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God is training His Remnant in these last days!

Posted by appolus on December 21, 2010

“In these last days, God is doing a work that will impact the world. He is training a holy remnant that will be solely dedicated to God and His work during these last days. God is raising up a people who are committed to him and his cause who are a holy remnant, and who are steadfast and sure of their God. Eli was judged soft on sin and allowed wickedness in the tabernacle at Shiloh; even his own sons. Today, the church world is a laughing stock because of wickedness in the house of God, there is no power or spiritual authority, no presence of the Lord in many churches. But there is an unseen remnant of people, who would surprise you, because they are not prominent, or well known, but they are shut in with and hearing a word from God. And the word is prepare, for judgment is coming” 




11 Responses to “God is training His Remnant in these last days!”

  1. David said

    This sure does go along with what we have been hearing a lot about lately, and confirms yet once again about the remnant that God is raising up for these last days, as was written and commented about here:

    Concerning the coming days of tribulation,

    I like what David Wilkerson has to say:

    There is simply no possible, failsafe way to prepare for what’s coming.

    Of course, God will prepare His people concerning what to do, how to act wisely, and how to lay aside what is needed. But that should never be the focus of Christ’s Bride.

    I assure you, if you’re making spiritual preparations – getting your heart in order, dealing with sin, calling on the Lord with greater intensity, trusting in His word, building up your faith – then your readying yourself for anything.

    You’ll be able to face a depression, losses and privations, calamities all around. You’ll be ready for all troubled waters, floods, fiery furnaces, persecutions, crop failures, droughts, shortages, and sicknesses. But most of all, you’ll be ready to hear the trumpet of God in the last hour. You’ll be prepared to march into the wedding feast to be untied with Christ…

    …I believe the covenant that God has made with us holds the secret to perfect peace, no matter what storm may come.

  2. Rachel said

    Much agreed Frank. I sense that training and preparation – I see it among God’s elect – which is a small fragment indeed. It’s encouraging to hear other believers experiencing the same.


  3. michaelspress@gnail.com said

    Dead on —this is a common understanding in the prophetic community and those in process of consecration for the journey in Spiritual freedom. Those hearing from God right now are many but how many will consecrate themselves , make choices, unto not of this world actuality. There is a fundamental reality that I have experienced in subduing to have dominion (baby steps to date that has set the course for greater works. Restoration of all that has been stolen and deteriorated in man and habitat. This is where the garden started and must be rebuilt to where “it is GOoD)
    When there is harmony in the home our boarders of authority expand beyond the household. Peace must be maintained on the home front to prevent distractions. Angels must be engaged. Family must be held up in prayer. The darts will increase as must our taking them captive quickly that we not lose focus on what is our Hope of glory. The prize is BEing the light speaking truth from a place of unshakable truth.
    We must put demands on our self to do anything without being led of Holy Spirit to move. BEing light put the spiritual forces away without hassle where one walks in, as, BEing light without knowing how. It is a S/spiritual Trust in the BEing effective in a calling without trying to “do” anything, of self. We must relyi on past overcoming trials as “markers of ESTABLISHED faith”. The principalities of evil in the heavenlies have no room for attack if our faith is ESTABLISHED as it must be. The remnant is a Part of the body of JesUS that knows they are sons of God that are hearing and following KINGdom construction instruction before heading out in the day. There is a deeper intimacy coming where fewer will be called than think they qualify as part of the remnant. Unless grace super abounds to the hungry consecration is a huge issue to walk in full authority as JesUS must now walk from us. We must realize all things are through Him and we have nothing to offer other than Christ. in total humility where God gets ALL the glory. “Look at me”,”Here I am” is not even a thought, rather a Boast in our Lord “look at JesUS our CHRIST being revealed, multiplied in man. A revelation of His body through the few unto man
    I have experienced the beginning of how going forth as light into dark places in my city of Kelowna B.C. Canada. When our actuality of light is understood and CHRIST is that life.light. We must simply let Lord manifest and speak life as spoken/declared to us. (John 16:12-15)
    Only as we flow in Holy Spirit will the love of God be manifest for all to see. Men will no longer see the flesh but see the Spirit of God’s power manifest ALSO in our mortal flesh. Rom 5:5 (Flow) 2nd Corinthians 4:10,11 (manifest). understanding John 16:12-15 (speaking as spoken to). We will make mistakes (not sin see 1st John 3:9). Grace will cover those who obey listening to declare to bring our kingdom in, as example for the rest of our body.
    Our church needs a model that will die to self to bring life to others. the death to self for Gods purpose is what will glorify Him, the glory gave us to be released (John 17:22). The remnant membership is lonely road that few will be prepared to travel the whole journey. Do not look to those that are satisfied with the North American church and a seeker friendly gospel from the comfortable social club (once hot and now cold) to agree, but expect their persecution as the remnant must be prepare to preach the Gospel of repentance as John did to warn of the coming Messiah. To model not of this world, a new race from a different KINGdom . where the KINGS kings/ambassadors follow word for word what is declared to us releasing our authority to put the power of change in Gods hands to work. Thus saith the Holy One and the one who formed Him . Command ye Me KJV,– NASV = and you shall commit to Me the work of My hands. Get on our knees repent and pray with a hunger for change praying for all saints in the process.
    Give us revelation on 4 WARNINGS 1“Pursue peace with all men, and sanctification, without which no one will see(KNOW) the Lord” (Heb 12:14, Heb 5:9) 2 And having been perfected, You became to all those who obey You the source of eternal salvation, 3 Matt 10:22 And you will be ahated by all because of My nameAUTHORITY,CHARACTER. But he who has endured to the end, this one shall be saved.Matthew 24:13. 4. John 3:36 He who believes(OBEYS) into the Son has eternal life; but he who disobeys the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides upon him. To believe is to BE LIVE that which you believ pressmichael@hotmail.com

