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No where left to run?

Posted by appolus on January 11, 2021

Many times in history, Christians have had to run and seek refuge. The Moravians fled in the late 1400s and early 1500s and again in the 1700s. The fled from place like Bohemia and Moravia to Saxony. And in the 1700s they would find refuge there under the protection of Count Zindendorf at Hernhut. Christians had fled from England to places like Amsterdam in the 1500s. These pilgrims would then move on to the American colonies from there and England and from all over Europe.

This is just some of the heritage of the Christian story as pilgrims. For this is what we are, is this not correct? We have no abiding city in this world. Think about what it meant to leave your home country back in the 1500s and 1600s. Leaving everything that you know behind, oftentimes with just what you could carry. And why endure all of this? For the freedom to worship God as they were led. It was monumental and yet they were actually living the pilgrim life. The Spirit of God was with them. They may not have had a country to call there own, but they were comforted by their convictions and by the Lord their God.

Now saints. Where shall we run to? In an increasingly hostile world is there anywhere left to run to? Do we even have a people that would be willing to leave everything behind them, including their national identity, the home of their birth, their roots? Would we be willing to uproot ourselves for the sake of being able to worship the Lord our God as we please and be able to stand upon and walk in the great truths of the Scriptures? Would we/will we have the strength of our brothers and sisters who came before us?

I believe that God’s genuine children do have that same strength because they have the same Spirit burning within them. The Kingdom of God is more important to the saints on earth than the kingdoms on earth and the places of their natural birth. I believe that the Lord is indeed preparing places for us to run to. It may be regions of the world that you would never have imagined. It will be a double edged sword of course. For as we gather together in these places as the persecution arises then we will, in the end, ultimately, be an easier target. Yet this is our calling and the Lord will be with us. Let us pray our flight will not be in winter.

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The Triumph and the glory.

Posted by appolus on January 8, 2021

2Co 2:14  Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place. 

Do you walk in triumph? Do you diffuse the fragrance of His Knowledge in every place? If you have not experienced the knowledge of His glory then how can you radiate and reflect and diffuse the beauty of His presence and the manifest glory of who He is? If you have not stood in the manifest presence of God and been ruined for the things of this world from that encounter then how can you effectively share the reality of Jesus in your life? Those whose hearts are veiled to this knowledge of His glory, who have not yet stepped behind that veil and experienced the glorious majesty of His presence cannot walk in the life of Christ that flows from that place.

The reality of God is manifested in His reality manifested in us. We broken vessels, broken from the things of this world, are changed in fundamental ways by His hand and by His glory. And this is the triumph in Christ. In Christ we are more that conquerors and that living reality, the reality of it seen in our changed lives is the victory. The knowledge of Jesus means the intimate reality of our relationship with Him. By this intimacy, by this “knowing Him,” then and only then are we a sweet fragrance to the world. Are you a sweet fragrance to the world? Can others, by their encounters with you, breathe in the beauty of the Lord? Most importantly are we, the children of God, a sweet smelling fragrance of Christ to our heavenly Father?

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What hill will you die on?

Posted by appolus on January 6, 2021

What happened at the Capitol building was that the Ivory castle was touched by behavior that it had encouraged or ignored for six months. I detest violence, all violence and I detest hypocrisy and this country is drowning in it. Just prior to the French revolution, the peasants of Paris marched 16 miles to the palace of Versailles.

An opulent over the top palace where the elites lived, untouched by the ravages of what was going on in the rest of the country. The mostly peaceful protesters demanded that the royal family return to Paris and see what was going on because over a long period of time the elites had become hopelessly out of touch.

Saints, we are living in very dangerous times. My advice to you is to break any strongholds of the world that may exist in your heart. The world is falling apart. You can see that. A house divided cannot stand, it will fall. And by fall I mean that it will fall into the dark abyss of secular atheistic authoritarianism.

The next great enemy for the authorities to conquer is all those who oppose or stand against their ideas. That is you and me. In case you are wondering what the strategy of the devil is here through the smokescreen of political agitation, he is after this one single truth and in the end he will kill anyone who propagates it

“I am the way, the truth and the lifeand no man come to the Father but by me.” Do you want to die on a hill? This is the hill to die on. This is our line and we will hold it to the last man. Political intrigue is just that. This is Kingdom business.

So get ready. Our weapons are not carnal, they are spiritual and to be used for the pulling down of strongholds. When you are surrounded on every side, then you stand back to back and side by side. I look forward to meeting you, my fellow brothers and sisters on this battlefield, on this the final hill. A hill we shall never surrender. This is our battle.

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Have you knowledge of the glory?

Posted by appolus on January 6, 2021

11 Cor 4:6 For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Have you knowledge of this glory? Can we walk as Christians if we have never experienced the glory of God? We cannot be victorious Christians outside of this “knowledge.’ Those who have experienced the glory of God walk in victory. It is this victory that allows for joy even in the midst of suffering. For those who walk in the presence of God cannot help but radiate His glory. It is not something that is achieved by effort.

If I radiate His glory it’s because I am like the moon. The moon is a dead object, yet the light of the sun reflects off the moon and lights up a dark world. And just as the moon, by virtue of its position to the sun and the earth, radiates the light down into the darkness, then those of us who come before the throne and kneel before the King radiate the light from this glorious place into the darkness of this world.

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A clash of two authorities-he that is not with me is against me.

Posted by appolus on January 5, 2021

What has happened this last year is just a precursor for what is to come. We are being conditioned to comply “or else.” This is the China model being brought in by the back door. Social scoring and social punishment for non compliance. It does not take a rocket scientist to see where this is heading.

It is heading towards an inevitable clash of “authorities.” Study Church history and you will see that the vast majority of martyrs were martyred because they refused to recognize the authority of the rulers of this world as greater than the authority of God.

Satan’s desire was for Jesus to bow the knee to Him and he offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and a way to avoid the cross. If our Lord and Master was so tempted, then so shall we be. We shall be offered the world and the benefits thereof, and the chance to avoid persecution if we will only bow the knee. Most will bow the knee. What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?

In the end there are two authorities. The authority of God and the authority of man. Genuine saints will never bow to the authority of man that seeks to usurp the authority of God. In all other matters, genuine Christians make the best citizens. Their desire is to respect human authorities and live peaceably among men. Yet in every generation,down through the corridors of the last two thousand years, time and time again there comes a clash. Men demand that the saints bow down to them and acknowledge their authority over them that usurps God’s authority. This has mostly come in the guise of religious men.

