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God is sanctifying His Remnant

Posted by appolus on December 26, 2010


Hi Saints, below is a dream a Canadian brother (in blue text) had. Please read and know that the Lord, I believe, is intensifying His call on His people. There is a prepartion taking place and it is, to say the least, intense. Trials and tribulations are increasing in saints around the world. There is a battle that is taking place in the unseen. When Daniel mourns in chapter 10, it is believed that he is mourning the indifference of his people and the fact that even although they were in a position to return home from their captivity, so many had decided to remain in their captive state.  So much of Christendom is now living  a Babylonian lifestyle, and yet there is yet opportunity to retun from exile. The time is short, but the opportunity still remains. Dan 10:12 Then he said to me, Do not fear, Daniel; for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to chasten yourself before your God, your words were heard. And I have come for your words.  God hears the prayers and the cries of His mourning Remnant, even now as we pray and cry out there is an unseen battle taking place. We already know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principlaities and powers, against the worlds rulers of darkness of this age and against spiritual wickedness in high places. The battle is taking place even as we speak, this is the time that was revealed to Daniel. Very soon the battle will break onto the physical plane and this is why we are being prepared with such intensity, to prepare us for what shortly lies ahead.
“I awoke in a very dark place, with only one light near me that I could not look at. It wasn’t’t because it would hurt my eyes, it was that it was impossible to look that direction. It didn’t’t matter though. I knew who I was before.The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Living, Breathing God of all creation .I knew I was not dead, but I also knew I was brought before him to make a choice, or lets say to clarify the choices I have .I was completely naked. Not physically, but I knew that I could hide nothing. NOTHING! I was stripped of my family, I was stripped of my circumstances, I was stripped of everything in this world that I loved, and everything that had been a stumbling block in my past and present life. It was just me. Transparent to the deepest parts of the soul, the intents, the desires, what I truly loved. I was utterly ashamed. By most people’s standards I am a good guy. I have grown up in the church, believe in Him, His blood that was shed for me, and His resurrection power. But standing in front of God is a whole other thing.

I said I was naked. Let me explain more about that. What I realized at that very minute was that the things that give me comfort in this world would be stripped away in eternity. Relationships with family, friends, doctrines and beliefs, all the things we choose to believe to make us feel secure, all the things I held onto to make me feel like I was OK. It was not enough. Church associations, bible verses memorized, Christian lifestyle, having a good reputation, etc.. It didn’t  mean squat! In that moment I realized that the only thing that mattered, and the only thing that I would bring with me when I leave this place and appear before the the Great I AM was my love for Him and my love for His Son. Nothing else mattered. My family could not stand there with me, my pastors would not be there to help, my own self-woven truth that I chose to believe would be shattered in light of His ultimate Truth. I was separated. It was just me and Him, and the things like going to church (as a religious function) didn’t matter, studying the Word didn’t matter. How much I knew about God, the Bible, and His promises didn’t matter. What did matter was my lover for Him. Or, in my case my lack of love for Him.

(As a side note – I only recently realized that had I loved him more than anything else, I would have never wanted to leave. I would have been full of joy to be in the presence of Him – finally!)

I realized I was alone, naked, and stripped of excuses. I began to mourn, deep sorrow began to well up in me. The horrible part was, I was mourning and aching for the things of the flesh. I began to see that the things I enjoyed in life, like being able to just relax with the family and watch a movie. To go out on the lake in the boat for a day of fun with the wife and kids. To simply take care of my own, and try not to think about those in need. To keep God as an important “part” of “my” life, and not put him in total charge of everything, not totally surrender my life, my living flesh to him as a sacrifice. After all, at this moment of truth, of transparency, of nakedness, I knew that this was completely “anti” Christ. This was me wasting my days, filling my life and my family’s life with meaningless “fun” activities. Activities that in eternity would be meaningless. I knew that if I wanted to gain Christ, I had to forsake the things of the flesh, I had to sell everything I had to buy the field that had the treasure buried in it.

