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Hysteria and poison

Posted by appolus on January 31, 2017

Hi saints. I just want to comment on the hysterical nature of what is going on in America and in Europe right now. For many years now I have spoken about coming persecution of the saints. I believe we are much closer now than ever. One might think that the election of someone like Donald Trump would change that. It will change nothing, in fact the hatred of Christians is being primed by the recent election results. Now what do I mean by that?

I believe that God is exposing those forces that have claimed tolerance. How many times have we heard that word in the last decade? How many times was that word used to effect political change? How many times was that word used to effect societal change, cultural change? It was used over and over and over again. And now God is revealing the true nature of those who have stood in the shadow of that word. He is exposing the fact that not only are those people intolerant of anyone who dares to disagree with any of their positions,they are full of hatred and poison.

This hatred, this intolerance of any position other than their own is akin to Nazi Germany. There was one ideology and if you did not fall in lockstep with it, you were exposed, condemned, rounded up and eventually killed. What is interesting is the moralizing by the hysterical mob. All arguments are now parsed as either moral or immoral. Remember, these arguments are being made by people who love abortion. Who love homosexuality. If you are not in favor of these then you are now categorized as haters. Interesting isn’t it, that with such an outpouring of actual hatred that this word would be ascribed to born-again Christians.

God is in the business of exposing hypocrisy in all its many forms. If you claim any moral high-ground then the ground upon which you stand had better be solid. And this applies across the board, it is a universal truth. Just as pride coming before a fall is universal then so is the exposing of the hypocrite. It is a universal truth, it applies to all of us whether we are Christians or not and all men are equal in the eyes of the Lord. If the forces of tolerance are in actual fact the forces of hatred and bigotry then the Lord will expose it. He has exposed many ministries in the last two decades. He has exposed many top evangelicals including the leader of the evangelical society in America, Ted Haggard. Christians know that judgment begins at the house of the Lord, but we also know that it does not end there. God is, as we speak, showing the whole world the true nature of those who have claimed to be tolerant.

This intolerance of all things holy, of all things just, of all things Biblical will not just stop at mere hatred. This poison that is in the souls of men will continue to spread. It will not stop until the saints are hated by all. It will not be local it will be universal. Saints will be hated all around the world for nothing more than identifying with Jesus and His word. If you dare to stand upon the Word in these coming days the enemy will come at you in all of his fury. And the forces that he will use are the forces who identify themselves as tolerant. Now this irony will only cause Satan to smile.

So saints, I urge you to draw closer to our Lord in these days. Do not get caught up in the hysteria and the hatred. Jesus was dumb before his accusers because he knew that their minds were already made up. Now it made Pilate marvel but only caused the mob to scream all the more loudly for His blood to be upon their heads. The tolerant mob will soon be screaming for your blood and desire it to be upon their heads and the heads of their children. These things must come to pass. It is part and parcel of their final judgement. So let us go into this dark night wrapped in light, clothed in the garments of righteousness and love. Let our actual tolerance be the weapon against those who are filled with hate.

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Preeminent Lord

Posted by appolus on January 28, 2017

It’s a wonderful thing to feed a hungry man a fish, but unless we teach him to fish, we become his source. Its a wonderful thing to give someone who thirsts some water, but unless we show them how to dig a well, we become their source. Too often in Christendom, leadership in all it’s many forms have been happy to be the source of relieving people’s needs, which can only ever be temporary at best. We should always strive in life to point folks towards the source of all life, Jesus. In that situation, only He is elevated and preeminent.

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God is God at all times.

Posted by appolus on January 26, 2017

It can be very difficult in times of peace and prosperity to stay as close to God as we should like. I wonder if it might be near impossible? I think about the Scripture ” My grace is sufficient for you.” There is, it seems, a unique grace to be had in times of trouble. The memory of that grace, the knowledge and the experience of knowing that no matter how difficult our situation was, the Lord never left us nor did He forsake us, is an attribute of the mature saint who has learned to be content whether in the stormiest of seas or tranquil windless days.

