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The Glory of the Third Temple!

The Glory of the Third Temple

Posted by appolus on February 12, 2008

There is a coming movement of God. We , as the Church, seem to go through periods that reflect the children of Israel. What happened to the Israelites every time that they prospered? They grew self- dependent and moved far from God. Captivity always seemed to follow. The world, whether it was the Medes or the Persians or indeed the Babylonians, would conquer Israel.There is a coming movement of God. We , as the Church, seem to go through periods that reflect the children of Israel. What happened to the Israelites every time that they prospered? They grew self- dependent and moved far from God. Captivity always seemed to follow. The world, whether it was the Medes or the Persians or indeed the Babylonians, would conquer Israel.

Modern day Christianity has been taken captive by the world. We have been enslaved to the influences and attitudes of those around us. We have gone out into the world not for “needs must,” but to strive to have what they have. We were given the desires of our hearts but also we received leanness of Spirit. That day is coming to an end, the Lord Himself will end the captivity. He will do it for His own purposes and Glory, He will do it because He loves His people and He loves the world. If the world is to be influenced for Him, then His people have to reflect His glory.

There is no doubt that the glory of the first temple was an awesome thing, indeed it was a wonder of the ancient world. Solomon’s temple was a marvel and without equal. It housed the Ark of the Covenant, which represented God’s presence here on earth. Often the shekinah glory of the Lord would rain down like fire and emanate in this glorious temple. Men from all over the known world would be drawn to this wonder and to the wisdom of its God ordained builder. The Queen of Sheba crossed many different lands to come and see what was going on in Jerusalem. This Temple would last for almost 400 years before being allowed to be destroyed by the Lord who allowed judgment to fall on Israel.

After 70 years, the Lord would bring His people back and they would lay the foundations to rebuild the temple. This temple was very much smaller than the original and of course there were still people alive who would have remembered the glory of the original temple. The people were discouraged by this and many other factors and had to be encouraged by God to rebuild, after the building had lain dormant for 16 years, that’s a lot of years of discouragement. There would be no ark of the Covenant, no shekinah glory for this temple, yet little did the builders know that into this structure would walk, in the flesh, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

This temple would hold the maker of heaven and earth and He would announce His mission to the world from this very spot, a great glory indeed. In this very temple, sin, desperately seeking for a hiding place , would be exposed by the light of the world. The bearers of this sin, the religious men of the day, were the last vestiges of a sin that had begun to be exposed by the Law and Moses. Now a greater than Moses would enter right into the temple, the last place any one would look for sin, and expose it in the very heart of the hypocrisy of the “moral ,’ men of the day. Seventy Years after Jesus was born, once again the temple was destroyed. This time the former marvel of the ancient world would never rise again. Yet, each time the Lord would destroy a magnificent building, and replace it with something less, the glory revealed in the reduced surroundings would increase.

Now, in the final irony of this world, the temple would be rebuilt, but not with stones, not with bricks and mortar, not with inlaid gold, but with a people. And once again the Lord would increase the glory revealed. We, as true Christians, are the living stones, we are the temple of the living God. The shekinah glory does not rain down now and then, Jesus does not walk into the temple every Sabbath, Jesus has come into this temple, not built by men, and has taken up residence. The heart of shekinah glory dwells in the center of each and every royal priest. His light, His love, His truth, His peace, His joy, His glory, His healing, His comfort, His power, His justice, His grace, His majesty, His deliverance and all that He is, burns at the very center of our being. This fire, the fire of the Holy Spirit, is housed in the temple of His choosing.

The born again man or woman is the wonder of the modern world, far more so that the temple of the ancient one. The glory that Moses had, hidden by a covering over His face, has been revealed to a world in the form of new creatures. If you would let His light shine, if you would let His love flow, if you would stand upon His truth, if you would seek peace amongst men, if you would share the joy of the Lord, if you would reveal His glory, if you would share His healing and comfort those in need, if you would reveal His power, and exercise His justice with the grace that you yourself have been justified with,then the majesty of your deliverance would burn brightly for all men to see. If there is body and soul, then the world is the body and you are the soul of the world.

