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Delivered from the Word of Faith cult.

Posted by appolus on November 12, 2013

Below is a comment I received from a dear saint this morning. I thought I would share it as it did my heart good and it is thought provoking. The comment was in regard to a post of mine ” A Call To The Remnant,” https://acalltotheremnant.com/a-call-to-the-remnant/ which of course is also the name of this site. The comment…….

“Wow, I really enjoyed this post; it brought tears to my eyes and it really encouraged me, because I am one of those who was wounded by Christ, and I am now a remnant soul. Jesus disciplines those he loves, isn’t that so? I was deeply embedded in the Word of Faith cult, all the while thinking I was saved, I was in need of deliverance. I thought I was in the light, but I was in a false light that was really darkness, and how great was that darkness! While he was dealing with my mother’s adulteries through sicknesses, to the point of bringing her rebellious heart to finally repent of her sins while on her death-bed, he was changing my heart too. In the aftermath of prophecies and promises of her healing that were supposed to be from the LORD, but were left unfulfilled, I was finally ready for the truth. I was desperately hungry and thirsty for the real Almighty God.

Yes dearly beloved, I learned in that very tender time while searching from my LORD, that Jesus saved me and my mother by wounding and killing her. Pause and think carefully about that. Believe me, not many Christians can handle that truth, yet this is exactly the very last ditch effort the LORD uses in delivering a lost, and obstinate little lamb, in Holy Scriptures time and again, he never changes! You know that picture where Jesus is carrying that little lamb across his shoulders? So cute right? Well I learned from a shepherd that cute little lamb is there because its little leg had to be broken by the shepherd to keep it from wandering off; and for not listening to him. The seemingly cruel act of the shepherd, is really a great kindness in the long run, because it will save its life. He keeps the lamb around his shoulder, while it is mending, so it will learn his voice only and learn to stay near him and keep away from trouble. I get all choked up and teary eyed when I think about that. I was that little lamb, and I am so grateful to my Lord for breaking my little leg, and slinging me across his strong shoulders, where I learned to hear and know his voice through the Scriptures, while I was on the mend! He wounds, yet heals. He kills, yet brings to life. And he has mercy and compassion on those who just don’t deserve it. Thanks be unto the LORD for his tender mercies, and his paradoxical ways, that we just don’t fully understand until we live them.

And now I groan at all the wickedness, idolatry, and lawlessness I see, not in the world (as that is to be expected), but in the body of Christ! When I read posts where people say they have a new and special revelation from the Lord, or that Jesus told them to publicly declare a fast, or here is a yet another 7 step system to draw near to God, I raise my palm over my face yet again as I….grroooaaannn! “

My reply…………………………….

Amen to your post. And to answer your question, He does indeed ” scourge,” those that He loves. He will bring you to your knees and one should count themselves fortunate if He does for if He was to ignore us that would indeed be a horrible situation. As I read your comment, of which I totally agree and praise God that you have been delivered from the word of faith cult, I thought about Jacob whose hip was put out of joint. His running days were over, God was bringing it all to a head and we see a tremendous transformation in Jacob who now becomes Israel and is finally ready to face all of his fears which were tied up in his brother. He was ready to face death even now that he had struggled, wrestled and encountered God. I also thought about Jesus saying how it was better to enter heaven maimed that to enter hell whole. If a hand has to be cut of even rather than allow it to be an obstacle to our entrance into heaven, then we will spend an eternity rejoicing that we sold everything for that pearl of great price. You wrote……….” And now I groan.” Indeed sister, as they of Ezekiel 9 groaned at the condition of those in Jerusalem and were marked by the angel with the ink-horn. There is a groaning generation being raised, a witness to God’s truth and glory ,raised for these last days, raised for martyrdom, raised for rejection , raised to be persecuted and reviled raised to praise God not only from the mountaintops but also from the deepest valleys. Indeed sister, as you say ” Thanks be unto the LORD for his tender mercies, and his paradoxical ways, that we just don’t fully understand until we live them.” …………….bro Frank


11 Responses to “Delivered from the Word of Faith cult.”

  1. steffiedotorg said

    What a beautiful testimony.

  2. martin said

    “There is a groaning generation being raised”…what a phrase. Jumped out at me.

    • appolus said

      Yeah Martin, I have used that phrase myself. It is from Ezekial 9. Those who groan for the state of Christendom are marked by the angel with the inkhorn…………………bro Frank

  3. martin said

    Just read it. Very sobering and powerful. I have felt an increasing burden to pray for those who are being called to the narrower path in these days. Psalm 84:5 is a foundation for this. It is increasingly clear to me that multitudes are in the valley of decision. Deciding how much to give to the Lord. How much inward and outward surrender is He worth? My father used to say that many decide in their hearts where they have drawn their own line on the ground in their submission to the Lord. A line they have marked out which they will not cross. They will give so much but will not cross the line because they love their lives in this world too much. I am also aware that in charismatic churches there is talk of “pressing on” and “pressing in” for “more of God” and even phrases like “God chasing” are used. Sadly this is an utterly immature, characterless and shallow understanding of the ways of God and His true calling. Devoid of any personal cross. I can see people are fleeing in droves from the narrow path. I pray for those that are experiencing a genuine calling to the narrow path and have set their hearts on the true pilgrimage of following Christ and not the pseudo version being presented in these last days. Those who are set on truly making the last stand. Trials and tribulations and testing will ensue.

