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Did you pass the test but fail the class?

Posted by appolus on January 28, 2008

‘It is amazing that you can say something that is true, you can “judge ,” a brothers actions and be correct, yet, if you say it or judge without love then you are only adding to the problem. When love is combined with truth, only then does it have the power to change for the good.”

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Is There Life In The Scriptures ?

Posted by appolus on January 7, 2008

“You are infused by Him and by being infused by Him, by consuming Him, by being consumed by Him, you are changed by Him. And you become more like Him and worship Him more and you read the Word more and you pray more and you weep more and you live more and you love more. You are more compassionate and you are more joyful and more grateful and more thankful and you witness more, not out of compunction, but out of necessity because your bones burn within you. Your heart is on fire, your whole body glows in the residue of your encounter. You are infused by Him and it makes you diffuse the fragrance of His knowledge in every place(2 Cor 2:14)”

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Bibliocentric or Christocentric?

Posted by appolus on January 7, 2008

 “And so the word without Jesus is empty and meaningless to the readers. It is in the person of Jesus that we are saved, and then He illuminates the word. The word of God must never be worshipped, how silly to worship the description rather that what is described. All of the word of God is useful to point us towards God, but it is only in His presence that anything is achieved. A man could read the sermon on the mount and rightly conclude that this was a masterpiece of teaching. Yet, outside of Gods presence, outside of His Spirit, all those who try and live by these commands will fail miserably or have some success and become self-righteous.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Gods Plan Will Not Be Thwarted

Posted by appolus on January 1, 2008

“How many of us have suffered from paralysis of analysis? We are so unsure of Gods will for our life that we that we cannot discern our way ahead. We are afraid that if we do not hear an audible voice, or even a small still voice then we could make a mistake and if we step outside of His plan, then we face ruin and attack from an enemy just waiting to pounce. Its hard to imagine that the Royal Priesthood could suffer such bondage from the father of lies.”
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