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The man after God’s own heart ( part two)

Posted by appolus on November 11, 2013

The Man After God’s Own Heart (Part Two) —-Bro Allan Halton

As we read the story of Saul we discover that he wasn’t a man who had much of a regard for learning God’s ways. His own ways were quite good enough for him—as they were for the Gentile kings. No one told them what to do. And, after all, wasn’t he a king just like the nations round about? Isn’t this what the people wanted in the first place? But this was God’s kingdom, and the two “mistakes” we highlighted in the first part of this message cost Saul the kingdom. He made others beside the two we have spoken of, and they were all rooted in the same soil—a heart that was ready enough to sideline God and do what was reasonable in its own eyes. As we said last time, we see this same heart of Saul on every hand in the leadership of the churches of our day, and because of it an immense collapse is inevitable. The thing is… finding fault is easy enough, but knowing where others are missing it is of no value if we are not searching our own heart. If we want to make sure we ourselves don’t get caught in the looming disaster it will mean two things:

1) We must wait for God when waiting is so difficult. In the press of desperate circumstance when God is nowhere in sight we must resist the temptation to do what is expedient in our own eyes; we must wait for God—for His direction, for His help, for His strategy… for Himself, His Presence. Our churches are chock full of things that men decided to go ahead with when God was absent, was silent; there are countless programs and methodologies that the Lord of the church had absolutely nothing to do with bringing into being. We must repent of this evil, and get on our knees with a broken and contrite heart and seek the Anointed Jesus our Lord to come to us once again… and with His anointing help us offer the burnt offering.

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