    As I read again this sisters testimony I was led to Ezekiel 34. I am moved to tears at the goodness of the Lord. Where those who are supposed to be shepherds of the flock have failed, the Lord says “I Myself will search for My sheep”. There is also much that is sobering in this whole chapter which is also utterly apt for this day. The Lord is clearly stating that the shepherds have utterly failed in their role. They have failed in manifesting the heart of the Good Shepherd. Many deceivers out there will try and convince you that the precepts of the Old Testament are of the Old Covenant and not applicable in this day. We have somehow moved beyond it and our identity in Christ on this side of the Cross is all that matters now. Just sup from His goodness. Error abounds. May the sword of the Lord move swiftly and reduce to dust the false empires created in these days.

  4. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

    “When I read posts where people say they have a new and special revelation from the Lord, or that Jesus told them to publicly declare a fast, or […] I….grroooaaannn!”

    I admit that my reaction to “declaring a fast” wedded to detailed dates, i.e. fixed days, on which the Lord ought to do this or that was similar to Heather’s. Additionally, I always feel like I am going to throw up without delay when I sense a Charismatic spirit somewhere. Even the slightest hint at that makes me cringe [yes, I am ex-Charismatic].
    It doesn’t matter either whether I read or hear of another Marian apparition which is said to manifest “herself” – dead on time – every week to a Roman Catholic visionary [yes, I am ex-Catholic too 😉 ] or if I watch a video of a revival which appears to be God’s doing.
    I often wonder why I feel after a few seconds doubtlessly the evil spirits’ manipulation behind believers’ actions, reactions, and statements. In fact, those spirits can be “seen” whenever you keep tabs on the facial expressions and movements of people during such a “worship” service. You can observe that their behavior is getting more and more unnatural. Sometimes they move quicker (heading for something somewhere – and nobody knows for what), sometimes slower than usual or even “freeze”. Especially people’s eyes often show a strange glint or even stare. Regarding their feelings, people either become extremely euphoric or utterly sorrowful. If they are crying, it is not the same as weeping due to true repentance from one’s own sins; it is weeping without knowing why. But at a first glance it can be very convincing for someone who doesn’t know these kinds of feelings caused by those evil spirits from the inside. Indeed, I thank the Lord for the dislike of their ways that grows ever stronger [the ways of the evil spirits, that is].

    A recent example for such a new Charismatic movement could be the 2013 Welsh Revival in Cwmbran.
    It is just my judgement that there are evil spirits at work that are displaying lying wonders (2 Thes 2:9). However, you can check yourself whether an outpouring of God’s Spirit at Victory Church would leave a female lead pastor in office (you can see her immediately if you click on the link below).


  5. appolus said

    HI Susanne, we have such a similiar background sister. I was born into an Irish Catholic family in a housing project in Scotland. All of my education was Catholic. Thankfully I was never a Charasmatic, but I was around the Pentecostal world and saw this invasion, this Trojan horse enter. I so agree about those who claim to have special revelation or self declared prophets. I think these apparitions from Catholicism will one day be used to bridge the gap between Catholics and Charasmatics and Pentecostals, the last two groups so obsessed with sign and wonders and the miraculous. The lying signs and wonders of the last days will bring all the ” religious,” together and those who speak against it will, to say the least, not be well received…………bro Frank

    • Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

      Hi Frank,
      Amen to everything you said in your comment.
      Our background indeed is much more similar than you might have thought because I was raised Roman Catholic too, and I joined a missionary Pentecostal congregation with many, many Charismatic features, including a strange form of “speaking in tongues” which was more redolent of machine gun fire than of genuine foreign languages (earthly or heavenly – 1 Cor 13:1). Casting out demons by demons rather than by the power God was another terrifying characteristic that could be observed there as well. I think the similarity between Catholic and Charismatic exorcism procedures could be another bridge that will make the harlot ever-increasingly “one spirit” with Satan. But worse than that are those Charismatic exorcists who display public “exorcisms” only for money by shouting believers down with Bible verses. No wonder that many of those believers who left the movement began to hate Scripture and drifted into esoteric waters which offer a Bible-free “Christ Consciousness” [cf. Deepak Chopra for example]. All those esoteric streams rooted in Asia have one thing in common: there is nothing negative that could not be erased by us on our own, and all people are “one” with nature and everything from time immemorial to all eternity. All are gods innately because God is said to be found in everyone without divine intervention (being born from above) beforehand. However, one can meditate for 100 years by looking into his own heart, yet he will never reach God who is in Heaven without Christ’s mediation.
      What we observe now everywhere in Christendom seems to me being the ‘twilight’ before Christ’s coming as a Saviour to everyone who will call on His name (Joel 2:32; Acts 2:21), and as an awe-inspiring judge for those who “refused to love the truth and so be saved” (2 Thes 10).
      May God bless you richly on this narrow way, my brother in Christ’s love

      Love your poem/song “Where mountains crumble” you posted today, Frank. Although I don’t know your mother personally, she is my sister in Christ who is now included in my prayers, for “if one member suffers, all suffer together”. All of God’s blessings for her!!

      • Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

        2 Thes 2:10

      • appolus said

        Amen Susanne, thank you for your prayers for my mother. She is a Godly woman in her 70s and has fought many a battle and The Lord has used her. The battle is only truly over when we pass over into eternity. So many of the Charismatics within Catholicism were taught how to speak in tongues by repeating syllables quickly , so bizarre. It will be as you say sister in the end days, lovers of the truth will stand fast against the hurricane winds of a shifting culture, as it has always been………..bro Frank

  6. Deborah said

    Reblogged this on DeborahOnline and commented:
    This woman has a powerful testimony that I wanted to re – blog.

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