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I will Awaken the Dawn!

Posted by appolus on December 30, 2010

Perhaps you find yourself in a solitary place today because of words spoken against you? Unjust, hurtful words, hateful words, things that are simply not true. Perhaps circumstances or tragedies have driven you to a place or darkness and desolation? David said that his enemies had prepared a net for his steps and had dug a pit in front of him (Psalm 57:6) and that his soul was “bowed down.”We see that David got tangled up in that net and fell headfirst into the pit. Perhaps you too have been tripped up in your walk and have fallen head first into the pit and find yourself in a similar darkness as King David? Read the rest of this entry »

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God is sanctifying His Remnant

Posted by appolus on December 26, 2010


Hi Saints, below is a dream a Canadian brother (in blue text) had. Please read and know that the Lord, I believe, is intensifying His call on His people. There is a prepartion taking place and it is, to say the least, intense. Trials and tribulations are increasing in saints around the world. There is a battle that is taking place in the unseen. When Daniel mourns in chapter 10, it is believed that he is mourning the indifference of his people and the fact that even although they were in a position to return home from their captivity, so many had decided to remain in their captive state.  So much of Christendom is now living  a Babylonian lifestyle, and yet there is yet opportunity to retun from exile. The time is short, but the opportunity still remains. Dan 10:12 Then he said to me, Do not fear, Daniel; for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to chasten yourself before your God, your words were heard. And I have come for your words.  God hears the prayers and the cries of His mourning Remnant, even now as we pray and cry out there is an unseen battle taking place. We already know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principlaities and powers, against the worlds rulers of darkness of this age and against spiritual wickedness in high places. The battle is taking place even as we speak, this is the time that was revealed to Daniel. Very soon the battle will break onto the physical plane and this is why we are being prepared with such intensity, to prepare us for what shortly lies ahead.
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God is training His Remnant in these last days!

Posted by appolus on December 21, 2010

“In these last days, God is doing a work that will impact the world. He is training a holy remnant that will be solely dedicated to God and His work during these last days. God is raising up a people who are committed to him and his cause who are a holy remnant, and who are steadfast and sure of their God. Eli was judged soft on sin and allowed wickedness in the tabernacle at Shiloh; even his own sons. Today, the church world is a laughing stock because of wickedness in the house of God, there is no power or spiritual authority, no presence of the Lord in many churches. But there is an unseen remnant of people, who would surprise you, because they are not prominent, or well known, but they are shut in with and hearing a word from God. And the word is prepare, for judgment is coming”  Read the rest of this entry »

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The prodigal sons and those who love them!

Posted by appolus on December 4, 2010

Perhaps today you are feeling the weight and the burden of a lost loved one? Can I encourage you to stay in the light, stay near to Him. This light that is in you is the only hope for those that are lost to the darkness of this world. Let your love be a city set upon a hill. Let that light of hope and glory be a beacon to all who are lost. For if the light that is in you goes out, what hope for the lost?

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A desperate cry to God !

Posted by appolus on December 1, 2010

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