They claim to have authority from God and therefore all must follow their dictates. For the saints, the final authority in this world is the Word of God and the Holy Spirit that opens up the Word to them by inspiration. An example would be the Catholics insistence that the “Eucharist,” is the actual Body of Christ. Hundreds of thousands of saints would be burned to death for not complying with this. Infant baptism would be another. Countless people would be burned to death for refusing to acknowledge infant baptism and therefore refusing to baptize their babies.

Rome, prior to Constantine would be another. Unless one was willing to recognize Caesar as a god, then one could well find themselves in the arena with lions. It is always about authority because this is what the enemy of our souls desperately wants. He wants to usurp God and have God’s children bow the knee to him. There is nothing more lethal for the saints than when the civil authorities and the religious authorities walk in lockstep to come against them.

And so we see the stage being set for the most lethal time the world has even known for the saints. The forces of religion and secularism and the civil authorities are, as we speak, aligning themselves. Remember when the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the Herodians and Rome all came together in agreement to kill Jesus? This was the combined forces of the religious and the political and the empire all finding common ground in their desire for self preservation and dominance. It was argued among them that is was for the common good of all that Jesus must die.

It will be the same argument when it comes to the saints in the last days. It will be argued that it will be for the common good of mankind to get rid of Christian who will not comply or compromise their faith. Christians will be seen as a thorn in the side of humanity. In an effort to drown out their collective conscience, the world will gnash their teeth.This is what happened to Stephen in Acts 7:54. Unleashed rage because Stephen by the power of the Holy Spirit exposed them and their arguments with irrefutable heavenly wisdom.

They fell upon Stephen like dogs. In Job 16:9 Job says of his enemy “He teareth me in his wrath, who hateth me: he gnasheth upon me with his teeth.” In Philippians 3:2 Paul warns us by saying “beware of the dogs.” Men so full of rage and inner turmoil than when they hear the truth spoken by the power of the Holy Spirit there is an explosion and an unleashing of hell. Law no longer applies. The forces of anarchy unleashed. For a moment, for a day, for a season for a time of persecution.

This is the clash of two authorities.Wow worlds collide. Heaven and hell. Darkness and light. Jesus and Satan. In the end only one can stand and Satan knows this. The wheat and the tares can lo longer co-exist when comes the harvest. There is a coalescing of both groups that will take place. The many disparate groups of both camps coalesce in the final days. Jesus says in Matt 12:30 He that is not with me is against me. It comes down to that in the end. There is no room for neutrality. There is no lukewarm middle ground upon which to stand. You will either be for Jesus or you will be against Him. He is either preeminent in your life or He is not.

In times of relative peace we are surrounded by the lukewarm and the so called nominal Christian. The truth is there is no such thing. Fire tests the reality of our claims. There is a fire coming such as never before and it will do its work. Remember saints, Jesus is coming for His bride. Not a lukewarm bride or a nominal bride who has barely enough oil to light a wick, but a spotless bride and a pure one. One who can stand in the holy place. One who has clean hands and a pure heart who is not taken with vanity nor has made false claims about who they are.

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What is the value of your suffering?

Posted by appolus on December 31, 2020

Are you tired today? Weary? Tiredness and weariness is a tough part of the journey. A dangerous part no doubt, but it is something that we saints all face. In the end it comes down to “will you put one foot in front on another?” Will you persevere? Will you endure to the end? You may wonder what part this plays in your journey. What part loss? What part pain? Tragedy and desperation, do any of these things have value?

A vital aspect of all of this is that it fundamentally refutes the accuser of the brethren. Many saints think that because their suffering is not directly related to the cause of Christ that somehow it does not count. That is a lie from hell. Satan has a insatiable appetite to see you fall, to see your testimony crash on the rocks of your trials. If he can see this come to pass, it bolsters his lie before the throne.

In the very first pages of Job we see the enemy of our soul come before God and basically say that those who claim to love God only do so because God blesses them, He protects them. Take that away and they will reject God, they will curse God. And so as we journey on through the straight and narrow path, we are a living witness in an ancient court room drama. No where is this more dramatically played out than on Calvary itself where in the darkest moment of the life of Jesus He believes He has been forsaken. His soul had been flooded with the dark waters of despair and even a gross supernatural darkness that has fallen across the land.

The Lord never rejects His Father. In fact we see the Lord minister from the cross. He is thinking about His mother, He is asking for those who did this to Him to be forgiven, He is reaching out to the thief. He is doing all of that because He is acting according to His nature. We, His children, will in the end act according to our nature. Not the old one, but the new one and this new one will be and is being proven in the very midst of the fire. All faith is tested.

Imagine the power of the witness who cries out from the depths of darkness of their love for God. Imagine how this shakes the very foundations of hell. Hell itself is built on a foundation of lies. And every act of faith by the children of God is an earthquakes that shakes hell’s foundations. Every act of faith is a flaming fiery arrow that ricochets off and is deflected by a golden shield and the arrow returns and pierces the one who fires it. The fire of hell is the refuted lie.
The accuser of the brethren truly falls when the sons and daughters of God praise Him in the midnight hour.
In the darkest hours of our lives, when everything we have has been stripped away, when our lives have been dismantled, when the enemy waits with baited breath to hear you curse God and die but instead he hears “even if you kill me Lord yet will I trust you,” then the gates of hell are breached. The gavel falls, the accuser is exposed and the sentence is passed.

This dear saint is the value of your pain. It’s the value of your suffering. Your loss, your tiredness and your weariness is the backdrop to the reality of your genuine unconditional love for God. It’s a witness to what God said. It is the evidence that convicts the enemy. It is God’s creation and it is marvelous and wonderful. He first loves us as proven by Calvary and we in return love Him. And so shall it ever be for all eternity.

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Transformation brings glory.

Posted by appolus on December 30, 2020

Isaiah 63:14 As the beast goes down into the valley and the Spirit of the Lord causes him to rest. So you lead your people to make yourself a glorious name.

When you follow Christ into the valley the world will be changed but do not think you were called to change the world, you were not. No, brothers and sisters, we were not called to be world changers, we were called to live a transformed life. We were called to have our own lives transformed and in that transformation the world is changed as a by-product of our primary purpose. Our primary purpose is glorifying God by our own lives. Focus on changing the world and you become a humanist, Christendom is all but lost today to humanism.

We are not called to alleviate the sufferings of the world beyond giving to the poor. We are called to be salt and light, a city set on a hill. If you clothe the naked but share not the love of Jesus then what have you gained? If you visit the prisoner and leave the prisoner a captive then what have you gained? It must always be about Jesus and if not, then one can join the ranks of the social services.