    • appolus said

      “The remnant membership is lonely road that few will be prepared to travel the whole journey. Do not look to those that are satisfied with the North American church and a seeker friendly gospel from the comfortable social club (once hot and now cold) to agree, but expect their persecution as the remnant must be prepare to preach the Gospel of repentance as John did to warn of the coming Messiah” Amen brother, and persecution will definately follow the rise of the remnant


  4. Pilgrim777 said

    Ahhh training. Suffering and rejection are a vital ingredient in God’s bootcamp and training regimen.

    Luke 17:25 But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation.

    2Ti 2:12 If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:

    Don’t be surprised when you are rejected by those “closest” to you. Your heart is being proven. God will purge us of all selfish-ambition and man-pleasing.

    • appolus said

      It is hardest when those closest to you turn on you. It truly tests who you are in Christ. Its definately a purging experience. Great to hear from you Pilgrim………brother Frank

  5. Philip Evans said

    Regarding the Tribulation: Simply don’t tell anyone what you know. Don’t tell them you are a Christian; don’t tell any living soul. God is the one fighting the war, not you.

    • appolus said

      Hi Philip……………One must always follow the small still voice of their Lord and Saviour. Every one of Gods children are involved in a battle, not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, the rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal …………brother Frank

  6. mMichael s Press said

    Hello C3 I am also in KINGdom Kelowa. I sense the remnat being trained up are those stepping out knowing without question their inheritance and authority in obedience. I speak for myself when I say there is a faith built trust in what is required to possess the land and have dominion. The sublties of idetifying with our inheritance is the confirmation we receive when we are called to step out in faith and asking mentally in agreement “what’s up with this” and having to rely on Holy Spirit to give confirmation along the way. Reinforcing confirmations are given as one will become discouraged or question “do YOU stimm want me doing this”. The questions are necessary to maintain the deeper connection and intimacy of relationship. The rersults of the assingment are evident after the endurance factors of commitment are established.Psalm 37:23 “A man’s asteps are established by Jehovah, / And He delights in his way.”
    The Christians inlarge are treating their relationship in salvation as being on a merry-go-round, easy to jump on and off of, focused on both KINGdom and world (luke-warm. The remnant are those jumping on the rollercoaster of commitment where jumping off is not consideration with the zeal one steps out into for KINGdom assignments. KNOWING we are light and showing up is the easy part and relying on Christ interceeding in battle allows the bar to be anxiously raised for future assignments. The remnant is up and running in assignments as I write this. I suggest that waiting on our Lord to call forth a remnant without having assingments behind them to confirm/test understanding of our inheritance may be a judgement in error? Those called and must still qualify as chosen. My question is the degree of consecration that will intercept with grace in the development of intimacy necessary to trust in those chosen Hey saint in KINGdom Kelown follow up to stealthsaint@gmail.com if you like this

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