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The prodigal sons and those who love them!

Posted by appolus on December 4, 2010

Perhaps today you are feeling the weight and the burden of a lost loved one? Can I encourage you to stay in the light, stay near to Him. This light that is in you is the only hope for those that are lost to the darkness of this world. Let your love be a city set upon a hill. Let that light of hope and glory be a beacon to all who are lost. For if the light that is in you goes out, what hope for the lost?




I know all too well the pain of the prodigal. I was one and I have one. The pain of self-examination can bring you to the point of bondage and torment. For me it came to a head several years ago. Fathers day was coming. I so dreaded that day coming. My spirit was broken on that particular day as all my thoughts of failure culimated as I listened to wonderful testimonies in church of wonderful fathers being appreciated by wonderful sons. After that day the Lord opened up my heart and asked me the question ” Do you truly trust me in the matter of your son?” A few years before that He had instructed me with this ” speak life into your son.” And so, with those two words, I have lived my life. I do trust Him and I do speak life into my son.

When I was wandering in the world and revelling in the pigsty, I would often visit my praying mother, I was typically drunk. Not once did she condemn my lifestyle, not a single time. My abiding memories of those times were of her speaking about Jesus and what He had done in her life that day. My father was at the time an alcoholic so she had many many trials of her own, and of course looking back I know that I would be part of the grief and the sorrow with which she had to live. Yet in my cold world of drunkenness and drugs, the warmth of my mothers love for Jesus and for me continued to draw me back. I know for a fact that if I had recieved lectures I would not be in her house.

At the age of 26, having been married for almost 10 years and having lived a life of sin and depravity, I came home to my Fathers house. Brothers and sisters, He ran to me with open arms and washed me clean and clothed me and sat me down and he fed me. Over the years, looking back, I often identify myself with Mehiposheth. Broken and lame and lost and penniless, and then restored and sat down at the Kings table. There is so much hope in our Lord and King Jesus. Outside of Him in the world of our own strength there is darkness and misery and hopelessness.

Perhaps today you are feeling the weight and the burden of a lost loved one? Can I encourage you to stay in the light, stay near to Him. This light that is in you is the only hope for those that are lost to the darkness of this world. Let your love be a city set upon a hill. Let that light of hope and glory be a beacon to all who are lost. For if the light that is in you goes out, what hope for the lost?

It has been 20 years since I returned to my Fathers house. The joy is not diminished, in fact it has increased. I have more hope now than I had then because I now have 20 years to look back and see what He has brought me through, to see His faithfulness. People close to me tell me that I have had many trials and tribulations in those 20 years and yet my mind is focussed on the glory and the majesty and the faithfulness of my God who lifted me from the darkest pit and set me down upon the solid Rock.

Lets continue in the faith and see if our loved ones and prodigals will not open their eyes and see the terrible darkness all around them, and hear this voice ” Come forth,’ and for the stones of their hearts to be rolled away so that they can run to the marvelous light that is Jesus our Lord..

4 Responses to “The prodigal sons and those who love them!”

  1. Praise God He takes us back just as we are and transforms us from the inside out! Let us be patient with others, for we are all on our on spiritual journeys and God works in many different ways in His timing in our lives! Great post! God bless!

    • appolus said

      Hi sister, thanks for dropping by. Yes, praise God he does transform us from the inside out. Take care and God bless………………brother Frank

  2. peggy said

    Pray for me that I will understand and take into my soul what I see here. I have 8 children to pray for. I have let the grief and sorrow of my life effect me to the point of staying in bondage. I want to understand what it means to be the remnant and how I am to live my life everyday–especially knowing my children need the Lord. I want to be a GOOD example of a godly woman which I had no example growing up. How do I live my life? I dont have understanding of what it means to be the remnant as far as how do I live m life every day?

    • appolus said

      Hi Peggy, grief and sorrow are a part of everyone’s life. If you are a child of God, then it can often be a much bigger part of your life because you have an enemy of your soul who is seeking to rob and steal the very opposite of grief and sorrow from you , joy and hope. This joy, this hope is the treasure of your heart, along with love and mercy and forgiveness.

      The Remnent believer is the one who seeks first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. She is the one who loves not her life unto death. She loves the Lord more than she loves her family. She loves the Lord with all of her heart and soul. She loves and rejoices in Him despite her circumstances. Even if all eight of her children rejected Jesus she would still love and praise her Lord. Her Love for her Lord would be unconditional. She would say with Job ” Even if He kills me, yet will I trust Him.”
      We will suffer Peggy, of that there is no doubt. And the pain will be real and often times sustained. Yet all the promises of Jesus to the churches in Revelations are made to those who overcome, who are faithful to the end. In Psalm 57 we find David in a cave. David had retreated to a cave. He cries out and shouts aloud to God about his circumstances. His pain is real and it is sustained, meaning that it did not take place in one day, but over weeks and months and years. Yet he makes this statement Peggy ” My heart is steadfast oh Lod, my heart is steadfast.” This means that he contniued to serve the Lord in the midst of his circumstances, even although he was in a dark place and all the promises of God seemed, at best, remote. He then declares ” I will awaken the dawn!” He begins to praise God in the very midst of his darkness and his situation. You see Peggy, the Lord inhabits the praises of His people. When we draw near to Him, He draws near to us. If we allow our circumstances to produce bitterness and anger, then we will have created a barrier between ourselves and the Lord. “Rejoice in the Lord always, and agin I say rejoice.’ There is power in this sister. When the children of Israel were taken captive by the Babylonians and had been taken away to another country, the Babylonians said this to them by the rivers of Babylon, lets hear your songs of victory now. They were taunting them because the Israelites were famous for their singing. And the Scriptures tell us that they ‘ Hung their harps ujpon the willow trees.” You see, they had lost their song and could not rejoice and they were a defeated people. Peggy, you have victory in Christ, your Savior forever. You lift your eyes to Him and see where your help comes from. Even in the darkest dungeon, the joy of your salvation can be restored to you. There is no place or situation that the Lord cannot come to the yielded saint…………………brother Frank

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