Be Christlike and display that which is within you, and you will shake the world, you will expose the enemy, just as our Lord did, and the enemy will have no where to hide, and will be defeated. And it all starts with His presence. This is the true treasure. Seek it out, settle for nothing less and when you find it, for it will be found by those who seek it, you will glorify the Lord in all the earth.

The Glory of the Third Temple  PDF link

7 Responses to “The Glory of the Third Temple!”

  1. suez62 said

    What a awesome, inspiring, and encouraging article my friend!!!!

  2. In That Day Unbound
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #6 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 2/3/10 http://www.inthatdayteachings.com

    I see a day coming,
    When American Christians are free,
    Coming days of La Mancha,
    Without rapture-prosper-slouch, we see!

    Instead of zombie eyes and zombie lies,
    People bring out God in each other!
    Instead of zombie leer and zombie fear,
    People honor God in Christ’s brother!

    I see a day coming,
    When the children of our children laugh,
    At their grand folk’s blindness,
    And the expense of a century’s blind bath!

    Christians generally blind,
    To hidden progressive socialism for a century,
    Because at church behind,
    In fear, greed and slouch from Satan’s doxie tree.

    Some rock and roll more pure,
    More true in spirit than wispy praise,
    That mesmerized millions,
    Hypnotized in dark-art, one-chord craze.

    I see dust-and-ego-fed sheep,
    Discovering high alpine green pastures!
    Some sheep even sprout feathers,
    Flying high: screaming eagle go-getters!

    This, in relative penury and obscurity,
    I see,
    Damn me or bless me for seeing this freedom,
    I weep.

    I weep! I wail! I howl!
    For blind wolves eating sheep unawares,
    I see! I see! I see!
    I refuse to believe: Nobody cares.

    Then freed up, I see children playing,
    I hear women laughing out loud,
    Then freed up, I see men folk singing,
    Their spirit and truth makes me proud!

    In the movie, Guys and Dolls,
    Frank Sinatra works on Marlon Brando a conning trick,
    Crediting his father, Brando,
    Sees through the wile, forgiving, that nothing stick!

    Wolf-shepherds now provide,
    An endless river of conning tricks,
    To imbibe the great lies,
    Of fear-greed-slouch chow, a maddening mix!

    Behold, God can’t come quickly,
    And live in such sheep inside!
    Not when blind wolves in the ditch,
    Take the unbeknownst for ride!

    Yet given truth and right spirit,
    The good ship Christianity can turn around,
    Imbued quickly at once at last,
    God lives in man, man lives in God unbound!

  3. suez62 said

    Hmm, kind strange. I don’t see anything good coming until Jesus Comes! Then we will be happy and free indeed! Sorry, just didn’t click with me. Maybe it is just me and I didn’t get it, sorry. Normally I love your things you post. 🙂

  4. William said

    I think someone needs to read their bible more closely. 1 Kings 8:16, Isaiah 66:1 Did the Most High God, The Creator Supreme Judge of the World really command a city or temple to be built? No wonder christians are groping in darkness like the blind leading the blind. The line descended from Jacob according to scriptures. Read Matthew 8 closely and understand Jesus Christ is the only way.

    • angelalk123 said

      I’m new to reading the Bible, and can’t find truth in the churches or synagogues. I’m having trouble understanding because everywhere I turn someone is saying something different. Is your reply to the writer of this article or the commentor before you? Thank you for explaining.

      • appolus said

        Hi Angela, I am the writer of the article. My suggestion is you start on the Gospel of John in the New Testament and focus on John chapter 3 where Jesus tells us that we must be born again to enter into the Kingdom of God. Ask God to help you understand. If you have a seeking heart you will find God

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