Jesus walked through the valley and it led to the high hill of Calvary. And from that momentary lofty place, we meet Jesus and He asks us to return to the valley. He is not asking us to do what He would not and did not do Himself. He came from the glories of heaven to walk in the pain and suffering of the valley. And in this moment of transfiguration, where we encounter the living God in the high place, we decide to die to ourselves and follow in His footsteps.

Lord give me a heart that even when I am persecuted for righteousness sake, I still go on loving this world. Give me a heart that even when men say all manner of evil against me that I rejoice and am exceedingly glad for your sake. Let me be the salt of the earth. Change me so that I will be a city set on a hill and all those who travel through the valley will be comforted when they see the light that is in me.

And mankind will glorify God when they see what marvelous works He has performed in you. A willing servant to God and a free man and a free woman. Free to glorify God in heaven for all His marvelous works in and through you. It is your work in your children Lord that is a witness to your power. Let us not be ashamed of your work in us rather let it be known to all who would hear that this is your power, the Gospel, the power of God unto salvation. We were called to be witnesses, let us be witnesses and expressions of your power, the power to transform. Let us rest in that,

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My three lives.

Posted by appolus on December 26, 2020

Jesus is the bridge between two worlds. The seen and the unseen. The seen world relies upon the head, the unseen world relies upon the eyes of the heart. Our senses, as great as they are, can only serve us in the seen world. Any interaction with the unseen world must come through the prism of our spirit/heart. Not the physical heart you understand. The physical heart pumps life giving blood in a somewhat mystical way, but the Spirit is the wellspring of a substance called life.

In this context I am talking about the Scriptural word Zoe. An example of this would be John 1:4 “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” This life is the divine life of God in man. This is the abundant life of John 10:10. Jesus had come so that we may have a superabundant never-ending wellspring of divine life in us. This is the divine life that flows through the supernatural heart of a man or a woman.

When this life is flowing through us it comes crashing into interaction with the life that we can see, the seen world. Our life in this world, our actual physical lives is described in the Scriptures by this word, Bios. It is where we get our word biology from and an example from Scriptures would be Luke 8:14 ‘with cares and riches and pleasures of this life.” And the context is the seed that fell among thorns.

Anxieties and worries and cares, all drowning the life, Zoe, divine health, out of us. One has to go. Divine life and the cares of this world cannot co-exist and so those walking in the divine life of God rise above the cares and the anxieties of this world. They can “see,’ the truth that lies in the unseen world and it can be used to over-ride the senses that so dominate this world.

The last use of the world life in the Scriptures comes in the form of this word, Psuche and the Scriptural example would be Matt 16:25 “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” This of course is not referring to your physical life, that would be the word Bios. This word psuche is referring to your soul/spirit. Your soul/spirit will come into its own when it is infused by the life(Zoe) of God through the Spirit of God.

God will “breath,’ into you and it will abundantly overcome all other life in you and your actual physical life. So brothers and sisters, what “life,” dominates your life? Zoe? Bios? Psuche? Zoe life is the life of God flowing in us. It is the light of men living in a dark world. We cannot be light to the world or a city set upon a hill if we are not dominated by the Zoe life of God.

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Actually looking at Jesus.

Posted by appolus on December 23, 2020

Heb 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;

Only that which flows from an uninterrupted gaze on the Lord Jesus is real. Everything else is the shadow of the object. Granted, the shadow of the Lord is more powerful than all that can be seen, and one can even enjoy the heat from the sun in the shadow. Yet the glow from the face of Moses was not the glow of a man who stood in the shadows. I believe that the Lord can pour out his unadulterated light if it is not diffused by the efforts of self appointed middle men or intermediaries.

Can it be that simple? Can we simply come into His presence and be changed? Does everything begin and end with the Lord Jesus? How does one continue to look to Jesus? It is a conscious act of the will to take our eyes off our circumstances and cast them upon Jesus. This is the great battle of our lives, not our circumstances. Our circumstances can simply be doors that if walked through leads directly into His presence. It is in that place, looking unto Jesus, that we are changed. Trust is the key that opens the door. To trust in God is to walk through the opened door of our circumstances into the throne room of God.

There are two Kingdoms. The kingdom of the world and the Kingdom of God. One is seen and affected by our senses and circumstances. The other is unseen and if walked in, relegates our circumstances to mere opportunities to go deeper into its depths. Now these two kingdoms compete for our attentions. You must cry out to God every day to bind up the reality of the kingdom of this world and to loose the reality of the Kingdom of God in your life. Cry out to God to give you eyes to see what He sees and how He sees it. Can you imagine the prospect of every situation you face being an opportunity to grow in grace and power? This is the Kingdom reality, will you walk in it today?

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Posted by appolus on December 22, 2020

1 Cor 15:57 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Death is swallowed up in victory.” There are many kinds of death just as there are many kinds of victories. There is of course physical death and for those saints who “have the victory,’ then every aspect of death’s power, fear and dread and darkness are swallowed up by the life of Christ. For we know that because He lives then so shall we. The darkness of this world shall be swallowed whole by the light of Christ that is brighter than a thousand suns. Let all you suns of the universe hide yourselves in shame as mere candles in the wind when my Lord appears.

And because we “know” Him we have already been touched by the glory of His light. Can you feel it’s glow even now deep within your heart? It burns at the center of who we are. There is life in this light of God. There is power and there is victory and because there is we can say with full authority to death- where is your sting? Oh grave where is your victory? You have been defeated and you have been swallowed whole. The victory belongs to Jesus. His very life is our victory and His eternal throne means that out victory is eternal.

And therefore if death has been overcome and we ourselves have died to this world then we are now alive to walk in His Kingdom. And in this Kingdom we walk in victory. In every situation we have something that belongs to Jesus and was created by His very life. The light of Christ. It overcomes every darkness saints. When you apply this light to whatever battle that you are in you will find the victory. There is victory in the glory. Just as the glory of God fills all of heavens chambers that are vast beyond imagination, then it also fills you. His glory is your victory. For it’s release from your spirit lights up the darkness of every corner of your soul.

Victory. That is what you have today saint. It lies within you for the Lord rules and reigns in your heart. You are a single tear drop away from His glory. No matter your situation today saints, search, like the deer, for the waters of life, the glory and the victory that lies within you. There is a fountain, an eternal spring and its waters have life and they have been prepared for your use. Desperation is often the key that opens the door of humility revealing the source of life and victory. Jesus is the life and the light , the watererbrooks, the eternal springs and the glory and the victory.

