual lives as well. You must have a trustworthy commander. You must be able to fight as a unit. You must be able to hear your commander so that you are able to respond to His directions. Obedience is key. Whether we understand or not is not the issue, it is whether we can hear and whether when we hear we shall obey.

This is how we win the battles whatever position we are in. Taking down strongholds or holding the line, if we follow these fundamental we shall glorify the the Lord on the field of battle. Warriors for Christ, soldiers of the cross, desiring to fight and die for the glorious cause of Christ.

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The great crisis of our age

Posted by appolus on February 8, 2021

2Ch 5:14 So that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud: for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of God.

The world has such a low view of God. Some kindly grandfather? A benevolent Santa Claus? A buddy? Of course He is none of these things. For the most part Christendom also has a low view of God. Can I ask you a genuine question? The last time you went to church, were you actually expecting to encounter the Living God? I am not talking about singing loud and jumping up and down. I am not talking about being really interested in a sermon and taking notes. I am talking about encountering God almighty.

The God that is high and lifted up and the train of His robe fills the temple. The God that is majestic in holiness. The God that is full of awe and is marvelous. The God that is so overwhelming that He floods our spirits with His glory and those around His throne can only cry out Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. Is that what you were expecting? If not why not? Unless the people have an encounter with such a God, they will continue to have a low view of Him and worship some weak anemic cultural god of their own making.

The church in the west is starving to death and they are dying of thirst. The tragedy is, that for the most part, the majority that are called after His name do not even know that they are in the midst of a famine and a drought. I thank God for His remnant people who do know. Who agonize over the state of the church. Who cry out to God and who want nothing less than for the multitude of people to experience the majesty and the glory and the anguish and the joy of falling down before the throne. Who desire all men to be ruined for this life and to walk with the grand obsession of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is coming a time, and we may be there already, when God is calling His people, His remnant people who have experienced the presence of God, to rise up and testify to it. To testify of what they know of Him. Of how they come into the presence of a Holy and majestic God. Of how it ruins them and changes them. Of how they tremble before the throne of the almighty God.

This is what the people are starved of, this is what they are dying from. There is a famine of the Word of God in the land, not the Word preached, but the Word preached with the power and the presence of God. The crisis of the age is a lack of God’s empowering presence in our assemblies. May the glory of the Lord fill His house.

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Living in the imperceptible.

Posted by appolus on February 7, 2021

As an adjective, the word imperceptible means very slight, gradual or subtle. As a noun it means something not capable of being perceived by the senses. When you think about it, that is how we live our lives, we live it in the imperceptible. Typically today is the same as yesterday and tomorrow will be the same as today. And they form units, yesterday, today and tomorrow and then yesterdays today and tomorrow and so on and so forth. They connect to one another and the days and the weeks and the months often meld into one and the process quickens the older that you get. Seasons begin to fly past and then the years. Someone once said that the days are long but the years are short. It is very true.

What breaks this up is what I call the suddenly’s. Something that happens out of the blue, an incident or incidents without warning. Everyone of us will deal with these and they often change everything. Like earthquakes, they give no warning and then shake the very foundations of our lives. And all too often, when the shaking has stopped, when the storm has passed, when the immediate damage is dealt with, imperceptibility returns. It’s a new reality, but now our yesterdays have once again become our todays and our tomorrows will be the same as today and we begin all over again and the days are slow and years rush by.

The interesting thing is when you become aware of the imperceptible life that you are living. It is almost an oxymoron to say that you are aware of something that is not typically perceived by the senses. Yet, the life that we live in the Spirit breaks up the units of time that we typically find ourselves trapped in. The Spirit of God exists outside of time and space and He bids us to come to where He is. In Him every moment becomes part of the eternal. Walking in the Spirit is to be released from the hamsters cage and taken off the wheel. Living in the imperceptible. We become aware of God and His presence and time means nothing. It loses its grip on us, the chains of its reality are broken in the eternal now.

