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I Stand at the Door and Knock

Click on link to purchase this latest book from Frank McEleny

Click on link to purchase this latest book from Frank McEleny

“Therefore be zealous and repent. Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into him and dine with him and he with Me. To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.” (Rev 3:19-21)
There are many Scriptures that are commonly misquoted and taken out of context. There is a saying amongst those who seriously study the word ” a text without a context becomes a pretext.” This Scripture quoted above is one such Scripture. How many of us have shared the Scripture above in regard to the unsaved? This Scripture, in actual fact, pictures the Lord seeking entrance into His own church for the purpose of renewed fellowship.

How sad and tragic that our Lord Jesus would have to stand outside of our lives, outside of His own peoples heart and church and knock continually and be ignored, be left standing outside the door. How many times in the world have we been going about our business in our own houses and suddenly realize that there is someone standing on our doorstep? If you have been in your own house and see someone standing at your door as you passed, you quickly open the door and apologize and ask the person how long they have been standing there. Would it not be tragic if there is the person of Jesus standing outside of the innermost parts of our hearts and His knocking goes unheard? How is it that we cannot hear Him? It clearly says that He is knocking. Perhaps the things of the world, the cares of the day have dulled our hearing?

It is interesting that in the very next chapter (how many know that there are no actual chapters in the Bible and that they were added to make it easier for the modern reader) actually two sentences later the letter continues and says “After these things I looked and behold a door standing open in Heaven.” This is the same door brothers and sisters. This is the door that the Lord wants you to open, come with me and see what the Scripture says lies beyond the door that the Lord wants you to open today, right now. ………..

“Immediately I was in the Spirit and behold a throne set in heaven and One sat on the Throne.
Oh brothers and sisters, we are in the very throne room of God, we have stepped into the innermost sanctuary of the mighty God of all creation. Can I suggest to you that in this place you will fall on your face? That the awe and the majesty and the trembling power of that place will completely take you over and you will cry “Holy holy holy . Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come.”

When we, as “living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to Him who sits on the throne, who lives forever and ever,” we will find ourselves “Casting down our crowns before the throne saying You are worthy Oh Lord to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and by your will they exist and were created.”

For too long we, as people of God, as the called out people have only entered into “His courts with thanksgiving and into His gates with praise.” And while there is great emphasis in ancient Israel for worship of joyful abandon and gladness, this was not the only “mood,” of worship. Even prior to Jesus manifesting Himself on the earth there was a worship of awe and of reverence where one could barely lift their heads. The power would fall, the shekinah glory of the living God would fall with such a “Holy heaviness,” that one could barely lift their heads.

If we are to move to a different place in God, as individuals and as a called out people, we must answer the knock at the door of our hearts. In order to hear that knocking we must abandon the “cares of the world. Instead of seeking the gold of the world, we must turn our eyes to the treasures of heaven and its throne room. If we are to hear God, we must become silent before Him. We are moving into a time where it will be vital to be intimate with Him. There is a time for shouting and praising God, but if we are ignoring the knocking, then we must stop shouting. If our lives are not reflecting the Glory of God, if we are not becoming like His Son, daily, then all of our shouting and praising God will just be so much noise. How tragic for the church of the living God if, when He looks down, He does not see praise but just a group of people making a noise.

Dear Lord and Father, in the name of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus, we repent this day and ask that you forgive us. We have had a form of Godliness, we have had a reputation of being alive, but now we want nothing more than to reflect the glory of the throne room of heaven. We want to enter into this place, this place of most intimate worship that compels us, necessitates us to fall to the floor and cry Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy are you Lord in all the earth and we worship you. And when, for practical purposes, we get back to our feet, then let us be changed by the very presence of you in the most intimate parts of us. And from the very core of our being let that change radiate outwards, let us take that change, that power, that presence back out into the world of darkness and let that light so shine before men who dwell in darkness that they run to you. Fire in our hearts from the throne room of heaven. Living coals received into supernatural hearts, hearts prepared to receive such coals. No longer does the coals of fire burn our lips but it burns at the very center of our beings. Oh Lord I hear you knocking, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is knocking on my door? I can scarcely believe how honored I am, how privileged I am that you would knock on the door of one such as I.

”2Sa 9:8  And he bowed himself and said, What is your servant, that you should look upon such a dead dog as I?” Lord you restored everything to Mephibosheth, a lame man in hiding, and invited him to dine with you every day, I ask that you would restore us, your people, to the banqueting table of your presence and I thank you that your banner over us is love.