But I mourned because I had the mirage of life suddenly disappear and I had nothing. My life was empty. I could see it all, and as I thought about the things I missed, the things I loved in life, they all seemed so dark, so sinful. I also knew that no-one else would ever understand what I was doing if I truly gave all my heart to God. I would be one odd duck compared to even the most “holy” of Christians. I knew that I didn’t have the love I should for the Father. I realized that I was more in love with a happy life filled with things that brought “me” happiness, that joy from doing the Fathers will. I was more in love with the illusion that I could go about my daily life – live for myself, acknowledge God and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven one day with crowds of cheering saints.

I could no longer fool myself, and I knew I had a choice to make. I hardly know how or where to begin. I have never seen any living example of a true biblical saint, Christian, disciple, believer or whatever you want to call those who are called according to His purpose. I have seen the church going crowd that much like myself is more interested in being like the world, desiring wealth, cars, power, popularity, acceptance and love of others. Where is there desire for God? They praise God with their lips, but their hearts are far from him, just like my own. I have seen it on TV with the Benny Hinns and the Joyce Meyer types who are teaching another gospel a gospel of success, a gospel of happiness, a gospel of self help, a gospel of “God wants to make you fishers of Wealth!” Instead of fishers of men.

When the service is over, instead of going out and healing the sick, preaching the real gospel, and casting out devils – in other words doing the great commission, they jet-set around the world in private jets to their multi-million dollar estates scattered here and there – paid for with offerings from the poor and ignorant. The only place I know of where I could find this kind of faith, this kind of commitment was in the bible. There you find Jesus, his disciples, and the early church believers who gave everything to God. They sold everything they had to buy the pearl of great price. They forsook the flesh, and forsook the things of the world in order to gain an eternity of joy unspeakable and full of glory. As I read the bible it is so clear and the words of Christ, and the words of the apostles are so direct and understandable.  Those of us who try to save our lives will lose them, but those who lose their lives for Christ’s sake will gain them.
– If we love the world, the love of the father is not in us.
– If we love Jesus, we must keep his commandments.
– If we believe, signs and wonders WILL follow us. They will cast out devils, walk on serpents, lay hands on the sick – and they SHALL recover! (that one is just for the apostles right? Then is the great commission also just for the apostles? It is part of the same scripture after all.)
I could go on, and on writing down scriptures that the church has spent decades making excuses for, or teaching that Gods’ grace is so big that it covers it all – our lack of obedience and all. Really?

Then why are we to work out our salvation with fear and trembling? Why did God put in the Bible to FEAR HIM literally hundreds of times, over and over? Do we fear him, or have we turned him into a big Love Ball in the sky? Have we completely deceived ourselves? It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. That is what I know. I know that I will never be the same. I know that my life is no where near where it needs to be, but I am trying. My pride is gone. My illusion is gone. And my desire for the God is beginning to really take hold of my life. For 6 months I hardly even spoke about this dream to anyone except my immediate family, and even then cautiously. But I felt an urging from God to write these things down and send it out – because they must know! My dream ended. I awoke. It was 3:00am. I was wide awake with an extremely heightened sense awareness, and insecurity. It was so much to take in and so much to lose that I had to try to sleep. What is it with us people who have grown up in the church? What did they do to us? We truly are the Pharisees of the 20th century. We have been given a gift and yet we want it for free with no strings attached and with no consequences of our choice. We want it all, to love God, get saved and love the world too.

We want to say that we are saved because we believe in God, but doesn’t Scripture say that even the demons believe and tremble. It isn’t enough. We must crucify our flesh, we must love Him, and the proof of our love will be our lifestyles and our fruit – not our knowledge. What fruit have we produced? If you are anything like me, you are in desperate need of a savior! I have since made my choice, but I still struggle. It is hard to forsake the things you can easily have, the things you desire, and follow Him. I strongly recommend that you take a good look at your own life, and choose you this day whom you will serve. Don’t believe the lie that you can serve God and mammon. Don’t believe the lie that you can have it all. Dream #2
(about 3 months ago.)
Again I instantly knew I was in the presence of God, and again I was ashamed of what I was. Again I was transparent, but this time the focus was not on me. I felt terror for those who were walking in unbelief. I knew that their days were numbered and that they MUST hear the Gospel. When I say those walking in unbelief, I mean the sinners and the church goers alike. There was such an urgency. Such a calamity coming to those who are unprepared. I began to feel the terror they would feel. I began to feel the sorrow of the Father. But mostly I just felt what they would feel if they did not hear the true gospel. To say they would be afraid, to say they would regret, to say they would be sorry does not even begin to explain the intense emotion they would face. Terror. Terror like nothing I have ever felt before. No more chances. No more excuses. NO MORE TIME. Helpless. Condemned. Awaiting for the words of Judgement to come from His lips.