We are no longer slaves to the tyranny of our fantasies or desires or our wishes for the future. Good or bad, our expectations set up our parameters. They are in fact an artificial horizon of our own making. Walking in the Spirit is to be walking in a land where nothing impedes our spiritual view. We know that we are walking in the Spirit when the only thing that we can see is Jesus our Lord. When He becomes our horizon then time loses its grip upon us and we are set at liberty to walk towards Him.

Even holy things become corrupted when they displace Jesus. When our thoughts have been taken captive by anything other than Jesus then we have become ensnared in the world and its ways. Time, once again becomes our intoxicant. We get lost in the imperceptible. Blinded by its dim dullness. Lord, help us to live in the glory. Help us to live in the eternal moment of your presence where every horizon is a glorious sunrise, the Son of God rising in the hearts of His children. Help us to see the one who lays the beams of His chambers in the waters, who makes the cloud his chariot and who walks upon the wings of the wind (Psalm 104)

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Making peace with darkness.

Posted by appolus on February 3, 2021

Making peace with darkness is about saying in your heart “this far and no further.” It’s about holding on to something, or maybe it’s more than one thing, but your holding on to it. It is something deep in your heart that you know should be dealt with, crucified, but you say in your heart “I am not going to obey.” Now its buried deep, you would never say it out loud, in fact you do not even want to think about it, but there it is, the shadow. You may believe it to be a small thing but it will come to identify you. Why? Because you have drawn a line in the sand. You are holding this thing back for yourself.

Now, it may be that the thing is not in and of itself inherently sinful, but it has you. It could be to do with security or insecurity. How you look? A foundation of your life that the Lord wants. And you have decided in your heart that He cannot have it. And you make your peace with the darkness. You know in your heart that you are not going to obey God in this. It’s a small thing in the grand scheme of things you say, and that may be so. Yet, you shall go no further in the Kingdom and somewhere inside of you you know that this is deal you have made.

It’s offensive to say it out loud is it not brothers and sisters? Say what? “I am not going to obey you in this Lord.” But there it is and fooling ourselves like the Ostrich burying it’s head in the sand will not make it go away. It will always be there and it has stunted your growth and you are good with it. Well maybe not good with it, but you know, there it is. We rationalize it dont we brothers and sisters? It is not that you are not saved, for you are still saved but whatever way we look at it it is a declaration we have made and it is heard in the Kingdom of God. You have limited yourself. Not God, God does not limit His children. When we stand before Him, we will know as we are known and we will weep for the limitations we put on ourselves for this beggarly thing whatever it was. And God will wipe the tears away. Tears of regret.

Now brothers and sisters, if you are reading this then there is still breath in your body and you can still choose this day to break the treaty that you made with the darkness. Let’s face it, it was not a peace we made for how can the child of God truly be at peace and be anxious for nothing when there is some kind of stronghold that dwells with our chests? What is it that you know you have to give up? Sinful or not sinful but it stands as a marker, a stronghold between you and God who wants every part of you, every single part of you. Whatever it is you have held onto for yourself, the devil will beat you mercilessly with it. By an act of the will, obey God this night and let whatever holds you back die on the cross where it belongs.

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Death is now but a shadow of its former self.

Posted by appolus on February 3, 2021

Psa 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;

As I prayed this morning the Lord laid the above Scripture on my heart. The Holy Spirit spoke to me. From the moment we are born our life is the valley and death is the shade. As we walk through the valley, death is rendered to but a mere shadow to the saints. What is a shadow? What substance does it have? Is it the real thing or is it but a trick of the light? Death itself has lost its sting, where oh grave is your victory? And how could this be? “For thou art with me.” His presence destroys the power of sin and death and renders it to but a mere shadow. We often say that a man is a mere shadow of his former self. This is what it means when we speak of death for those who walk in the presence of God, for those who can say ” for thou art with me.” Can you say that?