32 Responses to “I Stand at the Door and Knock”

  1. Kay Gart said

    Wow, i needed to read this! i’m feeling like god isn’t speaking to me and i’m searching diligently. i pray tonight that God will break through that door and fill me with the Holy Spirit so I may dine with the Lord. ~Amen~

  2. appolus said

    Hi Kay…my prayers are with you sis.Keep searching. This is the pearl of great price. To come into His presence is worth pursuing, its worth everything. If you get a chance, read “a vision and a word from God,” “His presence,” and perhaps “The walls of Jericho.” I believe that these pieces will bless you. Its the times of silence that really test us. You may also be blessed by “My poems of being in His presence.” You can find these posts by typing the title in the search box on my home page…….Frank

  3. Anonymous said

    hi..if its ok..can I send this to some people?

  4. milton said

    Bless you for posting this! I know the Lord loves me because He has lead me to this post. I have heard and read the scripture in Revelation countless times; yet, I still erroneously believed that Jesus had to come and open the door to my heart for me. I know that this is contrary to the gospel, yet I held onto that as truth. Well, this day, I have heard the knocking and have invited Jesus into my heart. I so need Him there! I praise Him for His grace, mercy and longsuffering! He never gave up on me and I know He has kept me and has lead me to this truth today! Thank you for this posting!

    • appolus said

      Praise the Lord Milton, He will indeed lead and guide you into all Truth. May we all hunger and thirst after Him, may we move towars Him, for does He not say, time and again “Come unto me?” As the deer panteth for the waterbrooks, so may our soul longeth after Jesus. He is a rewader of those who diligently seek Him. Let us seek Him with our whole hearts, holding nothing back, let this be the cry of our heart and suddenly, always suddenly, He stands in the midst of us and we are aware of His presence. It ruins us for all of this life, praise God, may all of Christendom be ruined for this life and sold out to the next………..brother Frank

  5. C. Ana Dejesus said

    Most amazing thing, after reading this I was washing a spoon & felt the presence of God & the holy spirit right there I started shaking & felt goose bumps, right at that moment I gave my self to God & my lord & the holy spirt I feel refresh. I love you my father,lord & holy spirit! please continue to allow me to continue to feel your presence

  6. Dawn said

    Amen thanks you so much for sharing this. I had been seeing a door each time I spoke about the Lord this week and prayed. I felt it was about dying to self to go through that door. Its so wonderful when the Lord brings a word from others to us when we are wondering what things mean. I have been saying how Lord. God Bless you brother.

    • appolus said

      Amen Dawn, He is knocking at the door of His people’s hearts. He wants to come in, He wants intimacy with His people which leads to the throne room……………Frank

  7. Catherine Blue said

    I was at church early this morning listening to worship music and I heard a loud knock at the door. I rose up and open the door and there were no one there. I was a little frightend and then I just prayed. I want to know what do you suppose that meant or what is God saying to me or the church?

    • appolus said

      Hi Catherine, I think it could mean many things. One possible interpretation is that God does not always strive with men. He calls us, and He gives us every possible opportunity to repsond to His call, but there comes a time when ” the door is shut,” so to speak, as in the parrable of the ten virgins. The foolish virgins had no oil, so when the time comes and the trump calls, they find that it is too late to aquire this oil……………..Frank

  8. There is a free booklet on this at http://christsknock.com/THE%20KNOCK%20OF%20LAODICEA%20A%20CALL%20TO%20RISE!%20Final.pdf

    It explains the knock in Rev 3:20 very well. It shows why the Lord found Himself outside knocking. All we have to do is open the door to let Him in, but WE have to do that. Read Chapter 5 of the Song of Solomon, this is speaking of this very event prophetically. Notice all the excuses that Christ’s bride to be made to not get up and answer His call.

    When she finally did it was too late.

    Read Christs message to the Laodicean Church the last era of God’s Church in Rev 3:14-22 and compare it to the parable of the ten virgins and you will begin to see the picture here.

    God is not going to open the door WE have to do that. If we do that then we can walk through the door in the next chapter whatever that entails.


  9. Stephen Campbell said

    God spoke to me about that door, i was seeing it as my hearts door, Hes also been leading me into worship. I’m finding this is what is missing from our churches. People sing the words.
    This song, one which i never really liked before has become a bit of a favorite, “When the music fades”, Talks of coming back to the heart of worship.

    Thanks for the encouraging post.