I awoke again at about 3:00am. This was again more than my mind could bear. I tried to get to sleep, I tried to get some space, some time between this event, this dream, and myself. It was too intense. It was too hard to think about. Please, take all this to heart. Please get on your faces before the Living God, and repent. Please let him take control. We have got to repent! We must give our whole lives to him, not just a piece. We are not old testament servants, we are new testament sons. We don’t get to just tithe 10% – we must give it all. We don’t get to just be circumcised and have a little piece of flesh die, we must sacrifice our whole bodies, our whole lives. We don’t get to just follow certain laws to be righteous, we must give over all our will to his will – because we will not only be judged for our actions, but our thoughts and our intents as well. It will be worth it. It will be joy unspeakable and full of glory. It will be the only way you will survive what is coming with your soul and spirit intact.

I pray that everyone who reads this is pierced by the Spirit of the Living God. I pray that a clarity will come to you as you hear these words. Lord God, Abba Father, draw them to You. Bring them in. Touch their hearts, take away the scales on their eyes. Let them see that anything not born in the Spirit will not stand. Let them hearken to your calling. Let them disregard all things, traditions, and beliefs that are not of You. I ask that none, not one person who reads this will walk away from this warning. I ask that everyone, yes everyone Father, will remember their First Love. Thank you my Lord. In the name of Jesus, amen!”

Very powerful!  A brother that I have known for 17 years almost died three years ago. He has been a good Christian for 30 years. As he lay in his hospital bed, Jesus came to his bedside. I waited to hear what words of comfort Jesus would say to my friend( and I was a little cynical that Jesus had actually come to his bedside and stood beside him) His following words convinced me that he had actually had an encounter with Jesus. He told me that Jesus said to him ” your basket is empty.” That was it. He said he instantly knew what Jesus meant. He had not one single thing to offer Jesus. Even after 30 years of ” good living,” and being a ” good Christian,” he had not a single thing in ” his basket.” He was brokenhearted that he had no unconditional thing to lay before the Lord. He cried out to the Lord that he would spare his life, not for life’s sake but so that he could live for him truly and have something in his basket when he died. Please believe me when I tell you this man was not talking about works, he had plenty of works.

After he told me that I looked at my own life and asked myself the question ” what do I have in my basket?” Oh brothers and sisters, do we truly live for God and Him alone? Do I truly love God above all else, even the dearest of loved ones? Are my motives pure? May the Lord pour out His Spirit upon us and may we stand in the penetrating light of His gaze. There is an agony in the refiners fire, yet will we not cry out, even now, ” not my will but thine be done oh Lord?” Let all the dross of this life be burned away in these, the final days. Time is short, the Lord is at the door. For the last month I have been going through my own personal test. Its not so much about what we do as it is why we do it. I believe, in part, this will be why there will be tears that the Lord will wipe from our eyes. We will weep when we see our hearts in the unadulterated light of Christ which will be brighter than a thousand suns.
Job 7:4 “ When I lie down I say ” When shall I arise and the night be ended. For I have had my fill of tossing till dawn.” I can say that in the tiniest part, I can relate to that sentiment. Psalm 57 has been my refuge. David wrote it from the cave.