Moses refused to go on in the desert unless the Lord was with him. The Lord said to Moses that He would do this thing because he had found grace in His sight and that He knew him by name. Brothers and sisters, our names are written in the Lambs book of life. We who know Him know Him by grace, through faith. We found grace in His sight, glory to God. Paul counted all of his trials and his impending death as mere rubbish, because? He was found in Him. Paul could go on in a perilous and persecuted journey because death was but a shadow. What creates a shadow? Light. We who stand in the light of Christ have rendered death to but a mere shadow of its former self. This is why we can walk through the valley. This is why we look not to this world but to the next. For thou art with me oh Lord through every valley.

Every trial, every tribulation even death itself is but the means that draws us ever closer to the one who is with us.
We are more than conquerors in Him. When we suffer with Him we shall be glorified together. This is when all things work together for good to those whom He walks with who are called according to His purpose. What shall separate us from the love of Jesus? Trial or tribulation? Persecution or nakedness? famine or even the sword? For His sake we are killed all the day long, like sheep for the slaughter. Shall a virus or any pestilence or even death itself separate us from the one who is with us? No, nothing can, quite the opposite, it compels us to press on in. Saint, no matter what you are facing today, press on in to the One who is with You. He will see you through the fire. He will hold you in the flood. No matter how fierce the fire or how deep the flood, nothing can separate us from the Love of God which is in Jesus our Lord.

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What lies beneath your feet?

Posted by appolus on February 1, 2021

Mat 7:24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

Jesus speaks of two kinds of houses in Mathew chapter 7:24-27. One is built upon the Rock and the other has no foundation. When the storm comes, when the flood rises and the winds blow, the house on the Rock still stands . The house without a foundation is swept away. Now consider this, the first word in Matt 7:24 is “therefore.” The word therefore means the answer or the explanation to a statement given. What was the statement Jesus had just made? In verses 21-23 Jesus says that not all who call Him Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, only those who do the will of my Father. So He will say to them “I never knew you, depart from me you who work iniquity.”

The test saint, is not the works that we do nor even the miracles that we are associated with. No, the test saints is how we stand or if we stand in the storm. It’s the storm that does the work. Who will praise Him in the storm? Who will do the will of the Father in the midst of the storm? To weather the storm with joy, with perseverance and with endurance is to prove which ground we stand upon. For those who stand upon the Rock, they shall not run from the storm, they shall not hide from the storm they shall stand tall in the midst of the storm in the might and the power of the Holy Spirit.

There is a huge storm raging around the world. It is the first of many such storms to come. The world will get over one storm and the next will quickly come. Yet those whose feet are planted on the Rock shall never be moved. They shall be able to enter into His presence, they shall go deeper into His heart, they shall stand upon the Word of God and the light of heaven shall shine through them like a beacon to a dark world. The Lord says that His kingdom is not of this world. We are part of His Kingdom and we do not belong to this world, we are merely passing through.

We walk in the Spirit along the narrow way and He ever goes before us. Let not your hearts be troubled but rather rejoice. The praise of the saints from the depths of the dungeon is of so much greater value than those who praise His only from the mountaintops. A man can praise Jesus in the midst of good circumstances, it does not take a foundation to do that. Only a saint standing on the foundation of Christ Himself can praise the Lord from the dungeon. What lies beneath your feet?

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Are you unequally yoked with unbelievers?

Posted by appolus on January 30, 2021

Can the spirit of man fellowship with the Spirit of God? A rhetorical question of course. One is enmity to the other. Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? (2Co 6:14) Some may argue that all men and woman who gather together in churches are believers. Yet in John 8 we see that Jesus tells those who identify as “believers,” that their father is the devil. These “believers,” took up stones to kill Jesus. Its not the name that you call yourself that counts, its the Spirit of God that is either in a man or it is not that counts. While it is clear that it has never been acceptable for the righteous to fellowship with the unrighteous and indeed has caused almost all of the problems that we see in Christendom down through the ages, it gets more and more dangerous to do so as the ages draw to a close. The Holy Spirit is very deliberately exposing what is and what is not, do not get in the way of the Holy Spirit.

