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The Land is in ruins, Weep all ye people!

Click on link to purchase this latest book from Frank McEleny

Click on link to purchase this latest book from Frank McEleny

Here is a recording from our prayer meeting on Tuesday, the 6th of October. My good friend and brother, Pastor Brian Long led out with a message that is powerful and profound. This is truly a message to God’s Remnant people. Brian will be speaking at the Sermonindex revival conference in Dallas which is coming up on the 19-21st October.The Land is is ruins, weep all ye people!  You can go to about minute 7 and bypass the music and opening prayer and go straight to the message.

5 Responses to “The Land is in ruins, Weep all ye people!”

  1. Leslie Manto said

    Hello Brother Frank,
    The Lord woke me up in the night. Such a great gravity of spirit weighed on me. I prayed for you, Brian Long, Greg Gordon… and those like you who keep upholding truth in an ever darkening cloud about us.
    The Spirit led me to this message on your blog, maybe 2 years old, but so relevant right now.
    As of Oct. 2012, it seems as though hardly anyone is listening, but as God told Elijah who felt alone, there are 7000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal. We must not despair. Those who have been weeping and lamenting for the Body of Christ, the nations…we are out here 🙂 it is such a war and then in weakness we sit down under a juniper tree and say “Enough, let me die now, O Lord for I am no better than my fathers.” And as you know, dear brother, this is how it must be, for we are but flesh and God must fill us again or indeed, we do die. Keep going, my brother.
    Resting in His All Encompassing Arms
    Thank you Father for your son, Frank and the abilities you have given him to witness and encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ. And to speak hope to the lost. Protect him from the accusations and darts of the enemy.Uphold him with your Right Arm. In Jesus Name.
    Sister Leslie

  2. appolus said

    Hi sister Leslie. It has been so encouraging for me to know that there are indeed so many of the Lord’s people, my brothers and sisters, out there whom the Lord through the Spirit has laid the same burden upon. Though the battles have been many and the trials sore, the Lord’s presence sustains me. His presence has ruined me for the things of this world. This grand obsession is all encompassing, Jesus, our exceeding great reward. Thank you again sister for your words of encouragement and your prayers, they are true treasure from heaven. And I will let Brian and Greg know of your prayers for us, they too will be greatly encouraged. I have put many of the words that the Lord has laid upon me on the home page of this website at the top of the page, I pray that you will be encouraged by reading them……………………bro Frank

    • Leslie Manto said

      Thank you for your kind responses. “His presence has ruined me for the things of this world.” That pretty much sums it up for me, also. I may quote you a bit if it is alright 🙂
      Will tell people of your website and pray many be blessed and encouraged. Will pray as the Holy Spirit directs.

      • appolus said

        Hi Leslie. Are you on sermonindex? Did I see you comment on there and say that Eli Bralyey was your pastor? If you did and if he is, ask him if he knows me 🙂 ……..bro Frank

        • Leslie Manto said

          Yes, discovered sermonindex this summer, praise the Lord! So grateful to Greg and whoever was called to do that. Yes, Eli Brayley preaches,teaches and an older brother, Brad Scheelke is more of the pastor. I will certainly ask if he knows you.
          Sister Leslie

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