The closeness and the dependency that we discover in the midst of troubles and sufferings is a resource that we carry with us as we move along the narrow path. When we come across others in similar situations we are then able to comfort them with the very same comfort we ourselves were comforted with. Living waters flowing through us, through tried and tested vessels, brings life to those who receive it. Broken vessels cannot withhold living waters, it simply, by nature of its brokenness, allows waters to flow freely from the depths of who we are and who we have been shaped to be by the one who dwells in the very depths of us. From whom all living waters flow.

Then what is our part as we walk down this narrow pilgrims path? A desire to be used. A willingness to be broken. A perseverance that stands firm in the midst of the flames. A knowledge that God is with us as we pass through the waters. A deep desire to please our Lord and be obedient to Him. Perseverance and overcoming. Having this at the center of our heart ” Even if He slays me, yet will I trust Him.” Even if He does not deliver us from a certain situation, we will never bow down to the gods of this world. These, I have discovered, are all attributes of the saint who walks the narrow path.

So, whether we are full or whether we are hungry we shall praise Him. Whether we are rich or we are poor we shall adore Him. Whether we are naked or we are clothed we shall sing of His praises. Whether in sickness or in health we shall lift our eyes unto the hills and see where our help, our grace comes from. Whether life works out the way we had envisioned or takes a totally unexpected turn we shall trust Him. Whether we feel His presence or not we shall love Him. Whether our prayers are answered in a fashion that we expected or not we shall testify of Him. For in Him is our all in all. In Jesus is our very life and sanity. He exists outside of our imaginations yet fills every part of who we are. Eyes have not seen nor ear has heard nor has it entered into our hearts the plans of God for us yet we know Him and more importantly He knows us and He beckons us to move ever closer to Him.

Be encouraged today saint. The Lord is with you no matter what your circumstances are. In the fire, in the flood, on the mountaintop or on a windless still ocean where it appears that we are dead in the water and making no progress. Be assured that today you are one day closer to coming into the fullness, one day closer to coming into a place that the Lord has prepared for you that you have not even imagined. One day closer saint. Every day we are one day closer, one day further down the narrow path that leads to the fullness of life and the completion of the work the Lord has done in you. Celebrate your journey today and celebrate the faithfulness of God in your life. It shall release power into your spirit.

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A warning to a nation that calls itself Christian

Posted by appolus on January 22, 2017

Can we all just lay our guns down
Can you stop, even for a moment, and see whats all around
Hatred and bitterness, this land is in despair
There is something in the atmosphere, there is something in the air

Brother against brother, our hearts should be as one
If only for a moment, stop and see what has begun
Will you wrap yourself in glory, in impenetrable light
Or shall we march together, hand in hand, into the darkest night

Imagine a world where we all just get along
Now imagine a world that has forever lost its song
Our children grow in darkness, we teach them how to fight
With every passing day they slowly lose their sight

Oh Adam wont you weep for your children in despair
And Eve how can you sleep when theirs hatred everywhere
Can’t we simply lay our guns down and learn how to forgive
For only in the light of love can this world truly live

In the name of Jesus I call on you this day
The ruler of the darkness says there’s no time left to play
He is coming in his fury, he is coming for mankind
The dark horse it is riding with the pale horse right behind

Tis time to love each other, greet each other with a kiss
Or we shall meet on the battle-field, on the edge of the abyss
Inflamed with indignant righteousness and blind to one another
If we refuse to love then it is brother against brother

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The diary of my life.

Posted by appolus on January 19, 2017

Below are the poems I wrote last year stating with January and moving forward. Some people have a diary, my diary is the poems that I write.

Kissed by Justice and Mercy

Justice and mercy have kissed
And my heart was broken and healed
Your love which I so long dismissed
Now covers forever and seals

Oh Lord of heaven above
And of earth and sky and sea
How I rest in the warmth of your love
Once was shackled but now I am free

Your love and truth are my guiding light
And your mercy never comes to an end
Your fire and glory light up the night
While you fall down from the heavens you rend

Fill up the valley my glorious King
Flood the whole earth with joy and with praise
Look kindly upon the sacrifice I bring
That I may follow you all of my days

Oh justice take the hand of mercy
That glory may dwell in our land
IN the shadow of victorious Calvary
Where sin lost its final last stand!