Here is a very painful example  of standing in the unadulterated light of the Lord. I have tossed until dawn for almost a month now. Many of my brothers and sisters know about the fact that my unsaved and quite wicked estranged daughter-in-law has decided not to let us see our grandson who will be two in a couple of months.. We raised him for the first year and a half. Now, you would think that this is a pretty clear cut case. Yet here is what the Lord spoke into my heart this morning, and He did it without any hint of anger at all, in fact with much love( which makes it all the more painful for me)…………..He said that ” my own desire for justice and revenge was greater than my love for Mason. This is not about Mason or Me( meaning the Lord) this is about you. My own pride and my vanity has reached to heavens throne and in the refiners fire my dross cries out in agony and wrestles all night long and clings to me as a man would cling to a mountain, knowing that if he lets go he would surely fall to his death.”
No matter what men see on the outside, God sees and judges what is on the inside. All the good works in the world are without merit if our heart does not walk rightly before the Lord. Even our ” good desires,” do not escape His all knowing gaze. Who could have ever accused me of anything in my attempts to get access to my grandson, and yet the Lord has peeled opened my heart and it makes me weep. I am so fortunate that I have a loving Father who is not willing to leave me in that place but desires that I become like my Jesus. Oh my heavenly Father, I need thee every hour.

19 Responses to “God is sanctifying His Remnant”

  1. lindadmann@gmail.com said

    Thank you for this post. I pray the precious Lord do this work in all of us.

  2. rascus48 said

    A very awesome and inspiring post! And one that I would pray that every Christian and even unbeliever would read! Thank you greatly.

    • appolus said

      Amen brother, the brother who had the vision is a dear brother in Christ…………..bro Frank

      • michael press said

        Consider for remnant. Jesus, same today as yesterday, He is in all, through all etc. The remnant bt be considered as those that have the same leading of our life giving Spirit of truth to be “walking in and the light as WE are in the light and having fellowship with one another. . . ” There is a singleeye focus where the distractions of the world do not take attention away from seeing KINGdom as the pursuit to have dominion on ahealed land. The focus of a remnant I suggest might be an intimate partnership with Holy Spirit that allows Kingdom to be the work of our Father through understanding of the grace in Christ as our Brother (destined to be King but is as we are to have His mind in us to manifest the provision of our Father to the same degree the super apostles Had. The remnat will be the disciplers of the “New” way of multiplying light subduing the darkness to have dominion over the birds, fish and creepy crawly things. If I be raised up is Manifesting Christ in our mortal flesh. The rising up of Christ through total surrender to leading having come out of our wilderness in the power of H.S as in Luke 4. If I be lifted up is bringing forth threasure in our earthen vessel that the excellency of the power be of God. On fire as in the day of Pentacost , full of zeal, proactive for KINGdom work.
        In the last running of the Belmont stakes (third of the triple crown, the winner neede no Bliknkers to keep him from being ditracted from stuff around him. He had been trained up to run the race focused hi assignment to win. All he had to do was run the race obedient to the leading of the jockey in partnership with him to win the race :both having same goal same focus thinking the same thing. We by the same example must be sooooo tuned in to being led that he could not do it of himself.
        The remnat may be the modelling of the matured seed of Holy Spirit to trust in KINGdom provision without fear, Holy Spirit seed will not leave us or forsake us. Childlike faith required where we as a child in the world never worried about Father supply food shelter clothing we were otherwise focused. I suggest the remnant has childlike faith and is in the world but KINGdom focused.

        • appolus said

          A couple of things brother I would make comment on. Our single focus would be an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus empowered and enabled by the Holy Spirit who magnifies the Lord in our hearts. By knowing Jesus we can come before the throne of grace where He sits at the right hand of the Father. We can speak to God the Father because Christ the Son made the way for us, He reconciled us to our heavenly Father who we can now know as Abba Father. I would also suggest that God is raising up His saints in these last days, not to have dominion over anything on this earth, but to be a witness/martyr to the glory of God. When this happens the world do to us what it did to Jesus. Yet, the remnant saints will stand by the blood of the lamb, the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death……………bro Frank