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Forgive them Father

Posted by appolus on December 22, 2020

There is a world that we cannot see. It is a world of witnesses. Whether a great cloud of them or whether principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places, they watch. We walk in the unseen world. Saints walk in the spiritual reality of all existence. And the power of those who walk according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh is the power that shakes the gates of hell and the kingdom of darkness.

In order to shake the gates of hell we have to understand our spiritual reality. It is totally apart from any religious notions or pious intentions. Vanity. Loving our enemies is where the real power lies. Why? If you can love your enemies then this causes violence in heavenly places. Every saint who breaks through into this reality has broken through into enemy territory. You are now behind enemy lines and you are causing chaos in the ranks of hell.

I want to give you two examples of this is action. In Acts chapter five we see some remarkable displays of the true power of God. First the Apostles are imprisoned and then they are supernaturally released. Do they go into hiding? No, they went right back into the lions den so to speak, they went into the Temple. Now remember, they had been told not to preach in the name of Jesus, but there they were with all the boldness of Spirit filled men.

They were arrested again and dragged in front of the leaders, men who had the power of life and death (they would have had no power unless it had been granted to them) And they begin to tell those leaders that they had crucified the Christ. They testified that the Christ had arose and was exalted by the hand of God. They proclaimed that they would obey God rather than men and therefore continue to preach Jesus. They announced themselves to be His witnesses The men whom they spoke to were “cut to the heart.” The power of God was on the move.

Now I want you to see this. They were beaten that day for their troubles. And as they walked home, battered and broken they rejoiced because they “were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.” You see, they held no recrimination against the ones who beat them, nor the ones who ordered them beaten, they simply rejoiced that they were counted worthy to have entered into the sufferings of the Lord. This is the power that flows from Calvary “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” This is the power exhibited in Stephen who cries out, even as he is being stoned, for God not to hold this against the ones who were killing him.

Truly remarkable power. In this world they had no rights and were abused and would appear weak to men. Yet, in the spirit world they were giants and they were more that conquerors. Weak in this world, mighty in the Kingdom. Saint, when you can see the battle with spiritual eyes then you can walk in the power of the Spirit. Yes, men know what they are doing but Jesus says forgive them Father for they know not what they do. The two things are true at the same time. Men can “know,” what they are doing in this world and have not a single clue as to what they are really doing in the spiritual world and who they are doing it for.

For many saints it wILL be offensive to suggest that the Apostles were exactly where they were supposed to be as they were being beaten. Stephen was exactly where he was supposed to be as he was being stoned. And, of course, Jesus was exactly where He was supposed to be as He was being crucified. Can you see it saint? Close your eyes to this world and open your spiritual eyes. If you can walk in the Spirit then it no longer matters who beat you or who ordered you to be beaten. They become quite irrelevant just as Pontius Pilate was irrelevant. What matters is that darkness is overcome by the power of light, the light of Christ. And in this, the gates of hell and the kingdom of darkness shake.

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The hireling runs and the saint stands!

Posted by appolus on December 19, 2020

It is a good thing when you are judged, mocked or spoken ill of for the cause of Jesus. For it surely is a sign of a man walking with his Lord? You are blessed when they speak ill of you for the name of Jesus. I always want to be found in the remnant group that is willing to suffer for the name of Jesus. There is risk in every act of faith, every word spoken for the Kingdom. Something that is worth something, costs something. People want the benefits of the cross but want no part of the suffering. They want the crown, but not the cross. It’s called religion.

It most often hides in plain sight and can often look wonderful and speak wonderfully, but always, without exception, self lies behind it all. If self is threatened then they fall back and compromise with the world in order to keep what they consider to be their position in society. No better example of this than the Pharisees and the high priest who thought it expedient that Jesus should die so that they may keep their position and their country, and of course it was not long after that that both were destroyed, position and country.

In the end, the hireling runs, it is what he/she does. They will always find another flock to attach to. The days ahead will surely see an even greater separation between the wheat and the tares. How is this weed identified in the end? It always comes against the flower, always. Give it time. We all act according to our natures in the end. That is why we must have the nature of Christ abiding in us. Stand therefore, saints, stand. The day is upon us.

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The death of the cross.

Posted by appolus on December 18, 2020

Phi 2:5 For let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Himself the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men. And being found in fashion as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

And so Jesus, being found in the likeness of man, humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross. How many of us know that when a friend or a family member is dying or seriously ill, then we gather around them and comfort them? There are also doctors and nurses to ease their pain. This is not so when we are dying to the flesh.

There will be an agony which we have to deal with alone. The comforts and sympathies of this world do not help us when we are dying a spiritual death, in fact it is quite the opposite, it tends to prolong the process. When you hear “there , there,” when you are in the midst of a great struggle, from well meaning people you will not be comforted. The comfort there, in your spiritual dying, is the discovering that when God is all you have, God is all you need. The cross is not comfortable, it is the very opposite of comfort. It’s not just a dying, its the dying of the cross. A suffering of loss.

Yet in the midst of dying to ourselves we are called to life, spiritual life. In the seemingly endless paradoxes between life in the spirit and our life on this earth we are called to have the mind of Christ and have the life of Christ in us. It is in the midst of dying to our flesh that we find the hidden treasures of life in the Spirit. The gross darkness of the death of the cross reveals the life and the light of Christ in us. This is the crucified life and we find it as we humble ourselves and take on the form of a servant and walk in obedience to our heavenly calling. Will you walk in the life of the Spirit today?

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A white funeral.

Posted by appolus on December 17, 2020

When Daniel, my son with Down Syndrome was born I was devastated. It is shameful to admit it but I had a dream you see. I had only been a Christian for less than two years. I came from a violent broken home. Married six weeks after my 17th birthday to my pregnant girlfriend and that year my first son died. A year and half later my second son was born. Beautiful child, but born to a hard hearted father. When he was two, my wife had to come looking for me in a pub so she could get money for groceries. She had left our son with my dad. I was mad that she had come into the pub. I told her I would be out, sat there deliberately and drank the couple of vodkas still sitting in front of me, with the guys who thought it was all very funny.

I walked out into the daylight, I had been in there for a number of hours, it was about four thirty on a Friday afternoon. We got the groceries and got a taxi home. I walked into our apartment to screams. Just minutes before my father had dropped a full kettle of boiling water over my two year old beautiful son. He had managed to get him into the bath tub and was trying to pour water over him. My wife ran out in hopes to find a neighbor who had a phone. I pushed my dad out of the way and saw my son trying to pull of what looked like Swiss cheese, like a sweater. In the ambulance their was a a voice screaming in my spirit, not my voice, “he is ruined, he is ruined.”

