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Some quotes

Posted by appolus on November 13, 2013

There is a groaning generation being raised, a witness to God’s truth and glory being raised for these last days, raised for rejection , raised to be persecuted and reviled , raised for martyrdom, raised to praise God not only from the mountaintops but also from the deepest valleys – bro Frank


Nominal Christians are nothing like the real thing. Their lives are cold copies of the reality, faint lines traced by a dull pencil, conveying nothing of faith’s force and grace. According to Scripture, Christianity is not a geographical concept ( not an accident of birth) but a spiritual one. It does not depend on our being a native of a Christian country, it is a condition, a state of heart, a unique possession – William Wilberforce , Real Christianity


Persecution failed to destroy the church, but it seems that the enemy thought that if he could not beat them then he must buy them.What we in the west consider  blessings, from God could in fact be one of many Trojan horses designed to infiltrate and weaken, dilute and compromise Christendom. Ultimately those who identify with Christ’s sufferings will not fall for the notion of these ” blessings,” and will see it for what it is. Something to held very loosely – bro Frank

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