          • michael press said

            I think we see each others understanding! I present here another approach to remnant.
            I would add that the throne represents the authority and character (name of The Big Three) we are baptised into the name of = authority and character of.God (strong’s 4853 iI think) In their authority we can freely choose our words to overcome the world come out of the worldliness in power of Holy Spirit. The beginning of having let the mind of Christ to transform us in fellsowship, by communion – ication through Holy Spirti with Father building His KINGdom through Christ in US by Holy Spirit
            Seated beside represents our baptism into authority and charcter having the mind of Cjhrist putting us in that same heavenly seated positioning. A positioning we have seed to grow into maturity from having same soul (mind will and emotion of) God’s Spirit mingled with man’s spirit: our coice who to listen to, Hot Spirit or cold spirit) Holy Spirit in obedient mortal flesh will create a remnant..
            I see there is spiritual presence beyond earth and the metaphor of a spiritial throne (authority to have dominion and soverign control) has no physical presence.The throne of of authority on earth as in heavenDavid established (Isaiah 9:67) the earth is the only physical manifestation of the spiritual reality with a soul life expression, Without a phisical body spirit has no phisical expression.JesUS is “The life giving Spirit, Adam established man’s soul. Two separate entities from the beginning (Alpha????)
            . God is spirit,. JesUS is Spirit and spirit manifested Witne3ssing to each other with Holy Spirit the expanding force of God to redeem earth’s balance and harmony redeemingi all creation to the original plan.
            Old Testament Father Holy Spirit outside man then.. New Testament In one man to manifest Holy Spirit in mortal flesh in JesUS Son of Man (notice the capitalization., Today 2000 years later in the NOW is Holy Spirit in many men to magnify the plan of God through the NOW TESTAMENT to be written byt the remnant.
            The remnat takes the Alhpa and multiplies Christ selection of His Bride forming the Omega. The remnant is the disiplining force to create those willing to die to self having single eye focus to build the closest , most intimate relationship with God possible. The rulers in sovereign control to rule as Man one with God (overcomers sitting on My throne as I overcame to sit on Fthers throne with Him. That they would be one as we are one is the journey of sanctification.
            T hrone again representsw the authority given to us who believe (trust and obey) in to the name of JesUS Christ to multiply Christ to subdue and have dominion. John 3:36 believe is opposite to disobey
            . You are neither HOT (KINGdom focus) or cold (world world focus) trying to be in both Is like a glass of Hot and cold water that fall over into each other in a shaking or tribulation, trial. Where do we turn in trouble? our own understanding of solution or trust with peace and in trust Holy Spirit has our back as a siamese partner, attached. Are we one to be spewed out or overcomer (JesUS manifested = remnant. Or are we about to be spewed out trying to have KINGdom and world (the established religion having outward form of godliness) without demonstration of God;s power to heal the land blessed rather than cursed. Hot and cold references douldle mindedness or dual focus.
            Psalm 82 ” you do not know nor do you understand you go about in darkness, all the foundations of the earth are shaken I said you are gods sons of the most high yet you will die like men. The remnat with single eye focus have no concern obout world issues other than to csee KINGdom over lay what man has created) Nothing good comes from the flesh. Our faith is a gift, our talents are not human but Holy Spirit driven gifts. Nothing will change until baptsisms of Holy Spirit Become the standard.
            I have recently been given a subject for more revealing referencing it not a necessity to have water baptism to have Holy Spirit Baptism KINGdom focus with H. S. fire and power.??????? Any comment on this Acts references such and Paul has no record of water baptism I can remember as I write this ending Blessings

          • appolus said

            HI brother. I would simply say that our words that come from our minds have no power. There is certainly power in the name of Jesus. We ourselves can bring nothing to pass other that what is the Father’s will. Our words are not vehicles that contain power in the sense that God must act as we say, as some hereticaly say. God’s children are servants of God, bondservants. We are here to do the will of the Father.

            And just as the world hated Jesus, it hates His own, it cannot be otherwise, the servant is not greater than the Master. In the end times, it will be as in the days of Noah. There will be a great falling away and the great persecution of the saints, world-wide , will begin. Anti-Christ will lead Babylon and the system will come against the saints with a ferocity. IN fact, most Christians will be killed in those days if God did not shortnen them, but for the elect’s sake, Christ will come in all His glory and then, and only then, will every knee bow, of those in heaven and those on earth and those under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father. God is raising up an army of saints who are willing to follow their martyr brothers and sisters who have went before them, including the Apsotles, who followed Jesus, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death. So, no glorious victory for Christians to rule and have dominion on this earth. Only after Christ appears will this world be judged and they will collectively have the blood of the martyrs on their hands and they will have rejected the message of the cross, just as the Jewish people did when they choose Barabas, who fought against the Romans to achieve dominion over them. The world like this, which is why Barabas was chosen. People want to partake of the victory of Jesus but do not want to pick up their cross and follow His path…………………bro Frank