Now, eleven years later and I had been saved for about a year and a half. All the way through my wives pregnancy I had a fantasy. I just knew it was going to be a girl. Angie did not want to know. So I used to try and bribe the girl who would take the scan, but you know, woman power and all that. No matter, it was going to be a girl and she was going to be special and I was going to be the best dad in the world, now that my life was right with Jesus. A new heart, one that could actually love and feel. A majestic miracle in and of itself.

“Its a boy,” I heard. “Mr McEleny could I have a quick word with you?” I left my wife lying on the table, she had just had her third c-section, and went to the back of the room. “I do not usually do this but I am 100 per cent sure your son has Down Syndrome, do you and your wife still want her tubes to be tied.” Without even giving it a second thought or even asking Angie I answered numbly “yes.” This was also a Friday. And so I mourned, I mourned for the daughter that was not to be.

And this is what I would like to talk about. Letting dreams die. Fantasies die. The distance between expectations, dreams, visions and so on, and reality, can be like a chasm as wide as the Grand Canyon. For the most part our dreams are not grounded in reality, very often just wishful thinking. Yet we live in a culture that promotes pursuing your dreams. Most dreams come straight out of our own desires for the kind of life we think we want or we think we deserve. It has caused murder and mayhem in relationships. Violence, divorce, children flying in the wind.

Here is the thing about Christians though. We have been bought by a price, is that not right? There is One who shapes our lives for His will and for His good pleasure. It is no longer we that live but He that lives in us, is that not what we tell people? It is one thing to tell people that truth, that abstract truth, it is quite another thing to live it. The white funerals of our lives are part and parcel of our sanctification. Like the elephants graveyard this is the place where we die to our own plans and ambitions no matter how righteous they appear. It is God who calls us and it is He who is the Captain of our souls. When we find our delight in the Lord, the Captain of our souls, then He gives us the desires of our hearts and He brings that to pass. Not the desires that arose from our flesh and made demands upon us and demanded to be made the measuring instrument of all things by which we always fall short. The distance between our own expectations and our reality? As far as the east is from the west.

The Sunday after Daniel was born I went to church, very much a broken man. As I drove there that morning all I could say to God was “You have to speak to me or I wont survive this.” Guess what morning it was? Baby dedication morning, beautiful perfect babies. They only did that a couple of times a year. I sat down in the middle of a row and the seat beside me was empty. At some point there was tears pouring down my face. The person in the closest seat to me reached over and nudged me and handed me a note. I looked up and took the note while noticing a young woman standing in the aisle. She had obviously sent the letter down the row. “I could not help but notice,” the note said,” that you were crying, is there anything I can pray with you about.”

I looked at her, she looked at me and I realized I was captive, the empty seat beside me sealing my fate. I would have to talk to her. She came over and sat down and whispered to me “what is wrong.” I looked at her and told her that I just had a child and he had Down Syndrome. She gave me a confused look as if she did not know what that meant. I felt anger and resentment rising in me. I had no desire to explain to this young woman a single thing, let alone explain to her about Down Syndrome which I literally knew nothing about. At that very moment time stood still. I cannot explain it any other way. Suddenly I was looking at Jesus and He had the same confused look on His face. And here are the words that are emblazoned on my heart for all eternity. “I do not know what Down Syndrome is either, all I know is that I have given you a perfect gift from the treasures of heaven.”

Right there I had my white funeral. All thoughts of the girl that should have been were eradicated from my mind and an explosion of love rocked my heart. I had discovered the Lord’s plan for me and it was life changing for myself, my wife and my oldest son. It changed my mother and my father. It has changed so many peoples lives, this plan of God wrought through this “perfect gift from the treasures of heaven.” Now there have been other things in my life that had to die, and some of them were not as “easy,’ as this one and took me years to work out. What white funeral needs to take place in your life? What dreams or ambitions, born from your own desires and needs, need to die? The picking up of the cross, the death to self, very often is a death to heartfelt dreams not in anyway bad, just not God’s will for you. What needs to die upon your cross today?

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A people set apart.

Posted by appolus on December 16, 2020

Since the beginning of time, there has been this question, or some form of it ” Why do bad things happen to good people?” Some philosophers have asked ” What is justice?” Now Christians are not immune to these thoughts or questions, in fact I would argue, that we will all ask that question to one degree or another at some point in our walk, maybe at many points in our walk.

Now there are certain times in our life when it is not just one bad thing that happens. Sometimes they overlap don’t they? They threaten to overwhelm us and those initial questions are simply intensified as we try to figure out what is going on and what is the purpose of it all. Many of you will readily identify with these times. They are specific times when the enemy comes in like a flood and threatens to drown us in our circumstances. We scramble in our minds to make sense of it all. We hear familiar Scriptures from our hearts reminding us that God will never leave us nor forsake us yet that is exactly how we feel, left and forsaken and then the hammer drops again.

Can I suggest that life, the Christian life, whether you know it or not is an all out battle. There is an enemy of your soul and he does seek to drown you. He seeks to simply sweep you away by wave after wave of circumstances. It is in these times that we make life altering decisions. Now remember what the enemy is after is your testimony, make no mistake about that. He does not care about you at all, what he wants you to do is to curse God and die. He wants others to see, as they look upon your circumstances, merely a man or a woman just like them. He wants to steal hope from your heart. He wants to present you as hopeless to the world so that a hopeless world can take comfort from the fact that there is really nothing in what you have said in the past. It was merely all words and now circumstances have revealed that you are no different from them.

He wants to rob you of your peace, he wants to show the world that the peace that you claimed to have was merely circumstantial peace, not a supernatural peace that surpasses understanding. He wants to present you to the world as just like them and that as long as things are going okay then you have peace, but as soon as you are opposed by trial and circumstance, then your peace is gone, just like theirs. He wants to rob you of your joy. He wants to show the world that this joy that you had was not supernatural, but merely a happiness that the world understands which again is gleaned from circumstances. He does not want the world to see the kind of joy that Paul presents after having been scourged and thrown into a dungeon and yet begins to praise God in the darkness of the night. And in that incident we see that this kind of joy, this supernatural joy is a door that leads from the deepest valleys, the darkest nights, the most gruesome of circumstances into the throne room of God Himself. This open door allows the power of God to flow into that very darkness and convince those who dwell in that darkness that there is a light that can redeem them from their chains.

