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The tragic rise and dominion of the “nominal saint.”

Posted by appolus on August 20, 2018

The tragedy of the State church that Luther gave birth to and the now tens of thousands of denominations that it splintered into, is that it became a hiding place for those who knew nothing of the new birth, nor did they have to within the walls of their institutions. Infant baptism, participation in communion and blind obedience to self-appointed authority was all that was required to sit unaware of your actual spiritual state. Couple that with a mere mental assent to a set of abstract truths and you have not only the State church and the denominations but also your typical church that is found on every street corner in the land today.

Let me be clear in what I mean by a mental assent to a set of abstract truths. If you can say that Christ is the Son of God, this is an assent to an abstract truth. If you can say that Christ died for our sins on Calvary, this is an assent to an abstract truth. If you can say that there is one God, this is an assent to an abstract truth. If you can say that outside of Jesus there is no salvation nor forgiveness of sin, this is an assent to an abstract truth. You know who believes all of these things and trembles? The devil himself. There is no salvation in giving your assent to a set of theological truths. Salvation comes in the surrendered life that is marked by great change. When a new life is actually born again, then the abstract becomes a living reality. Behold there is an actual new creature that has come forth and we know this by the works of the Spirit in their life. They are radically changed and the lives they now live testify to the reality of the Word of God and the Spirit that now resides within them.

Luther was well aware of this and it presented him with a great struggle. Could he establish a true “believers church?” As he began to dismiss this notion as impossible because there were so few who were actually born again, listen to his words of Luther as he struggles with the complexities of what we would call nominal Christianity ( I say there is no such thing) and genuine Christianity ( would to God we would all be so) …………………….

“If we look aright at what people now do who reckon themselves as Evangelical and know how to talk much about Christ, there is nothing behind it. Most of them deceive themselves. The number of those who began with us and had pleasure in our teaching was ten times greater, now not a tenth part of them remain steadfast. They learn indeed to speak words, as a parrot repeats what people say, but their hearts have never experienced them. They remain just as they are. They boast much of the gospel and at first seek it earnestly, yet afterwards nothing remains for they do what they like, follow their lusts and become worse than they were before and are much more undisciplined. Ah Lord, if we only practiced this doctrine alright, there shouldest see that where now a thousand go to the Sacrament, scarcely a hundred would go. Then at last we should come to be a Christian assembly, where now we are almost utter heathen with the name of Christian;then we could separate from ourselves those of whom we know by their works that they never believed and never had life, a thing that is now impossible to us.” (Luther)

This is an absolute tragedy that Luther is describing. He was now going down the path that twelve hundreds years previously, the church tragically went down. He married the emerging church to the State and its fate was sealed. The formation of the reformed church as a church state entity was no less tragic than the formation of the Catholic church when it threw it’s lot in with Rome. Out of a thousand, Luther could not even muster one hundred genuine saints and this was in the very throes of reformation. Has the proceeding centuries improved our lot in the established church? I would venture to say that now out of one thousand who call themselves by the name of Jesus, there would be even less than the one hundred that Luther despaired over.

Can any of us seriously think that God would take this old wine-skin and pour new wine into it? Be careful what you pray for saints. If revival actually came to what we now call Christendom it would sweep away the old completely, not one stone would be left un-turned. As the grand idol of our man-made temples came crashing to the ground hell would tremble and the gates of hell would not prevail against it. As Christendom came forth like Lazarus from the grave the world would marvel to see a royal priesthood walking in the power and the glory of our risen King. The Gospel would go forth and men would be stabbed in their hearts and would cry out and miracles would follow. The world. would gaze into the refining fire and look upon the saints and marvel and wonder who was with them and sustaining them. Then they would know that it was the Son who was sent by the Father as His love came flooding out and covered the world just as the waters cover the sea.

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My soul be still

Posted by appolus on August 17, 2018

Dear Father Lord, be still my soul today
Please fill me with your grace, as I walk along the way
For each new day, I arise with the morning light
And renew my strength and gird my loins to aid me in the fight

Be still my soul that I may hear my beating heart
And know with every beat, of whom I am a part
I in You and You in me, this stone shall find its place
As you build your Holy Temple and we gaze upon your face

Be still my soul and know just who you serve
Your grace it grants me favor, and not what I deserve
For when you found me Lord, I was surely dead in sin
And then you cried ” come forth my son,” and there was life within

Be still my soul and rest in pastures green
Our Lord has gone before us, to a place no eye has seen
Now rest beside still waters, then rise with each new day
Trust not thy understanding, then He will lead the way

Be still my soul come lay your burden down
Be patient in thy sufferings, and you shall wear a crown
Glory in your tribulations, for they will teach you how
To humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, to bend the knee and bow

Be still my soul then you shall hear His voice
So even in the depths,your heart shall still rejoice
And when the roll is called up yonder and the days they are no more
We shall sing the glories of the Lord on that golden distant shore

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Sons and daughters of the light?

