A Call To The Remnant

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A call to the Remnant!

“Now I want you to see three paradoxes. To be happily forgiven, and yet wounded with perpetual contrition. To be correct in the finished work of another and yet feel so sympathetic and compassionate as though the burden lay on you heart. And finding God and yet pursuing God, of having Him, yet always wanting Him.” (Tozer)

The above quote describes the Remnant church of God. Who are these Remnant souls? Well, they are those who are genuinely saved and have a hunger and thirst for God Himself. They are scattered to the four winds and the Lord knows who the hungry hearts are. The question is , have you been wounded by Christ? Have you been wounded for Christ? The remnant saint knows the pain of having been wounded at the very core of His heart. Evan Roberts from the Welsh revival used to cry out “Lord, bend me.” The Lord bends His saints. He tries them and He tests them but He never tries and tests the unwilling.

The trials and the tests are in response to a heart that longs to be closer and useful to his Lord. The saint is given many glimpses of the glory and the majesty of God. He has a deep longing to be away from this world and to be fully reconciled to the next. Think about the “pain,” of being in love. If you had a child or a husband who went off to war, would not your heart long with the deepest pain, to see your loved one return? Its that kind of longing only its more than that. Its the very seat of our affections.

This love, by virtue of having it, will compel you to walk a lonely path. Most will never understand you. You will see things that those around you do not see. Eze 9:4 “And Jehovah said to him, Go through in the midst of the city, in the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark on the foreheads of the men who are groaning and are mourning because of all the abominations that are done in her midst.”

The people of God that were marked were the remnant. Judgment was coming but the remnant were marked on their foreheads. They groaned and were in mourning for the condition of Jerusalem. Do you groan? Are you in mourning for the state of the church? Does the condition of a sin sick world lay heavy upon your heart? Will you heart be satisfied with anything less than to walk in the presence of the Living God? Have you tasted of the heavenly food and drunk from the waters of life?

Has it ruined you for everything? If not, do you desire this kind of longing? Have you left your first love? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you belong to the Remnant church of God. This church has been known by many names down through the centuries, the Waldenses, Albigenses, Lollards and Hussites and Brethren. Anabaptists and Moravians, the list goes on. God has always had a witness in the land, He has always had His Remnant that would not ”bow the knee to Baal.”

The Remnant man or woman carries their cross. Carrying a cross is a lonely business. Its their very loneliness that compels them to seek an even closer walk with the Lord. The trials of the cross, the narrowness of the path, the desert and wilderness often stretches out before them. There is a lack of fitting in. You often despair at your own walk even although people tell you what a man or woman of God you are. You hear that and it makes you cringe because you know how far you fall short of the God that you have seen high and lifted up.

You continually seek Him, you live for the next encounter with Him. You know that it is only a moment but there will come a time when it will be an eternity. You long for everyone to radically encounter the Living God for themselves. You hear people say that they would like your anointing and you wonder. You wonder if they could walk through the refining fires of the living God. Would they really want their whole lives dismantled piece by piece? Would they like to walk through seasons of total despair? Would they like the bread of adversity and the waters of afflictions to be their teachers? God’s Remnant people walk this path.

To encounter God is such a deep and meaningful way is a two edged sword. The deeper you are drawn into the Father’s heart, the less you care for the things of this world. The world has ambition, it awakes them in the morning. The saint of God has no such awakening. His desire is to awake the dawn with the praises of God. The world takes enjoyment in many things as does the people around us, our families our friends, our neighbors. Yet the many pleasures of this world, many of them not in anyway bad in and of themselves, slowly but surely become strangely dim to the remnant saint in the light of the glory and the majesty of their God. The things of this world fall away as our eyes are ever drawn upwards. Our appreciation for His creation grows as we draw ever closer to Him. A mountain or a river or a valley can bring the saint to tears because he or she knows the artist who created such things.

And yet always in the back of the remnant saints mind they know that just as the world hated their Lord and crucified Him, they too will be hated and killed all the day long for His names sake. And just as He arose, they know that they too will arise. As they draw nearer to “the one who was pierced,” and He pours out His Spirit on them and they become more like Him, then the same forces that came against their Jesus, hell and all its fury, will come against them. They know that “unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone, but if it dies it brings forth much fruit.” The remnant know that they have been marked by the ink-horn of the Lord. The more they love the more they will be hated. There is a mighty culmination to all of this and it draws near.