My First Love

We have only one life to live
We have only so much to give
So let’s give it sacrificially
That we may live life beautifully

Far from the grasping crowd
I’m running from all that is loud
Just want to walk with the sun and the breeze
Hands silently raised and falling to my knees

I just want to hear the rain fall
See the birds fly and listen to them call
Maybe see a deer around the bend
Talk about my passion with a friend

I see the sun in the sky-high above
As I walk back towards my first love
I’m losing everything that has weighed me down
So I can run to Him at His feet to be found.

I’m traveling light on my journey now
My heart has been furrowed by the plow
I’ve cried tears and raged at the moon
But now it’s time to walk for my Master’s coming soon.

Nothing else matters only He
Coming back to the one who set me free
My heart now longs for just one touch
To hear Him whisper in my ear would be so much

To the glory and the King of majesty
Loving and living with all simplicity
An ear to hear and a heart to sing
The praises of His glory,my risen King.

A Rising Crimson Tide

There is a rising Crimson tide
That burns inside of me
Tis from my wounded Master’s side
Which flows from Calvary

This fire was set when I met Him
So very long ago
And though the years are passing me
This fire will always flow

It rises and consumes my heart
This heart He gave to me
This fire consumes my very soul
Which flows from Calvary

And from His nail pierced hands it flows
And trickles down on me
Who kneels below this Crimson flow
The cross of Calvary

And I am raised up by the tide
Of Crimson’s glorious fire
His blood it cleanses all of me
And raises me up higher

It take me all the way to heaven
To stand before His throne
I lift my hands and worship Him
For me His Blood atoned.

Consumed by a fire of molten Love
That flowed on me from up above
Igniting every part of me
Thank God in Christ for Calvary

Just To Be Found In You

Can you hear the beat of my heart
And my tears as they fall to the floor
And the cry that comes from the depths of my heart
Oh Lord wont you open up the door?

How I long for the tabernacle of your presence
Your glorious majesty that’s there to be found
How my heart longs to be where you are
In the midst of your glory that’s all around

It can be a dry and dusty narrow path
Surrounded by desert sand
I thank you Lord for the moments in time
When I simply take hold of your hand.

These moments of glory then down comes the rain
Glory and majesty and agonizing pain
Bring on the pain and let the rain fall
As for me and mine we shall follow the call

Lord you know the beginning from the end
And in spite of myself you call me your friend
So the thunders shall roar and the mountains shall fall
No matter the cost I am gonna stand tall

For you took what was dead and wasting away
You raised me to heaven and taught me to pray
So as long as I live and the sky above is blue
I’ll walk through the fires just to be found in you.

God Is Found

God is found by the hungry heart
Not by the inquiring mind
God is found by those who thirst
He quenches that thirst you will find

God is found in the longing and the aching
He is found by those who seek
He is found in the depths of the needy heart
By the humble, the lowly the meek

God is an anchor for the soul adrift
He is the roots of the tree in a storm
He is the light that shines in the midst of the dark
In winter His fire keeps us warm

He is a warm embrace to the longing heart
He is our peace when all breaks down
He is our sanity in the midst of a mad mad world
He is the head that wears the crown

Come unto me ye broken and contrite
All you who dwell in an endless night
Find in Me an open door to heaven
In me you’ll be fed and truly forgiven

Subdued By Majesty

Have you been subdued by the Majesty?
Has your head hung low in the glory?
Has your darkness been shattered by the light from up above?
Have you found yourself adrift in an ocean of love?

