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The Church on the narrow path ( part 3)

Posted by appolus on October 4, 2013


We see it in the Romans who hated the remnant believers because they would not bow their knee to the gods of this world. And because of this they poured out great fury and destruction against the saints. And then we see the Catholic church take up the same cause for the saints would not bow their knee to popes nor false doctrine. The saints would rather suffer death that live a compromised religious life. Now why would they do this? Because they had some alternative religion or philosophy? No, no, these saints had ” tasted ,” of the heavenly gifts. They had been touched by the glory of God. It burned in their very souls. They, like Paul could say that whatever things were gain to them that they would count it as loss for Christ.

In fact they too, like Paul would count all things loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus. Now this ” knowledge ,’ was not a head knowledge but was an intimate word. Scripture tells us that Joseph did not ” know,’ Mary until after Jesus was born. It is this sense of ” knowing,’ that is related to here, not a physical intimacy but a spiritual one which is actually much deeper than any physical union. We are one in Christ actually, not theologically. The remnant saints knows this ” knowledge.” This is why they were and are willing to give up everything, to count all things as loss and rubbish so that they can be found ” in Christ,” and that they may ” know Him.” The saint is one who is wiling to give up everything. The religious man, whether orthodox or Charismatic is one who is identified by what he has and who he is. He believes , like Job’s friends, that his material blessings are a sign that he walks in the favor of God which is why he despises those who have nothing or who care little for the things of this world.

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