Posted by appolus on August 12, 2018

I saw a statement the other day, it went something like this “If you voted for Trump you are a racist.” Think about that for a while. Then I thought about another statement I have heard. “If you voted Democrat then you are a baby murderer.” Now let those two statements sink in. As you are thinking about that, I want to say that I know many Republicans, and they are not racists. I actually dont know any racists because if I did we would not last long together in the same room.

In the last couple of years I have been accused of this because I ackowledged some of the good things President Trump has done. Now what about baby murderers which I would argue is worse that racism. I dont know any. I know many Democrats but the ones I know, while they argue philosophically for the right to abortions, they are on the whole, against the concept of abortion. I dont know any Democrat personally who is an out and out lover of babies being murdered. If I did, we would not last long together in the same room.

So where does that leave me or anyone that finds themselves in the same position as me? Well as I pondered that the other day the Lord brought this Scripture to mind, Mat 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Where are our peacemakers today? As the atmosphere grows ever more toxic how do we as Christians respond. First and foremost we should always be found speaking the truth in love. This does not add to the toxicity.

If the truth is spoken in love then it can only counter the toxic nature of the above statements. If I accuse someone of being a racist, even although I know he is not, simply because I dont like his politics, then I am part of the problem. If I accuse someone of being a baby killer, even although I know they are not, simply because I do not like their politics then I am part of the problem.

Let me share with you my view of genuine Christianity. Consider the forests of the world. The trees, through a process called photosynthesis, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. So, in its simplest form, the tree takes something poisonous from the atmosphere and converts it into life giving oxygen. Christian, do you do that? Or, do you add to the toxic atmosphere. I had to challenge myself with this. Am I a peacemaker? And by that I do not mean am I doormat, but am I am a child of God who brings light into darkness or do I simply add to the darkness.

This is a challenging thought to me considering the times in which we live. We live in a poisonous age where the air is toxic and the forces behind this toxicity are intent on completely destroying all of us. We may not be able to stop this but we do not have to add to the poison. Lord, let me be a child of the light and let me breath in the toxic air all around me and by a process of the light that has transformed my life, let me breath out life giving peace and joy so that at least for me, I am a counter balance against the hatred. Thank you Jesus.

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When we gather in a disorderly manner.

Posted by appolus on August 1, 2018

The question for today is, ” Can God bless a people and congregations who stand opposed to the Biblical mandates He laid down?” I want to share a piece written in the 1840s to show that this is not some new teaching or new concerns for the saints. There are examples in every century of God’s witnesses testifying against a disobedient people. Who are these disobedient people who so cavalierly disregard the Word of God? I will let you answer that question for yourself and see how your own gathering or congregation stand up against the Word of God for the Word of God is the measure of all things. We rely upon Scripture alone to provide our goal-posts. We know that cultures and people and this world are ever-changing. New trends, new thoughts, new ideas, but the Word of God never changes. We know that Heaven and earth shall pass away but the Word remains forever. Within it lies the thoughts and commands of God. It is His diary and His auto-biography and every true saint of God loves the Word and is led and guided by it by the power of the Holy Spirit. No revival ever takes place without first the acknowledgement that how we are living or how we worship God is deeply lacking or flawed. This is the beginning of it and the end of it is actual change. If there is no willingness or desire in us to change how we live or how we serve God or how we conduct our services then should we expect any change? It’s a wee bit audacious to cry out to God to come down when at the same time we are willfully ignoring His express instructions on how to gather. Here is the piece by Joseph John Gurney taken from his book of 1842………….

In order to bring our subject to a satisfactory conclusion, we must, in the last place, inquire what was the primitive plan of conducting congregational worship. If the clerical system which crept into the church in times of diminished vigour and purity, and to which the generality of Christians are accustomed in the present day, had been instituted by our Lord, and practised by his earliest followers, there can be no doubt that we should have found ample notices of it in Scripture. We should have read of the congregations of the Lord’s people, each under the presidency, guidance, and teaching of some one appointed preacher who should act as the head, heart, lungs, and tongue of the whole assembly; on whose lips all were to hang; on whose doctrine all were to depend, to the utter exclusion of the rest of the congregation.

Page 162. But so far are we from finding such a pattern in the New Testament, that a directly contrary view is there presented to us. The apostle Paul has given us, incidentally indeed, yet most graphically, a living description of the Christian assemblies for divine worship as they were held in his own day see 1 Cor. xiv. There we find that the vocal ministrations, practised on these solemn occasions, were, in no degree, restricted to the individual tenant of a pulpit; but were completely congregational, conducted under the immediate influences of the Spirit in the liberty of the Holy Ghost. One had a psalm, another a doctrine, another a tongue, another a revelation, another an interpretation. On all were poured forth, under different administrations, the gifts of the same Spirit.

Above all the blessed gift of prophecy, through which the word of truth was freely preached, was liberally diffused by the Great Head of the church so that “all might prophecy” (when rightly called to the work), and all be edified. Here the whole body is represented to us as alive in the native power of truth a joint and united spiritual priesthood, prepared of the Lord to offer up “spiritual sacrifices, acceptable unto God through p163 Jesus Christ.” Now since all the vocal offerings of primitive congregational worship, were thus prompted by the moving of the Holy Spirit, it follows that when no such divine motion was felt, the congregation must have remained in silence. Nor is it, as I apprehend, possible that such a system of worship could have been conducted in true decency and order, on any other basis. “Keep silence before me, all ye islands, and let the people renew their strength; let them draw near, then let them speak.” “The Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him.”