Oh God in heaven rend the skies and come down
May I fall to my knees with your glory all around
May the waters rise from the tears of a million saints
Let us enter into this place where no one ever faints

Brighter than the light of a thousand suns
Where time has no place and eternity’s just begun
Where every part of me is one with every part of you
And the glory falls and covers me like the morning dew

I am whole and complete, here before the mercy-seat
I am refreshed and restored where my mercies are replete
Oh God in heaven take me to this place
Where I forever look unto your face

Tears of joy and wholeness rise in me
Waters from the saints that are deeper than the sea
Only in this place do I truly belong
Forever singing heaven’s Holy song

Suddenly I am back from whence I came
But this I know, I shall never be the same
And the memory of His presence lingers on
My heart is full, tis food to dwell upon

This hunger and this thirst is part of me
Longing to be adrift once more, in that eternal sea
Oh take me to that place that is my home
Where I shall dwell eternally before thy throne

In The Midst of it All

Oh glorious fourth man in the flame
Stand with Him and never be the same
Let the world gaze on and wonder at it all
Standing firm in the furnace, standing tall

There is gold in this refiners fire
In the world you’d be covered by the muck and the mire
Yet in this place of testing and refining
There is one like the Son of God gloriously shining

Do not fear when the enemy knocks upon your door
Nor in the darkened den when you hear the lion roar
The Son of God is coming with lightning in His hand
By His power and by His grace you shall forever stand

So stand amidst the flames and know you shall not fall
Stand upon the rising storm and hear the Master call
Lift your eyes and fix your gaze on Christ and Him alone
Rise up above all earthly fears and stand before His throne

A place where every storm is stilled
A place where every saint is filled
A place that casts out every fear
A place where Jesus Christ is near.

A Fatherless Child

I was a fatherless child
A crushed and rebellious heart growing wild
Sinking deeper with abandon into the miry clay
Living for the moment, just living for the day

I could care less if I lived or if I died
No tears would fall from my heavy heart, even if I tried
A heart locked away and hidden behind iron bars
If you could see what He could see then you would see my scars

At the end of my road I was all used up and I was diminished
Then I heard these words of life ” oh Father it is finished.”
And light fell down from up above and the darkness fell away
The Lord had come to dwell in me and that is where He’d stay

My crushed and broken heart He healed
My eternal destiny was sealed
My sins were all forgiven on the day He set me free
He opened up the door of hell with His eternal key

My Lord and God He came to me and He has made me whole
He revived my heart and restored to me all that the locust stole
Now what the Lord has done for me, He can do for you
He can refresh the broken heart in you just like the morning dew

Lift up your eyes oh captive son
For your enemy is on the run
He has delivered you from slavery
He has broken chains and set you free

Children Of Liberty.

I am my Father’s son and together today we are one
I am my Father’s son and together today we are one

With then high praises of my Father
And the glory of His Son
And the power of His Holy Spirit
We shall fight till the fight is done

I am a daughter of the King
It’s to Him I raise my voice and sing
Through the power of the Spirit
And the Blood of Christ my Lord
I’ll lift my voice in victory
And then I’ll swing my sword

We are sons and daughters of blessed liberty
We shall fight and die for the one who set us free
And with the high praises of our Father
And the glory of Christ His Holy Son
We shall run this race and we shall not faint
We shall run this race till this race is done.

I Long To Be Away

I have flown in heavenly places
Yet still confined to earthly spaces
There’s a part of me that has touched the skies
And with each touch another part dies

Two forces yet only one eternal part
One love that has forever filled my heart
The glory of the crimson tide forever changing me
Lifts me up then takes me down into the glassy sea

I stand enshrined in this mortal coat
Yet the Love of God keeps me afloat
Adrift and carried by the crimson tide
The Bridegroom ever beckons home the bride

In this world but surely not a part
To another Kingdom belongs my longing heart
This other Kingdom burns inside of me
As it carries me into the glassy sea

As I approach the glory to be found
I find myself once more on Holy ground
A place where I will find eternity
A place that lies in the midst of the glassy sea

Oh longing heart with wings you must take flight
And lift me from perpetual fleshly night
And deliver me to where my Saviour reigns
A place where at my feet lies broken chains

