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Being shaped in the fire.

Posted by appolus on January 11, 2017

The way God shapes His children, in general, is through the fires of affliction. Yet, I believe He will not inflict these fires upon those who have no genuine desire to be like Him. To be like Him is to enter into His sufferings. If we enter into His sufferings then we will reign with Him in glory. 2Ti 2:12 If we suffer, we shall also reign with him:

2 Responses to “Being shaped in the fire.”

  1. Steve said

    Your speaking of “fire” here reminds me of John the Baptist’s saying “the One Who comes after me” will baptize “with the Holy Spirit and FIRE” (Matthew 3:11, Luke 3:16; my emphasis).

    It also strongly resonates with a passage God’s continually called to mind these past months, at the end of Luke 12. Jesus says He’s come “to cast FIRE upon the earth” (v. 49, my emphasis) and bring division (v. 51).

    These are times such as we’ve never seen before. I’ve felt God keeps bringing me back to that passage to hear again, repeatedly, Jesus’ command that we “ANALYZE this present time” (v. 56, my emphasis). That we not judge by the outward appearances of the time (vv. 54-5) which mislead “the crowds” whom Jesus calls “hypocrites” (v. 56). “Why do you not even on your own initiative,” He says, “judge what is RIGHT ?” (v. 57, my emphasis).

    Very many Christians have put themselves on record judging for manifest UNrighteousness, and lies: in favor of our nation being led by the biggest lie of all, that evil deeds will have GOOD results, and “Make America Great Again.” It was a lie against God’s moral Sovereignty in the Garden of Eden: it’s still a lie, and still brings disaster to those who are deceived by it.

    To all who read, please “analyze this present time” as Jesus commands, by “what is RIGHT.” If we’ve been deceived by the enemy’s manipulative “spin” of outward appearances, we need not REMAIN deceived: God still promises forgiveness to all who will repent.

    I cannot emphasize more, or more soberly, that we MUST heed Jesus with absolute fierce intent in “this present time,” when He is come to divide among men.

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