When we gather in These awful commands must surely have been found to have a virtual application to the primitive assemblies of God’s people; composed, as they were, of persons who dared not speak aloud in divine worship, except as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance. At such times of awful silence, the Lord Jesus Christ must have been felt to be present with them, taking the office of Preacher into his own hands, and ministering to every member of the body, according to its need. He is indeed “the Minister of the sanctuary, and of the true tabernacle, which God pitched and not man” our Prophet as well as our Priest, who still speaks, p164 by his Spirit, “with authority” “as never man spake;” and it is only as we are gathered to a living dependence upon his teaching, that we can really grow and flourish in religion, and bring forth the fruits of righteousness to the praise and glory of God. In the whole matter of Christian ministry as its author, conductor, inspirer, and theme, and above all, as He who teaches us immediately by his Spirit our Lord Jesus Christ is, and ever will be, our ALL in ALL. Could we but renounce our dependence on the systems, forms, and contrivances of men, and put the fulness of our trust in His wisdom, love, and power, there is every reason to believe that his truth would spread with wondrous energy; and mightily would that blessed day be hastened when “the kingdoms of this world” shall “become the kingdoms of our Lord; and of his Christ.”

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Why is there no revival?

Posted by appolus on July 30, 2018

Revival is not a moment in a service, nor even one service, revival brings meaningful and lasting change. Revival is radical and alters the course of our lives and how we do everything. No revival ever takes place without first the acknowledgement that how we are living or how we worship God is deeply lacking or flawed. This is the beginning of it and the end of it is actual change. If there is no willingness or desire in us to change how we live or how we serve God or how we conduct our services then God indeed will give us the desire of our heart.

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Being found worthy of the enemies attention.

Posted by appolus on July 29, 2018

Every great relationship with Jesus attracts the enemy. He cannot stand to see someone get close to Jesus and so he comes against that one. He has never learned, not ever, will that the more he comes against this one who has decided to follow Jesus no matter what, the more he drives him deeper into the heart of God. It must be an agonizing dilemma for the evil one, leave him or her alone and she will do great things for the Lord. Come against him/her and she will shine like the brightest star in the darkest sky, so much is the illumination that so many more will see and hear of the glories of God. Is the enemy at your heels today saint? has he come against you over and over again? Victory in Jesus, you have been counted worthy by the enemy as an enemy of his kingdom, you have been counted worthy to suffer for His name sake and you will be counted worthy to rule and to reign with Him throughout eternity. This is the word of God, anything else is the lies of the enemy. Sleep well saint, you are in good company.

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Two kinds of justification

Posted by appolus on July 25, 2018

There are two kinds of justification in the realms of the Spirit. One we know well, we who are saved are justified by God. By grace through faith we have been found not guilty by virtue of the actions of another, the Lord Jesus on Calvary. Out of this springs life and that more abundantly. The other is the justification of the flesh. The flesh demands to be justified and screams loudly whenever it is assaulted or offended. It leads us quickly out of the presence of God. In order to restore the joy of our salvation, we must deny the flesh its demands. It is a hard battle, perhaps better known as sanctification, a refiners fire, a burning up of the dross in our lives. Brokenness and a contrite heart are a must if we will walk in the Spirit. We see a spectacular example of this when David is taken up with Bathsheba.

For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Psa 51:3

Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities. Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.(Psa 51:9-12)

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The cry of the Remnant!

Posted by appolus on July 21, 2018

“Now I want you to see three paradoxes. To be happily forgiven, and yet wounded with perpetual contrition. To be correct in the finished work of another and yet feel so sympathetic and compassionate as though the burden lay on you heart. And finding God and yet pursuing God, of having Him, yet always wanting Him.” (Tozer)

The above quote describes the Remnant church of God. Who are these Remnant souls? Well, they are those who are genuinely saved and have a hunger and thirst for God Himself. They are scattered to the four winds and the Lord knows who the hungry hearts are. The question is , have you been wounded by Christ? The remnant saint knows the pain of having been wounded at the very core of His heart. Its the pain of being in love. If you had a child or a husband who went off to war, would not your heart long with the deepest pain, to see your loved one return? Its that kind of longing only its more than that. Its the very seat of our affections.

This love, by virtue of having it, will compel you to walk a lonely path. The Truth will be something that burns in you and no matter the cost you will stand upon it. Most will never understand you. You will see things that those around you do not see. Eze 9:4 And Jehovah said to him, Go through in the midst of the city, in the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark on the foreheads of the men who are groaning and are mourning because of all the abominations that are done in her midst.