You know that in your spirit isn’t that right dear saint? You do not need me to tell you that, the Holy Spirit already has. You know that the Bridegroom cometh. You know there is a call in your heart to arise, to awake fully to His Kingdom and to become unattached to the things of this world. The wise virgins time is at hand and the time of slumbering is at an end. We have been called to light up the path for His return. That which has been invisible for so long is being called out. The wheat will finally be identified and separated from the tare simply because the time of the harvest is at hand. God is separating and calling His saints out of their ease in Babylon. He is calling the remnant, it is a call to the Remnant to arise and trim their lamps.

29 Responses to “A call to the Remnant!”

  1. Sis Ann said

    So many words out there, but this is a true one and I praise Him for allowing us to hear it.
    Bless The King of Glory!

    See you there, with Him Brother Frank & Family.

    Bless you & all of yours, today & always.

  2. wiswell said

    thank you for sharing this, it’s brought tears of encouragement. could you on a side note, please send our gratitude and love to dear brother brian long from the wiswells? Lord bless you

    • appolus said

      Yes indeed I will send your regards. Brian is one of my dearest friends and brothers in Christ…………..brother Frank

  3. fifi said

    It is not a test of being one of the remnant when the enemies of the cross forsake us. No, that is no test at all. But when our brothers in the Lord consider our fellowship “an outside link”, here lies the true test if we are one of the remnant. Will we continue to love them and desire their prosperity. To be always walking in the Spirit, we must not hold anything against them even when they exclude us without a cause. If we let bitterness creep into our hearts, then we have allowed the Enemy of our souls to deprive us from being the true remnant. That is why perhaps it is called “The terrible doctrine of the remnant”, Not only because there are very few who constitute the true remnant, but also because those few will get fewer and fewer as we see the day approaching.

  4. David said

    I posted on this site before about a visitation I received from the Lord in the night while I was asleep. Three times did this vision visit me that night and I awoke with a lingering presence of it that I could not shake it…

    I posted it here Frank : https://scottishwarriors.wordpress.com/a-coming-reformation/#comment-1008

    I believe the time for this vision to come to pass is even at the door. There is a remnant, whom God is calling out into the wilderness, whom He has chosen and set apart for this time that is before us. There will be a great falling away from God, of all of humanity (Adam’s race) which includes some of the fractured parts of that which is also known as the church.

    I do not believe that the R/C church is in the way of the Lord at all, and neither is most of what is known as established denominations, Protestant, evangelical or otherwise.

    The collapse of the Grand Old Mansion is imminent, the judgement has gone out, because of what man in his vanity has done to it. They have turned intimate relationship with the Father into empty dead lifeless religion, and the Lord will collapse this old house now (except for the core part or remnant) and will rebuild His Church from the remnants of the ruins from the ground up. This occurs during the time of the Great Tribulation which we must go through as a body…

    During the time of unprecedented persecution against Christians, and in the midst of all the global chaos (Great Tribulation), there will be a revival and a move of the Spirit of God, …such as has not been seen to this day, no not even in the beginning…for God shall pour out of His Holy Spirit upon the Body of Christ …to strengthen and purify/beautify the Bride of the Lamb, that she may be pure and holy – and without spot or blemish, or any such thing…and her gown shall be as white as snow….many will turn to the Lord during this time in a global revival which is the rebuilding of the “Grand Old Mansion” of which it is also written:

    The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former,’ says the LORD of hosts. ‘And in this place I will give peace,’ says the LORD of hosts.” Haggai 2:9

    • appolus said

      Amen brother, the time is at hand. A great shaking is coming to the land of America. I believe right here in the mid-west. An earthquake unlike any other, right in the heartland, the ” Bible belt.” Jehovah rides upon a swift cloud and has come down. We, His children, can only now pray for mercy in the midst of judgement……… brother Frank

  5. Cynthia said

    Brother, the words ring true to what I am carrying in my heart every single day- a longing for Him that is unquenchable. This deep thirst for God has separated me from the world and often made me wonder how narrow indeed is the way to Him.