The Silent Depths of His Wonder

I am lost in the silent depths
Of Your secret wonders
Like gazing at the universe
And the sky above that thunders

Who could plummet the depths
Of a peace beyond all measure
Who could even begin to count
What’s amassed in Your heavenly treasure

Who could soar the heavenly heights
Of the glory that’s all yours
Who could begin to guess the strength
Of your power that simply endures

I can plummet all of Your depths
And soar to the heavenly heights
I can walk by the strength of Your arm
That takes me through the darkest nights

Your heavenly treasures supply all my need
They simply never come to an end
There is peace and joy and boundless hope
From my Lord, my Master and my friend.

Healing The Broken

The beauty of the forest
Hides the broken tree
The wonder of your Blood
Covers all of me

The glory of your love
Covers all my sin
It brings a wealth of healing
And beauty deep within

You heal the brokenhearted
And set the captive free
You allowed you’re broken Body
To hang broken on a tree

You’re love is all-consuming
You wipe away all tears
It follows and it leads me
Down through all the years

No matter where I run to
I always find you there
On the highest rugged mountaintop
Or in the valley of despair

You surround me with your beauty
And impenetrable light
You walk with me throughout the day
And every darkened night

Where could I flee from your presence
Over land or hill or sea?
The wonder of our mighty God
Is that He dwells in me

Thank-you for your glory
And sharing it with me
You came and touched this captive
And forever set me free

Footsteps In The Snow

Sometimes you just want to walk into the light
And leave the shadows far behind
Tis cold when the wind is blowing
Especially when it’s blowing through your mind

When the center of my soul is cold and weary
And the snow is falling in my heart
I turn my face towards the sun
The one who saved me from the start

And with heavy feet and the weight of the world
I stumble forward for there’s no going back
One step at a time, day by day
Following footsteps in the snow, in the dark

A path before me, footsteps in the snow
One step in each footprint is the way I must go
One day at a time ever closer to thee
No longer you and I but forever we

Tis your footsteps in the snow
That I follow each day
They wind their way through the valley
Ever leading the way

Thank you for the sun
When in my heart the snow falls
Thank you for your voice
Over the wind it still calls

I’ll follow the path that you tread for me
Despite the darkness the path I can see
And even when the snow is heavily falling
Through the wind and the rain I hear my Lord calling

So your word is my lamp and your voice leads the way
And the path that you walked guides me every day
Through the wind and the rain, the snow and the storm
In a very cold world your love keeps me warm

Face to Face With The Cross.

When I have suffered great loss
I come face to face with the cross
Will I get down on my knees and pray
Or shall I turn and walk away?

Each day as I walk through this life
And face troubles and heartaches and strife
When the world has lost all its gloss
Then I come face to face with the cross

In the light of His glory and grace
As I behold His wonderful face
His fire burns up all of the dross
When I come face to face with the cross

So when you have fallen down
And it seems you’ve forsaken your crown
Come fall at His feet in remorse
Come face to face with the cross

His grace is sufficient for you
Honor Him in all that you do
And victory will come in due course
When you come face to face with the cross

When The Wind Dies Down

I love it when incessant winds die down
And all around is silence not a sound
And then I feel the sun upon my face
And I am caught up in a warm embrace

When all around me is desolate land
I feel the sun and still I stand
And even though there are dark clouds everywhere
Beyond those clouds I know the blue skies there

The wind it often chills me to the bone
Yet just one ray of sun and I am not alone
One foot in front of another is the way that I must go
I cannot deviate despite the blinding snow

Neither to the left nor to the right
Neither stormy seas nor darkened night
Can keep me from the narrow path I know
Although it may be flooded or blocked with snow

I’ll keep om walking till the very end
Because I know He is around each bend
I shall wade through waters high and mountain snow
As long as He is with me this I know

So if you cannot see your way ahead
Nor fall asleep when you lay down on your bed
Lift your eyes and see that shaft of light
That warms your face and guides you through the night

Then all the noise shall cease, no not a sound
I love it when incessant winds die down
And then I feel the sun upon my face
And I am caught up in a warm embrace.