The people of God that were marked were the remnant. Judgment was coming but the remnant were marked on their foreheads. They groaned and were in mourning for the condition of Jerusalem. Do you groan, are you in mourning for the state of the world, the state of the church? Will you heart be satisfied with anything less than to walk in the presence of the Living God? Have you tasted of the heavenly food and drunk from the waters of life? Has it ruined you for everything? If not, do you desire for it to be so? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you belong to the Remnant church of God. This church has been known by many names down through the centuries, the Waldenses, Albigenses, Lollards and Hussites and Brethren. Anabaptists and Moravians, the list goes on. God has always had a witness in the land, He has always had His Remnant that would not “bow the knee to Baal.” In answer to Elijah’s remarks that he alone was left, God replied

Rom 11:4 “I have reserved to Myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.”
Rom 11:5 Even so then, also in this present time a remnant according to the election of grace has come into being.

Even so brothers and sisters, God has , in this present time, a Remnant.

The Remnant man or woman carries their cross. Carrying a cross is a lonely business. Its their very lonliness that compels them to seek an even closer walk with the Lord. The trials of the cross, the narrowness of the path, the desert and wilderness that often stretches out before you, a lack of fitting in, no acknowledgement of anything that you do, what you do you do in secret, you only seek to see the Lord high and lifted up. You often despair at your own walk even although people tell you what a man or woman of God you are, you hear that and it makes you cringe because you know how far you fall short of a God that you have seen high and lifted up. You continually seek Him, you live for the next encounter with Him. You know that it is only a moment but there will come a time when it will be an eternity. You long for everyone to radically encounter the Living God for themselves. You hear people say that they would like your anointing and you wonder. You wonder if they could walk through the refining fires of the living God. Would they really want their whole lives dismantled piece by piece? Would they like the bread of adversity and the waters of afflictions to be their teachers? God’s Remnant people walk this path.

Oftentimes troubled on every side yet rescued from distress. Many times perplexed but pulled from the valleys of despair. Persecuted, yet in the midst of it knowing you are not alone. Thrown down and trampled on but saved from being destroyed. Dying it seems by many troubles but the life of the Lord Jesus shining out from you despite the darkness of your many trials. All of these things, the things that would destroy most, in you they cause the life of Christ to spring forth. An abundance of grace upon your life that speaks to the glory of God and the love of the Father for His children. In all of these things we do not faint, we rise up by the power of the Holy Spirit. The outer man may ne in the process of perishing but our inner man is renewed daily to the glory of God and the amazement of a dying world.

The remnant know that just as the world hated their Lord and crucified Him, they too will be hated and killed all the day long for His names sake. And just as He arose, they know that they too will arise. As they draw nearer to “the one who was pierced,” and He pours out His Spirit on them and they become more like Him, then the same forces that came against their Jesus, hell and all its fury, will come against them. They know that “unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone, but if it dies it brings forth much fruit.

God is calling forth His remnant in these days of gross darkness. He is calling them out of dead and dying denominations. He is calling them out of Babylon, He is calling them out of compromise, He is calling them out of Sodom and Gomorrah. He is calling the saints to stand as one upon the Truth. He told us that His word was a lamp unto our feet and He is calling for us to follow the light despite the gross darkness on every side. All of this comes with cost. There is a price to pay for coming out of dead and dying churches and denominations. There is a price to pay for coming out of Babylon. There is always a price to pay for standing upon the Truth especially in the latter days when the world has truly turned against all aspects of His truth. We are living in a valley full of decisions now that the Lord is at the door, shall we falter near the end of the race or shall we finish the race that has been set before us? We are surrounded by a cloud of witness saints, therefore stand strong in Jesus. Do not be ashamed of Him before a wicked and adulterous generation. If we stand with Him n ow in the days of gross darkness, we shall stand forever with Him in the light of eternity.

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The conflict of the ages

Posted by appolus on July 19, 2018

“The conflict of the ages is upon us.This unbiblical distorted thing called the church, that mixes with the world and dishonours its so-called Lord, has been found out for what it is, a fraud. The true Church is born from above. In it there are no sinners, and outside of it no saints. No man can put another’s name on its member’s roll; and no man can cross another’s name off that roll. This Church of which, bless the Lord, there is still a small remnant in the world lives and moves and has its being in prayer. Prayer is its soul’s sincere desire.” – Leonard Ravenhill

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The saints are being called out of Babylon.

Posted by appolus on July 19, 2018

Hi saints. In my mind’s eye I can see the Holy City far and deep into a mighty desert.I know that in my flesh I would avoid deserts. The vision in my mind’s eye would, I suppose, be metaphorical for the narrow path that leads to life. It makes no sense to think that if I was seeking life that I would go seek it in the desert. Yet there it is, the church of God, surrounded by a mighty desert. There is no way to the heart of it but by striking out and heading deep into a place where my only resource, in fact life itself, will be God. If He does not go before me I will die, I will never get there. If He is not a cloud over my head then the sun will kill me. If He is not a fire by night then I will surely freeze to death. If He is not my rear guard, then the jackals and other predators of this hostile place will sneak up behind me and kill me. Righteous Lot was compelled to leave the city of comforts behind him and take up his dwelling place in a cave. This was too much for his wife whose heart belonged to the city where her comforts lay. How many of us would not look back when compelled to leave all that we know behind as our world descends into wickedness.