    God bless you always,


    • appolus said

      This deep thirst that you speak of sister is the deer panting after the waterbrooks, oh to God that all who carry the name of Jesus would have this thirst……………..bro Frank

  6. Cynthia Harper said

    God has directed me to send this to you, the remnant:
    I am earnestly praying for you. I have some very interesting things happen in the last while. The short of it is God has directed me to do a few things. One of the things takes place from sunset February 1- sunset February 4. I am so looking forward to seeking God’s face! I am awe struck by God!
    “Who is the man who reverently fears and worships the Lord? Him shall He teach in the way that he should choose. He himself shall dwell at ease, and his offspring shall inherit the land.” Psalm 26:12-13 Amp.
    We will see His form and ways. I am standing on these Scriptures in looking for His sweet form and direction: Psalm 112, Psalm 97:10-12 Amp. and Psalm 17:15 Amp. I am especially thrilled by Psalm 17:15!!! Sweet communion with Him!!!

    God is orchestrating something grand! I sense it deep in my spirit. The stage is set and the time is now. Faithful followers time to listen to what our Father is speaking and it is a call to action!
    Praise God the creator of heaven and earth!!!
    God wanted me to share just a little more about Feb.1 through Feb 4. It actually begins Jan.31 at sunset and ends with sunst Feb. 3. It is a call to fast. God will impress on the ones who and what and others may just pray.(how this came about is one of my God stories haha). It is deep in my spirit that something monumental is going to be ushered in with a zenith of sweet communion with Him. The light is going to be bright and His form shown in the name of Jesus! Hebrews 2:13 Psalm 18 also Rev. 5:12 along with the previous scriptures. May God’s Peace and Blessings abound in you and your family!

  7. Heather said

    Wow, I really enjoyed this post; it brought tears to my eyes and it really encouraged me, because I am one of those who was wounded by Christ, and I am now a remnant soul. Jesus disciplines those he loves, isn’t that so? I was deeply embedded in the Word of Faith cult, all the while thinking I was saved, I was in need of deliverance. I thought I was in the light, but I was in a false light that was really darkness, and how great was that darkness! While he was dealing with my mother’s adulteries through sicknesses, to the point of bringing her rebellious heart to finally repent of her sins while on her death bed, he was changing my heart too. In the aftermath of prophecies and promises of her healing that were supposed to be from the LORD, but were left unfulfilled, I was finally ready for the truth. I was desperately hungry and thirsty for the real Almighty God.

    Yes dearly beloved, I learned in that very tender time while searching from my LORD, that Jesus saved me and my mother by wounding and killing her. Pause and think carefully about that. Believe me, not many Christians can handle that truth, yet this is exactly the very last ditch effort the LORD uses in delivering a lost, and obstinate little lamb, in Holy Scriptures time and again, he never changes! You know that picture where Jesus is carrying that little lamb across his shoulders? So cute right? Well I learned from a shepherd that cute little lamb is there because its little leg had to be broken by the shepherd to keep it from wondering off; and for not listening to him. The seemingly cruel act of the shepherd, is really a great kindness in the long run, because it will save its life. He keeps the lamb around his shoulder, while it is mending, so it will learn his voice only and learn to stay near him and keep away from trouble. I get all choked up and teary eyed when I think about that. I was that little lamb, and I am so grateful to my Lord for breaking my little leg, and slinging me across his strong shoulders, where I learned to hear and know his voice through the Scriptures, while I was on the mend! He wounds, yet heals. He kills, yet brings to life. And he has mercy and compassion on those who just don’t deserve it. Thanks be unto the LORD for his tender mercies, and his paradoxical ways, that we just don’t fully understand until we live them.

    And now I groan at all the wickedness, idolatry, and lawlessness I see, not in the world (as that is to be expected), but in the body of Christ! When I read posts where people say they have a new and special revelation from the Lord, or that Jesus told them to publicly declare a fast, or here is a yet another 7 step system to draw near to God, I raise my palm over my face yet again as I….grroooaaannn!