  3. rascus48 said

    Dear Brethren…
    Of late I have found myself with constant thoughts of the coming tribulations and the sufferings that many of us will go through for the sake of our Lord, there is nothing that any of us can do to change what will transpire, for it is meant to be that way. I myself just find myself wanting the Lord to prepare me and give me the strength and courage to be able to stand before the evil coming upon us soon and be willing to suffer and find joy in it….yes even to the point of death as for some of us thats what it will come to….however our God will not allow us to go it alone His Holy Spirit will be poured out upon us to give us all that we need to carry our cross and to glorify Him and with each moment He will be by our side,,,,praise Him and give thanks for that….I know that I do….I’m thankful for each blessing that He gives and ask Him only to make me more as He is….to grow in His ways!
    Perfect ….I’m not ….but I love my Lord and want only to grow in His love and be as He is more and more each passing day. I’m thankful to for the brothers and sisters He has given me here on this site and for the inspiration I am able to glean from what writings and thoughts you all share here with each other…..I do wish I were closer and more able to join in with your fellowship there in Oklahoma, but just the same thats not how it is so I will make due with what is before me….as the Spirit leads! I ask that you all keep me in prayer as I do you and who knows maybe one day I will get to meet some of you in meetings….you just never know how things will come to pass.
    Frank….question for you brother…in speaking of the Remnant….Is it actually part of the original Christian church from the days of the Apostles? Ive been studying what I can and that is where my search has taken me, and am I going in the right direction on that? I found that there are quite a few churches out there that claim to be the Remnant Church. Am I correct in believing you of the Remnant continue to worship on the original Sabbath which would be Saturday?Anyway I really just wanted to share these few words with all and even though I don’t know all here that I do feel the closeness which is not felt in other places I’ve gone to worship the Lord. I will continue to keep all here in my prayers and Frank I did not know where else to post this so I put it here….I’m not to up on biogs and how to use them so I just do the best I can. Take care Brethren and always strong with the Lord.
    In His Love Always….Frank

    • appolus said

      Hi bro Frank

      Just wanted to give you some clarity on the points you raised. First of all, the term remnant is an adjective, it merely describes a genuine born again Christian. So, we are not ” The church of the Remnant.” Does that make sense? There are saints in almost every church in every town through out the land. The Lord knows. I think this article is perfect for your questions ……….. https://acalltotheremnant.com/2013/04/24/what-does-this-word-remnant-mean/ Also, I would like to suggest a book called ” The Pilgrim Church.” It traces the Church from the Apostles down through the centuries and were given many names by their enemies. Waldensian’s and Huttites , or Moravaians or the Bretheren or ana-baptists. It is actually a rich history of the Church down through the ages. Of course you would also find good information in Foxes book of Martyrs. God bless you brother………………bro Frank

      • michael press said

        I am having these thoughts: Remnant can also represent what is left over from a bolt of cloth. Take enough scraps from enough bolts of the same cloth and you may be able to duplicate the original design.
        Moving to the body of Christ we are of One Spirit, One Body having same mind thinking same thing etc. and we must be totally interdependent attached to one another to be complete unto maturity as the Bride. It is a choice to “make our self ready” for the marriage
        So take all those of recent that have had the fire of Holy Spirit but have lost some of the zeal or boldness because the religious spirited church (in some places) has quenched the fire to a remnant of embers.
        Bring all the remnants of the fire not completely out together and we have what is needed to build each other up into the fullness of the stature. The body is one where all the parts have come together to be clothed in Christ. The picture here requires Holy Spirit to draw those qualified into fellowship. We can have no agenda to draw them out. Our part is 2Chron 7:14 workers partnered with Holy Spirit to pray to bring for the healing of our local positioning of authority, praying the prayers Holy Spirit prompts as we know not how to pray, TheN heaven hears . . . .