You see brothers and sisters, there is nothing attractive about the desert. It is not an alluring place, in fact quite the opposite. Now although Abraham did not dwell in a desert but I believe the choice that His nephew made is a good example of the choices that God is calling His people today to make. Lot chose the well watered places and planes of Sodom in which to dwell. Yes it was near a wicked city, but it was plentiful and life was easy there. Yet at what cost? Does the choices that we make have consequences? We may not lose our souls in the process but can it be that we would lose our walk , our intimate walk with Jesus because the cares of the world , the cares that inevitably come by living in proximity to Sodom, or being caught up in the systems of Babylon or remaining within a denomination or a church that has embraced the wickedness of the world that is was sent to seek and to save.

Now when we think about Moses and his forty years in the desert prior to the burning bush or indeed the children of Israels forty years in the desert or John the Baptist’s time in the wilderness and indeed Jesus’s symbolic forty days in the desert we begin to see a pattern. It defies the flesh to go into the desert to find life. Can there be life in the desert? Would we willingly choose to enter into a place where all flesh dies but for the Lord? Can we be drawn into a place where unless we encounter God Himself as we are stripped of all of our resources then we would surely die? God is raising up such a generation that will find abundant life in the desert. Who will find that water flows from Rock at the hand of God. That God Himself can make rivers in the desert. He can make a highway that leads to life.

Will you journey there? To journey anywhere you have to leave somewhere behind. What do you have to leave behind? Is there a desire in you to find God in such a deep way that He is life itself to you and that without Him you would surely die and have no desire to live? Can I encourage you today saints? God has made such glorious and mighty promises to those who hunger and thirst after Him with their “whole hearts.” God has made glorious promises to those who will seek Him with their whole hearts. Desert places? Yes. Yet a burning bush and some sand can and will be transformed into Holy ground, for where the Lord is, that is Holy. He is not to be found within the structures of man but He is found deep in the heart of the longing sacrificing heart. There are sacrifices to be made to come into this place. Do you desire to make such sacrifices to come into this place, for this is the place where vessels are filled with oil.

There is a generation of desert dwellers being raised, a generation of wilderness dwellers ready to rise up and come forth. A generation of saints who have counted the cost. A generation whose only desire is to seek Him with their whole hearts and His righteousness. A generation that shall be hated by the whole world. They will see the glory of their God. They will behold His glory and His majesty. And they will make declarations from that place. They will, like John the Baptist declare to the world ” Behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world.” Yet, this generation also gets to declare “Behold the lion of Judah that rides on a white horse with a two-edged sword in His hand. He is coming, the King is coming! Lift up ye gates ye ancient cities and lift up ye doors for the King is coming and He is coming soon.”

This is the purpose of God’s remnant saints. We will make such a glorious noise of worship in the desert to our King. We will sing hallelujahs to His glory. Paul and Silas sang such praises in the midnight hour. Despite their scourges and stocks, despite their location in the depths of a dungeon they sang out the praises of their God. As they did, all of the prisoners listened in awe that men who should be most miserable were in fact encountering the glories of God. And suddenly the power of God fell to such an extent the whole building shook upon its foundations. Now imagine the whole world shaking upon its foundations saints! Shaking because the praises of the persecuted saints have caused the heaven to be rended, the skies to split open and the power and the glory and the presence of God to come down. The anointing of the anointed one will be upon us and the world will look into the desert, the prisons, the wilderness and hear a strange and glorious noise, a noise such as they have never heard before and a light that shines out of a place where no light and no life should exist, and they will be perplexed and be confounded.

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Are you a burning bush?

Posted by appolus on July 18, 2018

What is the glory of God? We hear it used so often in Christian circles, but do you really know what that is? Is it just a description, an adjective, something to describe what you imagine God is like? The truth is, the glory of God is God Himself. Wherever He is, then there is the glory. It is a dwelling place, it is His dwelling place.

Moses had to put off his shoes because he was standing on holy ground. Now, was the ground holy before the Lord came? Was it holy after He left? What about the burning bush? When God inhabited the burning bush, the bush was no longer itself for God had inhabited it and it and could not be consumed by fire. Yet when the Lord left the bush it returned to its natural state. Does God dwell in temples made by human hands?

Is a church building holy? What is a building without the manifest presence of God? What is a person without the manifest presence of God operating in their lives? Where is the glory outside of His presence? How can the world see a manifestation of His presence if that manifestation of that presence cannot be seen in His children?

Will His glory be seen by the world today through you? Will the light from His glory radiate off you as the light from the sun reflects off the moon and lights up a dark world? The moon is a dead object yet it has tremendous influence on the world. If we die to ourselves and live for Christ then we too can have an enormous influence in the world by the mere light that reflects and emanates from us.

As you speak to people today, remember the glory, move in the glory and be led by the glory. When we are full of God to overflowing, that very overflow spills out, pours out to a thirsty dying world.

