A Call To The Remnant

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The Remnant’s time is fast approaching!

The Remnants time is fast approaching brothers and sisters. As surely as the Lord is coming, the cry from the remnant is stirring. Like the inner witness of the Spirit which is beyond definition , so the hearts cry of the Remnant grows and cannot be explained. The Word of God cries out like a beacon of light into the blackness of the current darkness in which we now dwell. We look all around and the walls have been breached. A dreadful famine stalks the land and the people’s faces are gaunt and their spiritual bodies ravaged by a lack of the Word of God preached with power.
The drought has turned the land into a featureless desert that is consuming souls. We who walk with the Bread of life and waters that flow from His throne, mourn for what we survey. And the Word of God cries forth ” I will surely assemble all of you O Jacob. I will gather the Remnant of Israel. I will put them together like sheep of the fold. Like a flock in the midst of their pasture. They shall make a loud noise because of so many people ( Micah 2:12)

Praise God for He says ” I will.” It is God Himself who is gathering His people. He is the Shepherd of His people. Even though we are walking through the valley of darkness with the shadow of death all around, it is He who makes us lie down in green pastures. He leads us to the waters of life in a land where there is no rain. It is He who restores the souls of His Remnant flock as they walk the narrow path of righteousness and holiness.

Gods Remnant people ” break out.” ( Micah 2:13) God speaks through His people to the leaders of the church. ” Is it not for you to know justice?” ( Micah 3:1) You see brothers and sisters, who should know justice more than those who call themselves after the name which is above every name, Jesus? And yet these rulers are described thus by the Lord ” You who hate good and love evil. Who strip the skin from my people and the flesh from their bones. Who also eat the flesh of my people, flay their skin from them. Break their bones and chop them in pieces like meat from the pot, like flesh from the caldron.” ( Micah 3 :2-4)

This is a damning indictment on religious men. There will come a time when these men cry out to God but He will not hear them ( Micah 3:4) IN fact, darkness has already fallen upon the false prophet and the false professor. The darkness is increasing and they will stumble in deep darkness like blind men without a stick. They will grasp and grope as the sun goes down and the night arrives. (Micah 3:6-7) And at the very same time, Gods Remnant people will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit ( Micah 3:8) They will know justice and walk mightily and boldly declare to Jacob his transgressions and to Israel his sin. ( Micah 3:8)

And what are the sins of the churches? They have built up the visible church with bloodshed and iniquity. They have judged for bribes. Her ministers have taught for pay. Her prophets have divined for money. Yet, they lean on the Lord and call upon His name and say ” Is not the Lord among us?” (Micah 3:11-2) And so they believe that no harm can come to them. Therefore God will plow the visible church like a field and it shall become a heap of ruins.( Micah 3:9-11) In that day, the Lord will assemble the lame and gather the outcast and those He has afflicted, His remnant people and He will make them mighty in Spirit( Micah 4:6,7) And the Lord shall be a strong tower to His flock. ( Micah 4:8) This is the same flock of Micah 2:12 , the same assembled people and they will come forth as the Lord delivers.

There is birth pangs all over Christendom right now brothers and sisters. The cries of pain and anguish will continue to ring out until the Remnant children come forth and He shall stand and feed His flock. And all Gods children will stand strong in the Lord, in the majesty and glory of our God and they will abide in Him forever. ( Micah 5:3,4)

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