  4. michael press said

    Another reference for remnant
    Colossians 1:27 To whom God willed to make known what are the
    riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which
    is Christ in you, the hope of glory, The will of Father is to reward some over others.
    There is no respect of persons but there are rewards. to be clothed in Christ is our hope of glory and the selection is, in my opinion,has foundation on our many works of faith (where obedience takes us into the unknown). Where I am there my servent is redady to say or do what Father speaks through My Spirit. The remnant serves now . . . . to be served in the eternal later. . . . . The remnant are far sighted. having a clear focus on a hope not seen until JesUS where the excellency of the power that is the seed of God in our mortal flesh is transformed to be clothed in Christ

    • michael press said

      Reply #3 remnant
      This scripture speaks to a whole new topic, but answers with Isaiah 45:11 command ye Me…. KJV…. or NASV….”and you shall commit to Me the work of My hands.” I use the term partnership as in relationship for a single purpose.
      2:15 But the spiritual man discerns all things, but he himself is discerned by no one.
      2:16 For who has known the mind of the Lord and will instruct Him? But we have the cmind of Christ.
      Moses talked God to change His mind. We are far past arguing with God from our understanding . But with the mind of Christ we see More than Jesus. We become in partnership where obedience does not change but greater faith for greater works does not limit us to hearing from Father before we speak or do we have a different role than Jes“US”. “We” are to thinke the same thing have the same mind and be of one opinion. Knowing the power of adoption in the Hebrew context and a covenant agreement (greater that blood sonship), and the authority which “we” have been given by baptism into the “name of” there is revelation for understanding of how we are of one mind in partnership. When Jesus the Christ came of the cross and resurrected and ascended He became the Christ overall in all and through all 1John 5:20 He is true God and eternal Life. The Omega. I see my partnership in the Omega and a part of the remnant (chon from the called) to be refined from deeper surrender from fellowship and counsel where spiritual discernment of the work to be done gives “US” fresh understanding of KINGdom and having dominion over a healed land (many examples revealed in the transformation series recoding events in the world of healed land. These examples give “US” boldness to pray from visible example and call Father to do the same as written in Isaiah 45….the chapter reveals much for me for today as a remnant from being adopted/grafted in.
      • Servant greater than His Master “no” but we had it prayed over “US” that they would be one as “WE are ONE”
      There is no being in the ONE NEW MAN without what you say of the trials etc. I do not claim to be better than but do say Have the fear of God that I do not go where I do not have faith for now will I be infear of any assignments.
      I have had experience of conversation with the devil when I was not on assignment of faith and wanting the next one where I chose to go to a section of the city where the rich man lives. I went intending to intercede against the spirits of evil that have control (1John5:19) over the pride of life lust for money/riches and greed. As I settled in the devil or one of his henchmen and spoke to me saying “Holy Spirit did not send you here”, which was true, “you do not have authority to be here” the lie after the truth. this was repeated again and again. Because the first statement was true it was expectant that the second also was true. As I listened I was questioning, you are right Holy Spirit di not send me here I did come on my own desire. whil speaking to my soul, my emotion rose up in defiance to the statement of no authority and I became angry that my authority was in question. Let me ad here. My last two assignments were intercession at the courthouse in Kelowna every day of the week for two hours and went for 1 and 3/4 years Piggy backing on that I asked for another assignment (why a story in itself) and was given to intercede in the catholic churches daily which I also did for two hours daily including weekends. I periodically aske for confirmation of these assignments and the answers of confirmation always blew me away.
      Finally after 15-30 seconds of words and thoughts I made declarations of my authority as son of God, Kelowna being my positioning from God and my having spiritual authority over my local. The voice went away and have had no reaccurance. It was about two months between when my assignments stopped and encounter. My action was independent of being instructed but was of the same nature of previous assignments. “If My people ………………then I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land” I believe the healed land comes from boldness of knowing our authority to see what God has done and then with boldness and humility at the throne of authority established by David to bring for justice and righteousness Isaiah 9:6,7 is our command to command God according to His knowing that we know the covenant promises and can bring the back to Him for completion. That is where partnership creates the NOW TESTAMENT. See “US” and you “The Seed” bring forth fruit out of works of faith to disciple the nations from different locals. Do not look beyond your city and include desire for smaller fellowships crossing out large assemblies where each saint has little opportunity to speak his testimony of how Holy Spirit partnership brough fruit forth since the last meet.