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God is with us.

Posted by appolus on January 12, 2017

If you have searched your heart
And found your conscience clear
Despite the troubles of the world
Your Lord and God is near

When all around are troubles
And there’s no sleep to be found
For sure you’re on the narrow path
And your Lord is all around

When you survey your troubled world
And despair knocks at your door
Do not doubt the path your on
Gods behind you and goes before

You will often hear this whisper
Your God has abandoned you
You are lost and you’re forsaken
But you know this is not true

He was a liar from the beginning
He’ll be a liar until the end
Your Lord and God is watching you
He’s your King and He’s your friend

So let me tell you something saint
When you think your all alone
There is one who ever intercedes
Before a Holy throne

Lift up your head oh child of God
And see that heavenly host
Surrounding you on every side
In Christ now make your boast

Stand up stand up ye child of God
Stand up in Him alone
Draw near and weep and worship Him
Before His holy throne.

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Being shaped in the fire.

Posted by appolus on January 11, 2017

The way God shapes His children, in general, is through the fires of affliction. Yet, I believe He will not inflict these fires upon those who have no genuine desire to be like Him. To be like Him is to enter into His sufferings. If we enter into His sufferings then we will reign with Him in glory. 2Ti 2:12 If we suffer, we shall also reign with him:

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Will you step into the arena?

Posted by appolus on January 2, 2017

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. (Teddy Roosevelt)

How easy to be the critic of others. How easy to point to the one who dared but stumbled. How easy to sit in our armchairs and throw rocks at the moon while we ourselves never step outside the front door. There is something very much alive about the man or woman who keeps getting back up after being knocked down. Who, when they are old and dying in their beds will be able to look back on their lives and know that they tried to climb every mountain that stood in their way. They swam across every river that barred the way forward. They did not lie down and simply let the snow cover them. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved and lived to count the cost. The question today is ” will you step into the arena?” In order to step into the arena you have to step outside of your comfort zone. Nothing happens within this zone. It is the place where vision comes to die. Do you know how to spell faith? It is spelled R.I.S.K. What will you risk this year? Some will risk something small, some will even risk it all. Better to risk something than not to risk at all. The man or woman without faith is the man or woman who will risk nothing and live in a gray colorless world. The Kingdom of God is alive with color but only the bold enter in. Will you step into the arena this year? Do not be a cold and timid soul who knows nothing of victory or defeat. Step over fear and into faith.

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He still rules the winds and the waves.

Posted by appolus on January 1, 2017

He still rules the winds and He still rules the waves
He still reigns in majesty and His precious blood still saves
He is the Christ and His light still shines forever and a day
I am the branch and He’s still the vine, His light still leads the way

He is Lord of your yesterdays and all of your tomorrows
He wipes away our fears, our tears and every one of our sorrows
Today is the day, we can know nothing more than this
If your eyes are on tomorrow then His presence you will miss.

Christ alone still rules and on His throne He reigns
He’s setting loose the captives and breaking all their chains
He’s washing clean the sinner and healing their disease
He still sees our afflictions, He still hears all our pleas.

He’ll finish what He started, He’ll make us all complete
He is the balm of Gilead for those found at His feet
He is our light in darkness, our joy in the midst of pain
Open up the door He knocks and He’ll do it all again

Yesterday , today and forever He will always be the same
He loves you with unending love that is why He came
If you will follow in His steps, that path that He has paved
You will discover that He still rules the winds and rules the waves.

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Walking through the fires, passing through the waters.

Posted by appolus on January 1, 2017

No saint who has walked through the fires or passed through the waters would ever say that God will not give you more than you can handle. We are truly shaped by the events that bring us to our knees. The place where we realize that we have limitations and we have reached the end of ours is truly the place of transformation. We are never the same after realizing that we are finite and all of our abilities are finite. This is where the infinite steps in and touches us and reaches out His hand and helps us up from off our knees.

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