We are a people set apart from the world by God to show His glory. We are His answer to the accuser. Listen saints, I know it very rarely feels like it, but there is glory in our sufferings. When we are the target of the enemy of our souls and we stand strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, then this faith, this trust in God pleases Him. We know that without faith it is impossible to please Him. In this context it simply means to trust Him. There is a purpose in your suffering and it may never be revealed to you on this side of eternity, but there is a purpose. God bless you in your suffering, look for the open door to the glories of heaven. Paul and Silas found it. It is yours to walk though. And in that place you will rise up with wings as eagles. Strength will return to you. And there lies before you an eternal reward.

Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby. Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed.(Heb 12:11-13)

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The twilight zone.

Posted by appolus on December 14, 2020

And God said let there be light and there was light. God saw the light and it was good and God separated the light from the darkness. And so it has ever been, a clear separation. Light itself is a power, a force. It heats, it lights, it travels. It can be concentrated and it burns. If I look into the light for too long I go blind because of its power. Darkness on the other hand is the mere absence of light.

There is a time that lies between the day and the night. It is dusk. It’s not dark and it’s not light. We are living in such a time. The sun is setting on this world. The seasons have come and gone since the dawn of time and now the gross darkness approaches. If there was a dawn of time then there is a dusk a dusk of time. The time of the twilight. Twilight is when the sun falls below the horizon. We still see a few rays especially when there are clouds. We are living in the dusk of time.

One definition of the word twilight is “a period or state of obscurity, ambiguity, or gradual decline.” The example given is ” he is in the twilight of his career.” I would argue that America is in the twilight zone. Not just America, the whole world, but led by America. The corruption of its institutions is a symptom of decline and I would not describe it as gradual. Organized Christianity is one of those institutions. It is neither light nor dark but lies between some ambiguous precarious position over a gaping chasm. How long can it stand astride two places? If it wants its place in the world it will have to take its stand with the world. If it wants its place in the light it will have to abandon it’s dalliance with the darkness.

Will it? Although I hope for a different outcome I say no. God Himself is removing the middle ground. People within the compromised institutions will have to choose ye this day whom they shall serve. There is no room for ambiguity in the Body of Christ. Ananias and Sapphira discovered that they could not pretend to be one thing, when they were in fact something quite different. The only thing worse than not giving your all to Jesus is pretending that you have given your all to Jesus. Be sure, if it is not true, it shall find you out. God shall find you out. You are using His name.

What fellowship can there be between light and darkness? If there is light merging with darkness then its really not light otherwise the merger could not take place. Light swallows up darkness. Darkness only reigns when the sun disappears below the horizon. If the light that is in you is actually darkness, then how great the darkness? Unless we are single-minded in our devotion to Jesus then we shall end up making a choice between the darkness and the light, the world or the Body of Christ. How about you? Shall you choose the light or shall you be swallowed in the twilight zone?

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Jesus or the world?

Posted by appolus on December 1, 2020

I have met two broad categories of professing Christians in my life. One category is very much taken with this world. Their families, their countries, their jobs, their pastors, their church and so on. Listen to them speak. None of it in and of itself is bad, but rather, revealing. For as we know, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The second category consists of people I would say had an “obsession,” with Jesus. He alone is preeminent in their conversation and in their lives. If there is victory in their life they praise Him, if they suffer great loss they commend Him still as the comforter of their soul.

Their love for Jesus is entirely the reason for their existence and circumstances only prove this, whether good or bad. The first category of people are looking for someone to “sort out,” the world. To the second category Jesus has already overcome the world. To the former, Jesus is a means to an end. Much like another group who cried out “we have no king but Caesar,” as they chose the man Barabbas over the King, Jesus. Can you say that given the same choice that you would cry out instead “I have no king but Jesus?” Listen to what a dear brother of mine wrote when responding to that question………

I was overshadowed by the Presence of the Spirit of God.In that moment I felt His deep love rest upon me… an indescribable release and rapture in my spirit, accompanied by a peace and a joy unspeakable that only comes from the Holy Spirit…it felt as if my innocence was completely returned to me in that moment before God, and indeed it was, as the Blood of the Lamb was sprinkled over my sins. It was in that moment, while the Spirit of God was upon me, that I humbly looked up into heaven and I worshiped Him who made the Heavens and the Earth. It was in that moment that I decided that I would love the God of heaven forever…I decided this, and I told Him so.

In that moment I understood the beauty of the Lord, His magnificence and His majesty; I felt my soul knit to the Lord. My soul loves Him above all else in this life, for He is my lot and my portion forever. In that moment I understood Him in the depths of my spirit; I cried out to the one who formed me from the dust of the Earth and I said to Him…I will love you in my heart forever! I made my abode with Him, and He came into my heart and He made His abode with me.

My mind is continually upon Him…His anointing remains with me. I feel His Spirit continually drawing me…and my heart is tender and loves Him above anything else in this world. It is hard to put such things into words because these things are Spirit. I love Him in my very soul; in the very center of my being…I cannot explain it. I extol Him above all things as standing before Him. I yield to your Spirit Lord Jesus, that I should love you in this way. I desire you above the love of women; my soul yearns and thirsts for you; I am born of you.

I choose to love you in my heart, for you are beautiful to me, I love everything about you…your gentleness, your kindness, your long suffering, forgiveness and patience for me, the list goes on and on…Oh to worship you in your beautiful glory, in the beauty of holiness. Oh to behold you…how my soul is transformed into your image as I worship you…Oh to be as you are my Lord and my King. To be like you, to be called your son is the greatest gift and reward of love…to have your beautiful Holy Spirit in my soul changing me into your image. I have no King but Jesus!

My heart is tender and contrite…melted within me by the holy fire of God’s love, as wax before the Flame. Oh how I love and extol the living God of heaven!! Oh how truly pleased I am with Him!! With deepest humility I want to state how grateful I am that the Lord has saved me, and washed me from my sins, and that my name is written down in heaven! With humility of spirit, meekness, un-pretentiousness and modesty, I gladly accept your calling on my life oh love of my soul…with the joy and communion of the Holy Spirit. Your word, your pure and holy word burns within me with indescribable and unquenchable fire and zeal; I love, worship and extol you oh living God of heaven…beyond all else in this life. I have no King but Jesus!”

Brothers and sister, that was a wonderful testimony. It bears the image and the mark of saints I have sought out over my many years walking down the narrow path. I can say amen to everything my brother shared. Indeed I could have written that myself, maybe not as eloquently but with words that would describe every sentiment he expressed. Its the same love for the same Jesus overshadowed by the same Spirit. This is why his beautiful words are so familiar to me. Are they familiar to you? When compared with all the things of this world, where does Jesus stand in your life? Can you say, without a shadow of a doubt “I have no king but Jesus?” If the seat of our affections in the depths of our heart lies anywhere other than Jesus then surely, when the pivotal time comes, we shall be heard to cry “we have no king but Caesar.”

