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God is with us.

Posted by appolus on January 12, 2017

If you have searched your heart
And found your conscience clear
Despite the troubles of the world
Your Lord and God is near

When all around are troubles
And there’s no sleep to be found
For sure you’re on the narrow path
And your Lord is all around

When you survey your troubled world
And despair knocks at your door
Do not doubt the path your on
Gods behind you and goes before

You will often hear this whisper
Your God has abandoned you
You are lost and you’re forsaken
But you know this is not true

He was a liar from the beginning
He’ll be a liar until the end
Your Lord and God is watching you
He’s your King and He’s your friend

So let me tell you something saint
When you think your all alone
There is one who ever intercedes
Before a Holy throne

Lift up your head oh child of God
And see that heavenly host
Surrounding you on every side
In Christ now make your boast

Stand up stand up ye child of God
Stand up in Him alone
Draw near and weep and worship Him
Before His holy throne.

4 Responses to “God is with us.”

  1. Robert Taylorr said

    Thank for this word in poem brother Frank. It is the exact word i needed today…….Robert

    • appolus said

      Oh praise the Lord bro Robert. I just wrote it today so it is a fresh word, fresh manna. May the reminder of His love for you lift you and carry bro. May it make you run and not grow weary and may you find yourself raised up on eagles wings, soaring in the updrafts of His presence……………….bro Frank

  2. Vicki said

    a wonderful poem..

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