    • appolus said

      Hi Stephen. The glory of God is missing from the churches, you are right. Coming back to the heart of worship is a great line from this hymn and it sums up what is missing. We can worship God with our lips but our hearts can be far from Him…………….brother Frank

  10. I understand you both and you both are right God is leading his people back to worship and praise as the olden days, cause praise and worship leads men hearts to pray and that’s were we are missing God at; by not praying unto him. Be Bless. well I said all of that cause God has been knocking at the door of my heart, mine you I am already save, but until the Lord showed me this today I didn’t know he knocks on the heart of a believer as well.. Thank God he does. AW

  11. Christine said

    I was wondering if you could tell me what absolute surrender looks like. I would like your thoughts on this, if you wouldn’t mind. Thank you,


    • appolus said

      HI Christine. First and foremost I believe absolute surrender comes at genuine salvation. It is a hearts attitude that says to God ” I give you my life, my whole life, holding nothing back.” I then believe that sanctification is a process whereby God takes what has been freely given to Him. We are not now our own, we have been bought by a price, the blood of Jesus. The more we give to God, the more we live out that surrender actually, the more we empty ourselves of the things of this world and the flesh, the more the world will see Jesus. We must decrease and He must increase. Yet, the work is all the Lord’s and He gets all the glory. He does this work for his good will and pleasure. He heals, He restores He replaces the things that the locusts have devoured, He refines. He, through the Holy Spirit sanctifies, we surrender. So, ultimately surrender is a response to God. How we respond determines how we live and how we glorify God, which is our chief end in this life.

      • Christine said

        Do you mind if I share your response, Appolus? I appreciate your helpfulness 🙂


        • appolus said

          Please feel free to share anything on this site sister. Freely it has been received and freely is it given……….bro Frank.

  12. Garry said

    (Jhn 6:63) worship in Truth and in Spirit for the flesh profits us nothing – Gods triune is the True Spirit – there is NO kind of conjuring, righteousness ….. mans world acclaims amounts to a hill of beans. – The one on One relationship with God our Father, our Creator is the only Way ( we are the church, Gods sanctuary, temple of God – the public church is a social network ) love for all but there is only ONE # ONE and He is a Jealous ONE.

    As for absolute/complete surrender this comes at the point of death as God has finished preparing us here and now – Again Gods triune,team does the surrendering of us little by little through that personal connection we realize more and more, less of me more of Thee.

    So what part do we really do – pretty much nothing but to try and stay out of the way with our worldly thoughts, desires (humbling as the child of God daily for asking/saying please Lord that I am Yours, and that I will try and not stumble so much today as yesterday – Thank You Jesus !!

    I hope this might be uplifting and of some clarification – that as I share only comes from as the Lord has worked/is working through me ( in spite of me )

  13. Christine Shoffner said

    Thank you for this post. For a while now my genuine intimacy with the Holy Spirit is not the same as it was and I miss Him so. I think I may be starting to understand what is going on. There is still chaff on me and I want it off, preferably as gently as possible. I haven’t yet fully died to myself even though I want to. My soul is in great pain as my brothers and sisters around the world are being decimated. Much of it has to do with the policies of my own nation, to my great sorrow. So my soul is in great pain while my born again spirit has great joy. I need the two united. Anyway, thanks for this post. I don’t even know how I happened onto your site, but it is very good! Praise the Lord for the remnant in Europe!

    I will be okay. I am not yet a mature saint, but can now see the areas where I have offended the Holy Spirit. So God is pruning and refining as He promised.

    • appolus said

      Hi Christine, God bless you sister as you go through the refining process, a process that every genuine saint is called to. And while it may not seem pleasant as we go through them, in fact it can and often will drop us to our knees, it will produce good fruit. I think of the Apostle Paul when he says that ” I have learned to be content.” In every situation, whether he had much or little, whether he was hungry or full, clothed or naked, he had learned to be content and could now count all things ” rubbish,” as long as he was found in Him. This is our walk, this is the high calling of God, that no matter the situation or the circumstances, whether pleasant or dire, that we can walk in the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. When all around are losing their minds and peace, then the man or woman of God, refined in many fires, can have a Spirit of love and of power and a sound mind. This is the fruit of God’s own pruning. Let the saints say amen and trust in the Lord our God with all of our hearts and minds and spirits as we walk the narrow path, refined, broken and useful to Jesus…………bro Frank

      • Christine Shoffner said

        I really appreciate that you took your time for me. I will be fine. God is working in me and I am glad. It’s just an unexpected rougher spot. Your comments dealing with peace nailed it. I do have it in my innermost spirit, but the things going on in this world do vex my soul. Lately the flow from spirit to soul seems a little dammed up. Since things will only get worse I do need to just keep my eyes on Him and Him alone.

  14. Garry said

    Talk/Good intentions is cheap/easy but dieing of the self pride image, I refer to it as our vain glory pride image has to be snuffed out that we could almost compare it to having our rotten teeth pulled without a sedative – But we have to remember they are rotten and would only get worse if something wasn’t done. Paul also having gone through/experienced the suffering , trials and tribulations because of self will desire, vain deceiving, blinded pride because we just could not realize it to still be about us, only to say it is as moving a mountain and which One can move mountains ???