      No time to edit on assignment. 10 years ago 3or four years since my conversion into the CHRISTian body, I waas looking in the phone book for a church phone # and Holy Spirit said you will vist all these churches. I asked where do I start and had no answer back. In the last few monts I have been quickeded to believe I am to interceede at all the churches in our phone book, plus some that are not listed. I was not given a direct assignment but have taken the minor nudge to step out and do just that. I am spending 1 hour on location in my car in partnership allowing Holy Spirit to bring spiritual shift as He needs. I have not much to say but do get quicked to pray out some things, I am recently spending 3/4 hours a day but last time out Iwas comfortable for 8 hours. There are 90 plus religions including Buddist, Sikh, J. W., muslim (there is texample of the persecution you speak of—- CHRISTians in muslim countries) There is no respect of persons. All people seeking after a god have something of God’s love in them and must be included.
      serving or being served the choice is before “US” as never before I suggest. We boldly come to the throne for one purpose: to ask for assignment to proactively step oiut in faith and build the mind of Christ in “US” ie. letting the mind that was in Christ Jes”US” be in “US” The mind of Christ, the mind of God, Father’s mind that was in Christ Jes”US” Question we must ask ourself is who is winning the battle over our soul? the spirit of religion or the Holy Spirit. “the Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom

      Lord I pray a blessing over the body that we will continue in our zeal for freedom

      God bless were going to have a great eternal life

  5. rascus48 said

    Thanks much Bro Frank for the links you directed me to…..little by little I’m certain that the Spirit will lead and I will eventually be able to discern and put it altogether. The main thing that I know is that I’m walking constantly in the footsteps of my Lord as I seek and I do know that as long as my focus remains on Him I wont go wrong….and He will show me what things I must know to follow His plan for me….and to me that is of the utmost importance! I know that as my life in His presence grows that I find so much more joy and happiness. Its just at timed I know that he has things for me to accomplish and at time they just don’t always reveal them easily though I know the answer are usually so simple in the end once I see the answers! Its funny sometimes how the Lord works His will….but all praise to His name.
    And yes…it surely makes sense what you mentioned that the Remnant are merely born again Christians…though I can see how people may be confused when you begin reading of the Church of The Remnant” But I do read quite frequently in Revelation and I guess that happens when reading in that book….though the more you read it the more it opens up…..guess what I have found is that there are so many commentaries written on it and for the most part they don’t do much other than confuse…I’ve learned more of that book just by following the Spirits leading than any other way! You mentioned those two books…..”Book of Martyrs” is one I intend to pick up….the other “Pilgrims Church” I will look into. Once again thanks much Brother for the information and I will continue in my search. Oh ..so the way you speak I could actually be part of the Remnant, at least thats my way of seeing it..right or wrong….as I am a born again Christian.
    Bro Mike….I was reading thru some of your posts and I’m wondering about the subject you mention frequently of dominion…I’m not sure I follow…I do know we were given dominion over the beasts of the earth. And the part you spoke of being on assignment and the evil spirits and so forth…tried to figure it all out but could not quite put it together.
    In His Love Always….Bro Frank

    • appolus said

      Yes indeed brother, because you are saved , you are already part of God’s remnant…………..bro Frank

  6. rascus48 said

    Brother Frank….by the way I was checking on that book you mentioned….”Pilgrim Church” and I found two of them…..one is “Pilgrim Church” by William Bausch and the other is “The Pilgrim Church” by Edmund Broadbent…..the first one is a History of Catholic Christianity…..In His Love……Frank

  7. rascus48 said

    Bro Frank….After checking I found this book online and from looking thru it I do believe it is the correct one. So if it is, I don’t even have to buy it so let me read a bit of it and see, I’m enclosing the link in case it is and you may wish to share it with someone else. In His name always…..Frank


  8. rascus48 said

    Bro Frank…Just a quick message….actually I just want to send you a link to the other book that you mentioned to me. I just came across it by accident and thought maybe you’d have a use for it should anyone you know have need of it…or you also….as I don’t know whether you have it or not…so here you go….
    Always In Christ…..Bro Frank

    Click to access foxesbookofmartyrs.pdf

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