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The role of the Remnant Church in the Last Days!

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Click on picture to purchase this latest book from Frank McEleny

The role of the Remnant church in the last days

Posted by appolus on September 26, 2012

The Remnant’s role has changed down through the centuries, but always at her core she has been called to be a witness, an eye-witness to Gods glory. This is the essential heartbeat of Gods Remnant bride and always will be. In this role she has been used as a sanctuary, the sanctuary, the Holy of Holy’s. She is a tabernacle in the wilderness, she is Gods temple here on earth. She is a place for the weary and the lost and forsaken. At the same time she has always been despised by the religious spirit. These are people who confess God with their mouths but who have not received God’s glory, who have never encountered the glory of the living God. In these last days God has a special role for His Remnant people and of course this will only increase the hatred by those of the religious spirit. God says in His word through His prophet Zechariah that ” In that last day a fountain shall be opened up for the house of David,” and God Himself says again through the prophet that ( speaking of Christendom) “Two thirds in it shall be cut off and die. But one-third shall be left in it. I will bring the one-third through the fire, I will refine them as silver is refined and test them as gold is tested. They will call on my name and I will answer them. I will say ” This is my people.” (Zec 13:8-9)

And so we see that a fountain shall be opened in that day for the house of David. Can you imagine how welcome a fountain would be in the midst of a dry and thirsty land, a land racked with drought and famine? I want us, as we consider the role of the Remnant in the last days, to look at two men of God and see what parallels we can draw. Let’s look at Noah and as we look let’s think about the context of the time in which he lived. It’s a time and a place of great wickedness and as we know, there would only be a tiny fraction saved. Noah is commissioned to build an ark over a long period of time. Now, we know that Noah faced ridicule and scorn. First of all what he was building have never been built before. Secondly, rain had never fallen from the sky and the notion that the whole earth would be covered by a flood was preposterous to all who lived then.

Every day Noah’s hammer could be heard, every day the ark took shape and was rising up. The continuous hammering would have been a great source of irritation to all around him. Noah would have to keep building despite the ridicule and the scorn and the anger because the rain was surely coming and he was being obedient to his calling. We too as Gods Remnant people have to keep true to what the Lord has called us to. We are also in the ark business. There was one place of salvation when the rains of judgment began to fall, it was the ark. Can I put it to you brothers and sisters that the Remnant church of God is God’s ark built by the hands of Jesus. With the judgments beginning to fall, with the beginning of the birth pangs, it will become apparent that God has a people who have not bowed the knee to Baal. God is getting ready to reveal His ark by bringing judgment and allowing the rise of the anti-christ. This ark will be a witness to the glory of God and His way of escape. This ark will be used as a last chance for the un-redeemed of the world to be saved before final judgment. This ark will be revealed to the world by isolation and persecution, all of the world will see this ark and they will be without excuse when that day comes, for this ark is the glory of Christ here on the earth and He reveals Himself through what He has built.

Now lets consider Joseph and consider the context and the back-drop of his day. Here we have Joseph who has been called to save a Remnant. ” And God sent me before you to save a Remnant in the earth and to save your life by a great deliverance.” ( Gen 45:7) Before Joseph could do this he had to be scorned and ridiculed by his own. Because of dreams and visions then that scorn turned to anger and hatred. He was then rejected and sold into slavery. He becomes a slave and then is wrongfully accused and ends up in prison, seeming forgotten and forsaken. Yet, God of course had never left him. This is part of the Remnant path. Many will relate even as they read this. Yet God had not forsaken Joseph and even in prison Joseph moved in the supernatural. He was able to interpret dreams and visions and this would lead him to see that a great famine was coming upon the land. He was able to make provisions that would save ” A Remnant in the earth.”

Can you see the pattern behind this brothers and sisters? Can you relate to the suffering and the rejection and the seeming forsakeness that Joseph surely felt as he languished in the prison, far from home and separated from everything he knew? The pattern is that when there is great judgment coming upon the land, God has a people or a person whom He will send ahead to enable whoever will, to escape that judgment. God has created such a vehicle in His Remnant. And they too, just like Joseph, must be despised and rejected by the very one’s they have been sent to save. Of course, this is the divine pattern. We see our Lord Jesus walk down this path. He came from the glories of heaven and the right hand of the Father, emptying Himself and humbling Himself in order to walk amongst those who He had come to save, yet He became despised and reject, tortured and killed.

And now with the final judgment fast approaching, the ark which Jesus has been building for 2000 years is almost ready. God’s remnant church down through the last 2000 years has been scorned, ridiculed hated and despised and hunted down and killed and almost all of this was done by ” their own.” People who would profess God with their lips. And now these very people will have one last chance to join with the remnant and escape the final judgment that is coming upon the whole world. Most will not, some will. Glory to God He is willing to go to great lengths to save the some who will, this is the mark of His great love for the world. And so God is raising up small gatherings where His presence can be found in the midst of a great drought and famine which we are in and which is merely a pre-cursor to the final judgement. Will you forsake all and take your place with the few?

6 Responses to “The role of the Remnant Church in the Last Days!”

  1. Johanna Lemmon said

    Such a encouraging post. I’m praising the Lord for His wonderful mercy and grace. He called me and my kids out of the religious system in January of this year. He is cleaning us up and, binding up our wounds and helping us to walk.
    Each morning I wake up and I feel the Lord’s sweet presence. It feels like I’m tucked under His arm all warm and safe. Me and my kids have grown more in the last 3 months then we ever did in all the years of church attendance. We are praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are sleeping and not aware of what is happening. Thank you for your encouraging blog. God Bless you!

    • appolus said

      Amen sister, amen. God bless you and your family and may the Lord bring you into fellowship with like-minded brothers and sisters as He wills……………bro Frank

  2. Pieter said

    I was shown in a dream to separate the gemstones from the hay fodder in church, to bring such out into His light, to cut, shape and polish them for His throne. Oh, then I was shown that the church leaders decide that I must be the very devil.

    It is because they have no knowledge of the Jesus we serve!

  3. little book said

    This role is clearly set out and defined in the book of revelation 10:8-11.
    The key words are little book and go again.

    The bibles/ knowledge we all have today of Yahvah/ Yeshua and the Holy Spirit via the bible has been divinely( read intentionally sealed) per Daniel 12:4.

    “But you, Daniel, seal these words and be silent, and seal this book even to the time of the end; many will want to know the end, and knowledge will be increased.”

    It is the little book in Rev 10 linked to the one in Ezekiel in 3:1 which will show the remnant the way to go… “To prophecy again” to the nations, peoples and leaders, which leads to the culmination of New Jerusalem9 awakening of the tribes of Israel awakening as defined in the latter chapters of Ezekiel.

  4. K.F. said

    Brother Frank~ wanted to get your permission to link one of your articles to our website (link would direct our readers back to your site so that you are given full credit for your writings. Billion Soul Harvest begins this summer (2018). Your words ring true for all that is to come with His glory and power on the earth!

    • appolus said

      Of course brother, everything on this site is for sharing to the glory of God!…………………bro Frank

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