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Come rejoice now oh my soul

Posted by appolus on July 13, 2018

There is a chorus from a hymn called Christ is mine forevermore that says …………

Come rejoice now oh my soul, for His love is my reward, fear is gone and hope is sure, Christ is mine forevermore. As a writer, it is one of those lines I would have loved to have written. So much said in those couple of lines. Come rejoice now oh my soul, for His love is my reward. I rejoiced this morning, with tears as I thought about how His love is my reward. His love is Calvary and my reward is eternity. How is it that the Lord suffered and died on the cross for one such as I, so unworthy, yet this was His love. And not only am I forgiven because of what He did on that cross, I am then rewarded with eternity. His love becomes my reward and yet He did it all and i was a mere sinner, how can my soul not rejoice! And so, what the Lord has cleansed you shall not call common. We have been cleansed by the blood of the Lamb and that which was common is now found to be worthy in the sight of our Father in heaven. Now saints, please take a moment today and ponder this, His love, Calvary, became your reward, eternity. Eternity saints, no matter what you are going through today or in this season of your life, will you come now and rejoice oh your soul, let your spirit rise up to the heavens and come before the throne with thanksgiving in your hearts that His love has become your reward. Get down on your knees and lift your hands to the glory of God and you will arise and not be weary, you will run and not faint and you will rise up with the wings of the eagle and soar in the heavens of His presence.

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As in the days of Noah

Posted by appolus on July 10, 2018

Dan 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Daniel speaks of a time when the saints will be worn down. I believe the process of the saints being worn down has already begun. Times have changed and wrong has become right and everything is relative. This is wearing the saints down as they struggle to come to terms with these fast changing circumstances. There has been a blitzkrieg, so to speak, in the realms of the spirit. Compromise and unrighteousness has surrounded the saints. We are an obstacle that at some point will have to be removed if the enemy is to have total dominance. More laws will be changed and we will witness more compromise by Christendom

Now we know we are called to gird our loins with truth. Satan has furiously assaulted truth in our day. Truth has become anything you need it to be, it has become relative. Of course truth is absolute, but that is no longer accepted. We are called to put on the breastplate of righteousness. Righteous living and holiness has become something of a quaint notion in our day. Cheap grace and hyper grace has, in effect, taught that holy living is a work, something legalistic, when of course it is one of the fruits of genuine salvation.

Our feet are to be shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace.Our hearts must be right and this keeps us ever ready to walk in the peace that comes from the truth of the Gospel which has set us free. It also keeps us ever ready to share the gospel with others. Satan has done a great job in quieting the saint when it comes to the Gospel of truth. We are constantly afraid of offending someone. The bold notion that there is but one way to heaven, through the Lord Jesus Christ, and that all other paths and religions lead to hell has become all but illegal and has become unacceptable in so many arenas of public life.

The shield of faith is one of our most important parts of our armor. It protects us from the fiery darts of the enemy. Yet in the last several decades we have seen movements like the word of faith literally destroy the meaning of the word faith. The essence of faith is trusting in God despite our circumstances, yet Satan has turned that truth on its head by teaching that our circumstances are the results of our faith or lack thereof. So, when trials come, rather than people trusting in God they begin to despair and the fiery darts of the enemy find their mark.

Lastly we have the Word of God which is the sword. We can say with great certainty that the enemy has fought this for countless centuries but in recent decades has made enormous strides in taking the sword out of the hands of those who oppose him. We are an illiterate generation. This lack of knowledge is killing us. So it is clear, in order to stand in the coming evil day we must rediscover the armor of God and wear it at all times. Cry out to God today saints, have Him help you put on the armor. It will save your eternal life.

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The difference between a preacher and a messenger

Posted by appolus on July 3, 2018

There is a huge difference between a preacher with a sermon and a messenger with a message. You can take an anointed preacher and transport him back 500 years, he could preach the exact same sermons that he preaches today and it would be good. Now do the same with a messenger from today who has a message for today and he would find no place for himself in the past. God speaks to every generation by way of the prophet and yet we have no office of the prophet in most of our gatherings. Self proclaimed prophets are no prophets at all.

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Breaking the chains of insignificance.

Posted by appolus on June 30, 2018

In Scotland we have a phrase ” He’s not worth tuppence.” Tuppence meaning two penny’s. It does not get cheaper than that. Maybe my American friends would say “I wouldn’t give you a dime for him.” Whatever phrase you know or use, the meaning is clear, somebody or something is worthless. For a Christian to use this phrase about anyone would be horrible. To believe yourself or someone else to be worthless is to not understand the most basic principle of Christianity which is Joh 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” If you are known personally by God, If He knows every hair of your head, then how is it that you could ever imagine yourself insignificant? Is that not a lie from the pits of hell? How much evil and mischief has the enemy of your soul been able to achieve by simply convincing you that you have no worth and are insignificant?