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We have fallen from Grace

Posted by appolus on November 28, 2020

We have fallen from Grace

In the west there is a very low view of God. Some kindly grandfather? A benevolent Santa clause? A buddy?. Of course He is none of these things. Familiarity has bred contempt and the traditions of men have caused us to fall from grace. It has caused us to forget who God really is. He is high and lifted up and the train of His robe fills the temple. He is majestic in holiness. He is awe-full, meaning full of awe. Those around His throne can only cry out “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty.’

It came even to pass, as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the LORD; and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the LORD, saying, For he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever: that then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the LORD; So that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud: for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of God. (2 Chron 5:11-14)

As the people stood as one, no hierarchy observed, and the Ark found its rightful place in the temple, the glory of God came down, God Himself took possession of the Temple and it was filled with a cloud of glory. His true unadulterated presence would have obliterated these mere mortals. Impenetrable light hidden in the cloud and still the people were overwhelmed. In Job chapter 26 the righteous man of God cries out as he explains the unsearchable glories of God and says “He holdeth back the face of his throne, and spreadeth his cloud upon it.” The cloud, the glory, the manifest presence, all of this and more when the children of God become as one.

Unless the people have an encounter with such a God, they will continue to have a low view of Him and worship some weak anemic cultural god of their own making. The church in the west is starving to death, they are dying of thirst and the tragedy is that for the most part, the majority that are called after His name do not even know that they are in the midst of a famine and drought.I thank God for His remnant people who do know. Who agonize over the state of the church. Who cry out to God and who want nothing less for the multitude of people to experience the majesty and the glory and and anguish and the joy of falling down before the throne, to be ruined for life and to walk with the grand obsession that is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

For the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God. Now brothers and sisters, we know that we are the house of God. We are His temple. Each one of us is a living stone. Each one of us are priests in a Royal priesthood. Has God so taken us, so fully possessed us that we could barely stand? Have you experienced God is such a way? When His presence falls upon you and there is a weight of glory where you can barely lift your head? You barely dare breathe as He fills every part of you. Tears flow freely, trembling hands find their way into the air in surrender, surrender to the glory. It is not a passing moment, rather it is a passage from the temporal world into the glory. And once you have slipped behind this veil then nothing can ever be the same again.

This is what the people are starved of, this is why they are dying of thirst. There is a famine of the Word of God in the land, not the Word preached, but the Word preached with the power and the presence of God. The crisis of the age is a lack of God’s empowering presence in our assemblies.Can we do anything outside of His presence? Unless the Lord builds the house then we labor in vain. It is very clear that the Lord has an issue with us. Every church , every gathering throughout the land should shut down their activities until they have the presence of the Lord walking in their midst, until the people know that……

“the heavens shall be shut up, and there is no rain because they have sinned against You; if they pray toward this place, and confess Your name, and turn from their sin when You afflict them, then hear from Heaven and forgive the sin of Your servants and of Your people Israel, when You have taught them the good way in which they should walk. And send rain on Your land which You have given to Your people for an inheritance.”

The people must realize how far they have wandered from the Living God. When they are desperate enough to cry out and acknowledge how far they have fallen, fallen from grace, then and only then shall they have the ear of God. Falling from grace is the result of trying to complete the Christian journey in the flesh, when it can only be completed by the Spirit. The Galatians problem was the Law, they were trying to live by the law. Christianity today tries to live by its traditions. It is as much ruled by its traditions as the Galatians were ruled by the law and the result for both groups is the same, a falling from grace.

Falling from grace is a cutting yourself of from the vital connection from Christ that gives you life. Build your life upon the law or upon the traditions of men and you have cut yourself of from the very real relationship of Jesus Christ. The traditions of men, no matter how good, are but a mere shadow of the reality. The object itself casts a shadow, and while the shadow has something of the image of the object, it has no substance. It cannot edify, it cannot sanctify, it cannot instill abundant life, and so those who rely upon the shadow begin to die. Where the shadow abounds, death abounds. Where the substance of Christ is and along with that and His actual presence, there is life and liberty, and grace to be found.

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. When the people who dwell in great darkness see the children of the living God set on fire among the cloud of glory, when they see that the glory of God has fallen upon the temple, when the glory of God fills the temple, then those who dwell in the darkness of this world will be drawn to the light of Christ that burns at the center of our hearts and souls. Will we serve the Lord our God with all of our hearts? Are we ready to throw off the things of this world and enter into the Holy of Holy’s? The Kingdom of God dwells within us.

Shall we take our place before the throne? Is the Lord inviting us to the marriage feast and tragically we are too busy? Do we make excuses as to why we do not come fully before Him? In Luke chapter 14 the call goes out to come to the great banquet and any number of excuses were made as to why they would not come, in short they were too busy living in the material world and living material lives. He is knocking at the door of your heart, will you open up your heart and let Him reign upon its throne today? Will you give Him your all today? He will have all of us or He will have none of us. To look back at the things of the world disqualifies us from serving Him.

Come brothers and sisters with our whole hearts. Come to Him and cry out with a desperate cry “Lord I die of hunger today, I desperately need your word with your power and your presence. Lord today I am dying of thirst, I have an unquenchable thirst for the Living waters of life and I desire to be fully immersed in this river and want to be taken to wherever it will take me. Lord I would rather be in the center of your will and die today, than to live 30 more years of compromise in a dry and thirsty land.”

What hinders you today brothers and sisters from entering into the fullness of God? It’s not the Lord. His desire is to possess all of you and be the Lord of your whole life. So what hinders you today? Your life, your traditions your place in the world? Lay it down and come and walk in the fullness of Him. Let His glory fill the temple. Let His glory take full possession of you. The day is coming to and end and the great persecution will soon be upon us. Unless you are filled with His glory, unless He has full possession of you, you will hear yourself making any number of excuses as to why you cannot serve Him with your whole heart and join the oneness that is also soon to come.

Persecution will burn away the kindling and the broken branches and the branches that no longer are fed by the sap of the vine. When the smoke clears there shall be the oneness left. The oneness that Jesus spoke of in John 17 where He said that we would be one just as He and His Father are one and we shall be where the glory is, the glory that He has given to us. This glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea and every nation will see it. The glory of God come down upon those who walk as one, just as they were called to. Cry out now with A desperation and repent if you have fallen from His grace. He waits, He waits to lifts us from the valley of dry bones, but He shall not strive forever with us.

