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Strange Fire- a response to John McArthur

Posted by appolus on October 25, 2013

I would like to comment on John McArthur’s recent conference and book ” Strange Fire.” This conference and the book is an all out attack, not just on Charismatics but also on anyone who believes in the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in sign gifts such as Tongues, Prophecy, Words of knowledge and gifts of healings and so on. Much of what McArthur writes is obviously correct. I do believe that most of the Charismatic sect is a Trojan horse, gifted to and greedily accepted by the Pentecostals. The Charismatics do have an obsession with health and wealth and miracles and time and time again it overshadows Jesus.I also agree that the majority worship a golden calf, erected by modern men in the shadow of Jannes and Jambres.

Yet MacArthur exposes himself in his own zeal as the opposite end of the Trojan horse. The combination of men who deny the ongoing work of the Spirit as written in the Word and men who are obsessed with health and wealth and miracles is an almost deadly one-two punch from the devil himself. These are the men who have spied out our liberty and have come down to bring us into bondage, those whom the Lord delivered from the Law. True men and woman of God would cry ” God forbid,” in response to the charge that we have created a license to sin as we walk in the liberty and the freedom of the Spirit.

One charge against those who believe in the sign gifts of the Holy Spirit is that they are obsessed with gifts and in the defending of them. It is not the defending of ” gifts,’that one would be engaged in, it would be in the defending of the Scriptures that teach us about the gifts. Are men’s opinions and intellect to over-rule the written word of God? How many pages and chapters must be thrown out so that the false, and may I add, deadly and devilish, doctrine that the gifts have ceased can be justified?( who else but the devil himself could gain by this)

God lays down in His word the gifts that we need to operate a healthy Body, and men come along and say that we do not need the gifts to operate a healthy Body. Who should one believe, the Word of God or men? Not a single Scripture even suggests that there would come a time on this earth where the gifts would cease. One would have to wrestle a text from 1 Cor 13 out of context to come up with the pretext that now exists within certain sects of Christianity. The pride of man says that we can do it ourselves, we do not need to follow the instructions of Scripture. The humble man will acknowledge that without God and His leading, unless the Lord builds the house, then we can do nothing and we labor in vain…………bro Frank

5 Responses to “Strange Fire- a response to John McArthur”

  1. Well written brother. May we be found with our Lord Jesus Christ in all things and not the opinions of modern men.

  2. The god that John McArthur believes in is NOT the Lord but a demon. This instance of his denying the gifts of the Holy Spirit is just one example of his false teachings. He recently wrote a book about our relationship to Jesus as slaves, and I do not mean the slave pictured in the Bible but slaves where there is no relationship at all with the LOrd other than being a slave. He made Christianity look like Islam and the Lord look like Allah. Frankly, John McArthur is a teacher of utter darkness and is really a non-Christian if he really believes what he writes and teaches. I plan to throw out his books from my library if I find any.

    • appolus said

      I am not so hard on McArthur. The mistake that men, theologians have made, ever since the days of Constantine, was to tear themselves to pieces and murder each other in order to establish the ” truth,” as they see it. I refuse to go down that road, it is a devilish road. May the Lord bless John and open up his eyes to see the truth before he leaves this planet. Even if I am his enemy because I speak the truth, then I pray for them who would spitefully abuse me. In the Kingdom of God, we are taught to love our enemies and to do good to those who persecute us. The true pilgrim church, God’s remnant children have always followed this. Religious men hate and despise and ridicule, God’s children do not. ………………..bro Frank

  3. KMH said

    My HS daughter went to mcarthur’s summer camp. It was a commercial for his college (twit-shun). The admissions guy and worship guy were the same. Although I want my daughter to go to a Christian college and am glad she wanted to go to Christian summer camp… I pray she does not go to Masters. something is not right with mcarthur. good sermons, but actions/clings to baals. No authentic faith. Just wants me to give him my lamb and some dough(lots!) and then he promises a better lamb.
    I am enjoying this site!!!! Thank you Brother Frank!

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