    • appolus said

      Hi Heather. Amen to your post. And to answer your question, He does indeed ” scourge,” those that He loves. He will bring you to your knees and one should count themselves fortunate if He does for if He were to ignore us that would indeed be a horrible situation. As I read your comment, of which I totally agree and praise God that you have been delivered from the word of faith cult, I thought about Jacob whose hip was put out of joint. His running days were over, God was bringing it all to a head and we see a tremendous transformation in Jacob who now becomes Israel and is finally ready to face all of his fears which were tied up in his brother. He was ready to face death even now that he had struggled, wrestled and encountered God. I also thought about Jesus saying how it was better to enter heaven maimed that to enter hell whole. If a hand has to be cut of even rather than allow it to be an obstacle to our entrance into heaven, then we will spend an eternity rejoicing that we sold everything for that pearl of great price. You wrote……….” And now I groan.” Indeed sister, as they of Ezekiel 9 groaned at the condition of those in Jerusalem and were marked by the angel with the ink-horn. There is a groaning generation being raised, a witness to God’s truth and glory being raised for these last days, raised for martyrdom, raised for rejection , raised to be persecuted and reviled raised to praise God not only from the mountaintops but also from the deepest valleys. Indeed sister, as you say ” Thanks be unto the LORD for his tender mercies, and his paradoxical ways, that we just don’t fully understand until we live them.” …………….bro Frank

      • Lynn Clark said

        Dear sister what a blessing you are to our Lord and us the Remnant of Jesus Christ.I too was in deception and the Lord had to radically discipline myself and bring me out from such awful deception. He first breaks your heart for all the grief you have caused him and the Holy Spirit, this was the hardest part for me, I never ever want to grieve my Lord again, nor the precious Holy Spirit,His shed blood is Holy he paid such a huge price for our redemption, it is this alone that helps keep one on that narrow path, because he first loved us so much as to discipline us and save us from ourselves, when he opens your eyes to the wide road towards destruction we are headed on. Then he too has broken my heart for the church that houses so many whom are in such deception, and I too weep before the Lord. We are not to harden our hearts towards them, some we will be able to pull from the fire, many we will not. I believe the Lord has shown me, a few pastors will weep between the porch and the alter when their kingdoms come tumbling down and they begin to see the damage they have done. Perhaps a few will also be snatched from the fire. as we are his light in these dark hours, we must never forget that, if we lose our witness, we are losing our oil, and are in danger ourselves of falling away. We are to not touch that which is unclean have nothing to do with their sins, but if possible we are to try to pull some from the fire, true repentance must come true sorrow, yet many have hardened their hearts and will not listen. Jude 1 speaks of what I know the Lord has shown me. Let us pray for one another and the body of Jesus Christ, to stand in these late hours.

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  9. I am encouraged by this site. It’s only been recently that myself and a few others have discovered it, but we are lifted up by the Faith demonstrated in what we’ve read so far. Thank you and be encouraged that this is still reaching His people anew. So much of what I’ve read here echos points in my walk in Christ as well as others I’m connected with.

    A small group of us operate a blog as well. We were lead by God to create it about a year and a half ago and we post what He gives us to write. We have no comments but monitor activity and know it is being read by people from all over the world. (some from New Zealand even) After reading this blog, we wanted to put a connection to it on ours, simply pointing people to what you have here as continued encouragement. Before we did that however, we wanted to connect with you and ensure that we were not overstepping by putting that connection up. Please, take some time and read what God has given us to share, pray and see if there is agreement in you with us making that link. Our site is at http://www.3beforethefire.com

    Thank you for your time, both in reading our blog and keeping the fire burning here.

    -in Christ

    • appolus said

      Looks like a great website, yes, let us encourage each other n these days. Lets keep the fire burning together. The Lord has graced this site to be read in over 150 countries and the feedback on the site and by e-mail allows me to know and to be encouraged that God has His remnant children all over the world. I have also been involved in gatherings in Scotland and Wales where saints gathered from all over eastern and western Europe and even Africa. I have had meetings here in the States and had the privledge of meeting saints from all over North America and beyond. God is working and moving amongst His people, readying them for the days ahead………….bro Frank

      • Thank you. In what God has moved us in, speaking more to the Church than new believers, with all the struggle that call entails, we trust that indeed yes, God is readying His people. Even if that people be small in number. We stand and hold fast to the Faith He has poured into us, now with a further view knowing that others are standing there as well. Be blessed brother.

  10. rustyspad said

  11. trisha said

    i have a question about one of franks’ poems…The Coming King…
    could someone contact me?
    thank you!!!

  12. SAM MATTOCKS said


  13. Paula Breger said

    Such glorious words of encouragement! Your words spoke directly to my heart as if you were writing my story. God Bless You and I’ll be praying you and your ministry.

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  15. Praise Almighty God for His gathering of the remnant together.

  16. Martin said

    “A longing to be away from this world and to be fully reconciled to the next”. Amen.

  17. This message struck a chord in my heart. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

  18. Anonymous said

    Good revelation under sound doctrine.

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