    • Christine Shoffner said

      Garry, one of the things God has to root out of me is a too critical spirit. I grew up in a family of constant criticism and still have to fight that spirit. You might have just a bit of that too. I want God to do His refining work in me. It is not a matter of talk/good intentions being cheap/easy. I have no cause for pride. Whatever pride still tries to crop up in me I want gone. I am proud of who He is. The Lord is amazing. Naturally I want Him rather than myself. Who wouldn’t? I just don’t know how to get there except to ask Him to do His work in me as He has committed Himself to be the author and finisher of my faith. Another of my failings is that some time back I had thanked God that He Jesus had already paid for my deliverance from a sweet tooth. I thanked Him, received it, and blissfully walked that out for a season. But I backslid. It is never smart to go back to something you have been delivered out of. But it wasn’t vain glory or blinded pride. It was ice cream. I just still haven’t crucified my flesh.

      I do understand what you are saying in terms of our human nature being vanity. I have been guilty. But that is the old nature and I am not trying to keep it. You can lighten up just a bit. Or I could hire you to write letters to certain of our politicians in Wash. DC and the Democrats Muslim Messiah in the White House. I believe you could handle them just fine. You are my brother in Christ and I love you. So please consider my comment in the right spirit. I was raised Southern Baptist so I know something about perpetual guilt and condemnation.

  15. Christine Shoffner said

    Garry, I think I just have a little difficulty understanding your communication style. You read a whole lot more into things than you should unless you are operating in Word of Knowledge/Word of Wisdom. If that were the case you would know that God is doing a work in me, And it is His work. Not yours and not mine. You seem to think that I am in some full scale rebellion against God’s work in my life despite the fact that I have said several times that I desire His pruning, asked for it, and am in cooperation with what He is doing. I am not offended by your presumption. I just think you would be more effective as His servant if you lightened up a bit. Just my opinion.

    • Garry said

      I my gosh NO don’t you dare to let Satan slide in with his negative Junk ( as is our/mans world imaged natural nature ) You better not even think I should think God is not working on you through you or I will come over to coke the devil out of you – only kidding in a way of the last except to illustrate you better keep reaching out to others for the Lords glory to shine or I am going to come over to your side and bare hug you to never let go of divine loving kindness until you plead Mercy. Lightening up and brightening up from within YES YES but this is contrary to go against the grain of our carnal minds – forgive me and not to think I am pointing the finger your way Christine, rather Our Way, mans righteous world Fools Gold Minds fooled ways. Only God can turn the tide, part the (eyes to see true spirit ) seas waters

      A glorious message for both of us/all Good News as we see within us GodsTeam Working – daily bringing forth the clearer picture lightening up and brightening up of the True Spirit Child of our Fathers within (1Jhn 4:4 ) — at first I was offended and hurt as others would come back into another opinion/perspective different from mine to say I am making a mistake so I ask us Christine as to say playing the piano how do we overcome – practice practice …… righteousness — as the preacher so locked in by degree, by the church, by the religion, by the worlds standards imagry to form into the mold – righteous mans world cluttering up, blocked arteries that the worlds churches become dead, without true spirits free spirit, freedom of Gods hands working through us. The great great pianist just loose themselves, go beyond themselves and if they stop to think about it they mess up — there is no limits as Gods divine nature takes the hold of us this I can surely attest to not because of me, rather in spite of me..

      Forget the devils junk in the trunk I only wish to send You a precious bundle of LOVE and not to worry as Gods children we will surpass the false spirit worlds Fools Gold —- LOL

  16. Christine Shoffner said

    Hi Garry! I read over your post earlier today. It was very beautiful and rich, so I have to re-read it several times and digest it. I had just come in from weeding my vegetable garden, staking new tomatoes, etc. and must go get clean. But I wanted to answer you briefly. I don’t need to forgive you as I never took offense to you. I know I don’t express myself as well as I would like. That is on my list of things for the Lord and I to improve.

    To my surprise I have found myself less prayerful for around a week. This is not the time to be silent. I believe prayer matters a lot. The daily horrors, persecutions, and our own Satanic administration just had me a little paralyzed. I realized I was focusing too much on the world and needed to keep my eyes on Jesus. So I took a little time out in the middle of the day to speak to Him about this. I won’t go into any detail, but it turned into one of those most sweet and precious times with our King. I’m sure Satan has used that trick before – get people frustrated about things so they will move away from the answer. But I”m starting to be on to the enemy better as his end time plan unfolds. It’s actually amazing how God has set this thing up. Most people here don’t yet understand that everybody is being put through this giant sieve. Take care. I must go.

  17. Prayergate said

    As fresh and needed today as it was 13 years ago!!

    • appolus said

      Amen brother. My prayer to the Lord in anything I wrote was that it would be helpful no matter how long the He tarried………..bro Frank

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