How many arguments between a man and wife have occurred because of the tyranny of perceived insignificance and one does not feel “worth,” within the marriage? How many men and woman have committed adultery because of this? Sibling rivalry that can last a lifetime because one feels less worth than the other. And the ultimate tragedy, how many suicides have occurred because of this feeling , this lie,this lack of worth? What is the answer to this problem that goes deep into the heart of the psyche? How does one overcome the tragedy of insecurity and lack of worth? Of course there are  tens of thousands of books on this subject and it keeps psycho analysts in full-time employment around the world. Yet there is no cure in the natural world. It is the realm of the supernatural that we find our answer. Calvary. You see, God so loved you that He gave His only Son for you. Can you grasp it? I am going to suggest that it cannot be grasped by the natural mind. It has to be accepted, but more than that it has to be experienced. The knowledge of Calvary, and I use that word in the Biblical sense of “knowing,” is what transforms us. Joseph did not “know,” Mary until after Jesus was born. The word in that sense means an intimate physical encounter, intercourse. To “know,” God is something so much deeper than any relationship we could ever have with another human being and it comes by revelation and Inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

You can read the Gospel accounts of Calvary a thousand times and you may understand it in your head. Yet, if it never gets into your heart, the place of damage, you will remain babes in Christ and your road to wholeness and understanding of who you are in Christ will be blocked. Cry out to the Lord to give you a divine revelation of Calvary, of what it cost Jesus, of what it cost your heavenly Father, and then when you ” see” it you will know that you have worth, not based on humanism or self-esteem, but based on “Christ in you, the hope and glory.” Your worth comes from the fact that He knows you and that He loves you and that He died for you, it comes from nothing else. If you make this the foundation of your life, then you can begin to build something that will stand. He loves you and you are the apple of His eye, you must learn this, experience this and embrace this. When you do, you will begin to break the chains that bind you and become Christ like. It will affect every area of your life, every person in your life and you will begin to change the world around you. Do not let the tyranny of insignificance chain you down, you are a child of the Living God and He loves His children equally. You are more than a conqueror in Christ, you are mighty men and women of valor. You may not see it right now, but God sees it.

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Drowning in an ocean of lies.

Posted by appolus on June 25, 2018

2 Thess 2:9 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

Loving truth is a gift from God. All those who truly know Jesus have received this gift. We have seen it down through the centuries. No matter what the issue, no matter what the cost, those who have received the love of the Truth will stand on it, stand by it and stand for it. They will suffer for it. They will die for it. They will never deny that which flows through their very veins. This is why the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Body. For the true Body of Christ has found the narrow way, it has received the Truth and from that flows all life. There is no other way to the Father. Cut me into a thousand pieces and truth will flow from me. Take everything that I have and my whole life too but the Truth cannot be taken from me. We live in a day of great darkness. The only light that prevails is the light of Truth and the evil one who dwells among the shadows of darkness has come to drown out the light with an ocean of lies.

He will fail. Truth will prevail. They did not receive the love of the truth the Word says. The great falling away is the great rejection of the truth. Even as we speak, all around the world, those who have received the love of the truth are being separated from those who refused the gift. Loving the truth is very different from acknowledging the truth. It is one thing to acknowledge the truth, it is quite another thing to love it. Those who acknowledge the truth are very capable of denying the truth. Whether they deny or acknowledge the truth is based on circumstances. Does it suit their purpose? Is it convenient? Will it cost them? Will they suffer for it? If you do not love the Truth you will not suffer loss for its cause. Yet those who have received the love of the Truth will surely suffer for it, they will surely even die for it. We have two thousand years of history to show us just how remarkable this gift is, this gift of loving the Truth. Do you love the truth? Is there a passion that burns in your bones for the truth? We live in a day of lies, will you stand for the Truth?

Joh 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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There is fish cooking on the coals.

Posted by appolus on June 23, 2018

“As soon as they had come to land they saw a fire of coals there, and fish on it, and bread.” (John 21:9)

All night long the disciples had fished and had caught nothing, yet one word from the lord and the nets were full. Notice that when Peter jumped overboard and swam ashore, there was already fish cooking on a fire of coals and there was bread. So often in this world we strive, just like the disciples, for what we need but we do it without Jesus. Sometimes we achieve something, many times we do not, but the common denominator is striving. Remember when the disciples were rowing across the waters in the midst of a great storm and were getting nowhere? They were exhausted and probably frightened, then, Jesus comes walking on the water and enters their boat and suddenly they were at the other side. As soon as Jesus enters all striving ceases. Have you found such rest in Jesus? Do you get caught up with this life and its constant demands? It’s exhausting isn’t it? Now I am not telling you not to work or indeed not to work hard. Yet, there can be hard work and there can be striving. When you walk with Jesus, when promotion or more money is not the dominant thought, there is peace. To be content with where you are right now is not to be passive at all. One can work as unto the Lord but still the focus being on Jesus. If I know that even if all my hard work does not produce the results I was looking for, that there is still fish cooking on a coal of fires and bread from heaven to eat then I am at peace. And the irony is, when we are anxious for nothing, when we do not worry about the things that worry the people of the world, then so often there is a net of fish so full that it seems impossible that it would not break. In God there is peace, shall we not invite Him in to our boat today?