Listen to what Tozer says………… The spiritual man has treasures this world discounts. He has a mystic wisdom of the Holy Spirit, but the world has no way to receive this. Jesus said the world cannot receive Him “because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him.” (John 14:17) Just as a deaf man has no sensory organ to receive music, and just as a blind man has no organ to receive light, so a worldly man has no organ to receive the treasure of God’s mystic knowledge by the Holy Spirit. And of course, if the Christian says that he has and is sure of himself, the world is angry with him, even the religious world. They say he is a bigot, he thinks too much of himself. The Christian man has the Holy Spirit, invisible and from God, whom the world cannot receive. The Christian has heard a voice, seen the light and been able to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, while the world is just religious (A.W.Tozer-A disruptive faith)

Tozer is right, isn’t he? The world and the religious men are always angry with the man who can say with a certainty “God said to me.” They say that he is arrogant and unbending. Yet what they do not realize is that the man who has heard from God, who has stood in His temple and been surrounded by His glory and transformed forever by His magnificent presence, minds the things of God and not the things of man. He understands the vastness of God and by comparison, how small man is. Who is he going to listen to? Who is he going to be moved by? God alone. And this infuriates man and brings the man or woman of God into direct conflict with the spirit of man, the spirit of the age. Be ready saints, for the spirit of the end of the ages is strong and vicious. Be prepared and count the cost and stand upon the truth. There is a glorious reward that awaits the saint who refuses to compromise, who overcomes, who endures till the end. Find saints and fellowship with them. Be deliberate in who you fellowship with, and all the more as you see that day approaching. Do not be unequally yoked.

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The cross-its victory will carry you home.

Posted by appolus on January 27, 2021

Mat 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

I pray that every trial and tribulation I now suffer is a mile run by one who trains for a marathon. Men run with heavy backpacks on their backs to train their bodies,to discipline them to, to bring them into a place of strength and endurance. The cross that I bear, the cross that I take up, has been uniquely designed for me and for who I am. It is intricately designed to test me and to bring me to a place brokenness and strength in the Lord.

To follow Jesus is to follow the path that He trod. He blazed a trail, a narrow path through fire and flood. We must be equipped to walk through these obstacles. The cross is the equipping. No cross means no forward progress in the Lord. As we walk along this narrow path, many are the encampments of folks who have no desire to go any further. The road, they found, was too difficult. And these encampments have names. One is called Camp compromise. Another is called Camp indulgence. And again another is called Fall Away Camp.

As we pass these camps the inhabitants will come out and jeer at us. They will attempt to discourage us and tempt us to take up camp with them. Many will be hostile and throw rocks at us as we pass them by and pass them by we shall. Each camp becomes a cautionary tale. Each camp that we see only strengthens our resolve to keep on going. The cross has equipped us with all the endurance and perseverance that we need to overcome the obstacles and the temptations.

Brothers and sisters, do not look to the left nor to the right. The Lord Himself has given us the bread of adversity and the waters of affliction through our own cross. The bread has given us sustenance and the waters of affliction has refreshed our parched spirits. In the midst of our prior adversities and afflictions we have seen the Lord, our teacher. And now this all comes back to us as we approach the beginning of the end of the narrow path that lies before us. Lean on the cross brothers and sisters, take strength from it. It’s victory will carry you home.

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Have you knowledge of the glory?

Posted by appolus on January 6, 2021

11 Cor 4:6 For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Have you knowledge of this glory? Can we walk as Christians if we have never experienced the glory of God? We cannot be victorious Christians outside of this “knowledge.’ Those who have experienced the glory of God walk in victory. It is this victory that allows for joy even in the midst of suffering. For those who walk in the presence of God cannot help but radiate His glory. It is not something that is achieved by effort.

If I radiate His glory it’s because I am like the moon. The moon is a dead object, yet the light of the sun reflects off the moon and lights up a dark world. And just as the moon, by virtue of its position to the sun and the earth, radiates the light down into the darkness, then those of us who come before the throne and kneel before the King radiate the light from this glorious place into the darkness of this world.

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Expectations- don’t scream at your dog.