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And so it begins-A word to the Remnant.

Posted by appolus on November 24, 2020

“Lacked you anything,” Jesus asks His disciples and they replied,”nothing.” Jesus and His disciples, for the most part were met by crowds and well wishers and those who would put them up in their homes and feed them. Indeed, at one point the people would have made Jesus their King. Now everything was about to change.

Can I suggest that Christianity in the West has lacked for nothing for a considerable time now. Everything is about to change. The Western nations and their leaders are about to turn on Christians with a ferocity. Genuine Christians are going to find themselves second class citizens. We shall be counted with the transgressors.

Jesus spoke to His disciples because His time on earth was about to come to an end. He knew that the once loving crowds, so fickle, so self serving, were about to turn on Him and His followers. The atmosphere had changed. The gross darkness which would soon engulf the land had already begun to stretch out its shadow towards them.

Can I suggest that the very same shadow is encircling the earth right now. The atmosphere has changed. Can you sense it in your spirit? Do you understand that we shall be counted with the transgressors? And the lowest of them indeed. You are just about to be hated for His namesake by all nations. It will not be a normal hatred, if there is such a thing. No, you will be hated by a satanically inspired hatred.

Jesus tells His disciples to take their purse, to sell their cloak and to buy a sword. Now, it was common for Galileans to carry swords in that day. It would protect them from robbers and such. Indeed there was found two swords among the ranks of His disciples. Two among twelve. It was not something that the disciples had given much thought to apparently. For as they went out by their twos healing and casting out demons, the people loved them. Now all that was about to change. Now they would be hated and hunted and persecuted.

Saints, we must now expect trouble. Arm yourself with this knowledge. Prepare for it in your heart. Do not count your guns. We shall not be fighting robbers and wild beasts. Arm yourself with the sword of the Spirit for it will the authorities that will be coming after you. There is no question about the fact that we shall not fight the authorities. Jesus would say to you that’s enough already. We do not have a Barabbas spirit. Our war is not a civil war. We war against the unseen forces of darkness.

Jesus reminds His disciples that what has been written must yet be accomplished in Him. He knew what lay ahead not only for Him but for His followers and He was preparing them. What has been written about us must also yet be fulfilled saints. The force behind the darkness has come to make war with the saints and to overcome them. (Rev 13:7) It is written. One’s name is either in the Book of Life or it is not. All those, of every kindred and tongue and nation whose name is not found in the Book shall be our enemies.

Now, if you take up the sword you shall fall by the sword. This may appeal to many of my brothers and sisters. I know this because it appeals to me. Yet, this is not the will of God. His will is that we should be a witness. We have been called to be witnesses against the great evil and darkness of this world. When all the world sees our witness, then the end shall come, then shall come our Jesus. It is not your choice on how you leave this planet. We have a Lord and a God and He has clearly instructed us not only in the written Word but in the Word that is written on our hearts.

So brothers and sisters. Arm yourself with the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God moving in you with power. Stand before men as the witnesses of old stood before them. Stand with boldness, stand with indignation for the name of Jesus. Arm yourself by being prepared in your heart. Understand and know the times and the seasons that you are living in and have been called to.

The Lord Himself has called our generation, I believe, to make up the number of the Martyrs, to fulfill their numbers. When I speak of the remnant, this is what I speak of. Stand strong my brothers and sisters, our God is with us. The gross darkness of this world cannot penetrate the light that is in us. We are wrapped in impenetrable light. It is to us a wall of fire. Our God is a consuming fire.

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An open door or a brass heaven?

Posted by appolus on November 17, 2020

I wanted to look at two of the churches in Revelations that Jesus has strong words for. He says to those in Philadelphia… I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name (Rev 3:8) And to the church in Laodicea He says….. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me (Rev 3:20)

The first thing I want to point out may not be the obvious difference between these two churches but do you see that in the first church there is an “open door.” In the second church the door is closed. The reason for the open door in the first church is stated by Jesus. They have a little strength, perhaps meaning they were poor in Spirit therefore they shall inherit the Kingdom of heaven. Secondly they have kept His word. They have stood upon the Word of God even although they are surrounded by what Jesus calls ” the synagogue of Satan,” those who claim to be worshipers of God but are clearly not. And lastly, they have not denied the name of Jesus. They are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus. And because of all that, they have an open door.

The second church, the somewhat infamous Laodecean church does not have an open door, rather the door is closed. What has caused the door to be closed? The fundamental problem with this church is lukewarmness. Jesus says they are neither hot nor cold and Jesus, using some of His scariest language says that if this continues He would vomit them out of His mouth. Now, what led to their lukewarmness and the closing of the door? They were rich and increased with goods and in their minds had need of nothing. No doubt they imagined that their very riches was a blessing and a proof from God that they were blessed. Where have we heard that before? And yet, they were actually, according to Jesus, wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. Wow. This is not meek and gentle Jesus.

I want to tell you that I have experienced an open door in the heavens. And at other times the heavens themselves were as brass. What does an open door mean? Lets take a look at Rev 4:1, just a sentence later and probably in the same breath….”After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven.” An open door brothers and sisters. Let us look through this door and see what we can see. “And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.” John, in the Spirit, beheld the throne and the glorious scene all around it. This is similar to the scene we see in Isaiah chapter six where the prophet, in the Spirit, has his own vision.

In short, when the door is open, we are ushered into the glory of God. We come before His throne of grace and mercy. We sense His manifest presence. We speak to Him intimately. We are full of His joy and sing His praises. We are quick to forgive and we refuse to take up the offense, rather we take up our crosses gladly and daily. These are just some of the blessings that rains down upon us from an open door. For that door to stay open we must abide in His Word and His word must abide in us. In short, we read His word and we keep His word. And of course we must never deny Him, not only in name only but also we must not deny Him by our actions.

If you find the door closed and the heavens above you are as brass, then you must search your heart. You must do all that the church at Philadelphia were doing. And if we find that we are lukewarm, we must repent of that lukewarmness. We must submit to the furnace and seek the gold that comes not from the material blessings of this world, but the true blessings that are found through suffering. Will you suffer loss for the cause of Christ? Will you seek Him out as your only passion? Will you forego everything that possibly stands between you and your Lord? Sacrifice, surrender, enduring, overcoming. These are the flames that the Spirit fans that melts away all the dross. And out of that furnace comes gold. It is that opens up the door of heaven, an open door where glory pours forth from.

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