Posted by appolus on January 4, 2021

As I was walking my dog the other day, there was a younger man in front of me coming onto the trail. He was running with a backpack on and he had a dog with him. The dog was off leash which always makes me a wee bit bit nervous, especially if its a big dog because my dog is smallish. It’s ironic that it makes me nervous because I walk my dog without a leash. I always have with my dogs over the years. This young man was shouting at his dog every 30 seconds. He was shouting as loud as he could “back.” Even when he was way ahead of me and I could not see him anymore I could still hear him shouting “back,’ and the anger level was noticeably increasing.

It made me think about how I communicate with my own dog. I never really speak to her at all when we are walking. She understands my “expectations.” It rarely has to be communicated by words. If I speak at all I get her immediate attention because its not typical for me to have to speak to her. We have an understanding. Now, that did not happen overnight. It took a significant portion of her younger life for her will to bend to my expectations. I was unmovable so if something was going to change it was going to be her. She had to understand her place.

When she finally yielded to my expectations then everything changed. Her life got a lot less complicated. Her freedom increased dramatically and her anxiety level was dramatically reduced. She had found her place in life. She understands my expectations without me having to speak. I know what God expects of me. I know His expectations. Not just through the written word but also through His Spirit. The older I got and the more I yielded the less He had to “speak to me,” in a sense. I never want to disappoint my Lord. I love Him and I desire to please Him.

When my dog displeases me her world is not right until she makes it right with me. She will come to me again and again and nuzzle into me. She has to know that things are right between us. she will not settle down until she senses that we are good. Us being “good,” is the foundation of her life. She knows my expectations and we know the Lord’s expectations for our lives.

We do not have a God who keeps shouting and screaming at us. He is not trying to dominate us, He is looking for cooperation with His expectations for us and love is the glue that holds it all together. I always want to be right with my Lord because I love Him and the last thing I want to do is disappoint Him. It makes me come to Him again and again with a broken and a contrite heart until I “know,” that we “are good.’ The young man who was screaming at his dog represents religion and its efforts to control people. The Lord who shares His expectations with us in love represents relationship.

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Living in the Spirit.

Posted by appolus on January 4, 2021

Gal 5:16 So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.

Walking in the Spirit is walking in fulfillment of His word. When someone offends me, but I do not take offense, I am walking in the Spirit. When I am insulted, yet I do not care because I am dead to myself and alive to Christ, I am walking in the Spirit. When I love the unlovable I am walking in the Spirit. When I agree with my enemy quickly and he is disarmed then I am walking in the Spirit.

When I look upon a woman, not with lust but with pure eyes then I am walking in the Spirit. When I refuse to be anxious but make a conscious decision to do all things by prayer and supplication and thanksgiving then I am walking in the Spirit. All these things and so many others brothers and sisters is the fruit of my walk in the Spirit.

As I do all these things and the peace that is beyond understanding fills me completely, then I know that I am walking in the Spirit of the Living God and my heart literally burns within my chest. And as it burns, it gives off a light that men can see and they are drawn to Christ in me. When this happens, I know that I am walking in the Spirit! My part is to surrender and yield to the Spirit that is within me. I must also be able to hear that still small voice that leads and guides me.

I must also be genuine in all that I do, my outward actions must be a reflection of my inner life. That right there is the difference between life and death. I must cultivate my relationship with Jesus because my ability to walk in the Spirit is directly tied to Christ in me and my relationship with Him. I must be able to come into His presence. It is only by walking in His presence, which is walking in the Spirit, that I can be used of Him to be light in the darkness.

Experiencing His manifest presence as opposed to having a faith in information is life and manna to your soul. Giving a mental assent to an abstract truth cannot feed us, we can only be fed in the Spirit. If we are walking in the Spirit we can be fed. We are not only fed fed by bread alone but by every word that proceeds forth out of the mouth of God. It is in the context of His leading and His guiding that our souls are edified. It is in this walk that the desires of the flesh begin to recede and Christ in us begins to increase. May He increase in you as you walk out your life in the Spirit for there is no other way that He can increase and be lifted up.

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