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Finding complete fulfillment in Jesus

Posted by appolus on June 22, 2018

The beauty of knowing Jesus is that when we keep our eyes on Him we take our eyes of our earthly situations. When we consider what He suffered it puts our own lives into context. When we have the joy of “knowing Him,” we realize that every thing we lack in this world we find in Jesus. We find love and joy and grace and consideration, we find that He loves us unconditionally and that He is faithful to us. The great error for many is that they look for satisfaction in another when all the time we fail to realize that we have everything that we need right there in the heart of our Father. Those who willingly suffer loss for His sake, for the sake of loving Him, for the sake of being obedient to Him and to His word, great is their reward in the world to come and great is the comfort found in this present world.

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The spirit is being renewed daily.

Posted by appolus on June 13, 2018

The older I get, I am now in my 50s, the more I appreciate everything that is around me. I love the little birds that come and feed from the feeder. All day long, back and forward, scattering and finding their favorite part of the feed. I watch the pieces cascade down in the sunlight. I love my neighbor’s cat Poppy, who saunters across the cul-de-sac, off to who knows where, him and his missing tail. He had it removed many years ago after wearing a lamp shade for six months which failed to stop him chewing on his tail, but it never slowed him down. I love the flowers and I carefully tend them. I look for rose-buds and I anticipate their coming beauty. I water the grass on hot summer days because the lawn seems to be calling out. I watch the tall trees blowing back and forward in the gentle breeze and it’s hard to believe that they are now over sixty feet tall and stand like sentinels along my back wall. I watch birds washing and preening themselves in the bird bath without a care in the world. And if the sun is shining just right, there is a glorious display of water droplets dancing in the sun. I watch my new little puppy, with all her puppy energy, all 10 pounds of her, engage my older laid back dog and he reluctantly begins to play and there they are, rolling and wrestling around and there is a deep joy in me.

I look out the back yard to the field behind and see wild flowers and dandelions ( so hated in suburbia) neither toiling nor spinning but even Solomon was not arrayed with such splendor. I feel the warm sun on my face, it embraces me. I realize that the older I get the more I appreciate all of that, things that I had typically not noticed in my younger years. And I realize that even although my outer man is perishing, and I know that because of my gray hair and my eye-glasses, my bad back, and I make strange noises whenever I get up from a chair or bend down to pick something up ( when and why did these noises begin) that my spirit is being renewed day by day. This vehicle is on a slow wind down, but my spirit, my sensitivity to all of God’s incredible handiwork is on the rise. A mountain view can literally take my breath away. Birds diving for fish can hold me spell-bound for hours. It is all God’s handiwork. And I think there is a reason for this heightening sensitivity. Our spirits are being prepared for what is to come. The magnificence of the coming Kingdom. We know that eye has not seen nor ear heard nor even has it entered into the hearts of men what the Lord has prepared for His people. Think about that saints, even although our bodies are growing old, our eyes are being awakened to majesty. And if we can see something of the majesty all around us now, imagine what is in store for us when we pass over into a place where our minds have not even imagined. Open the yes of my heart Lord, I want to see you more and more.

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The Hand that feeds me.

Posted by appolus on June 10, 2018

As many of you may know, we just rescued an 12 week old puppy. She had been in a kill shelter and was rescued from there by a local dog adoption agency. I have no idea what this little girl has been through but I know she is terrified of other barking dogs. I took her to the fence with my neighbor who has two yappy little dogs and Bailey ran like the wind up two flights of steps to the deck without barely touching the steps as she went. Only then did she turn around to see if she was safe. It made me sad to think what she may have endured in a large noisy shelter, alone. It is ironic to me that the Lord brought this little girl to a house with a huge dog, 104 pounds, and she loves him. Jack is a very placid and loving dog and he just lies on his belly and Bailey climes all over him. She is learning to trust.

I also noticed that anytime Angie or I move towards her, she shies away, seems to have a fear of adults. She is fine when you pick her up, but you can tell she has been traumatized in some way by adults. As I stood in the kitchen pondering how I could help her overcome that, the Holy Spirit whispered to me “Be the hand that feeds her.” I thought about that for a few moments then I went to the pantry and got some of her food. I got down on her level and held out a piece of her food. Slowly she came to me and took the food. The more I did this the more she was drawn to me. Then I put some peanut butter on my finger and she came running over and had a good time licking it all off. Now she follows me around. It was remarkable how quickly the solution came, part of the healing came, when following the instructions of the Lord.

As I thought about that this morning, it brought back memories of when I first came to the Lord. A broken and hurting man. I was a babe in Christ and the Lord was the hand that fed me. He was attentive to my every need. Just a single thought of Him and I was drenched in His presence. Reading His Word, praising Him, talking about Him, just the mere mention of the name of Jesus brought tears to my eyes. Do you remember those days saints? We were babes in Christ and just like babies, the Lord attended to our every needs. We as adults know that as our children grow, we have to withdraw to a certain extent so that they can learn. The Lord also knows how to raise His children. And as hard as it must be for Him, He has allowed us to make our mistakes and learn from them. Hopefully we grow into wise mature saints.

Yet we never forget that He is still the hand that feeds us. We may grow and mature and eat strong meat, but in another sense we shall always be children of the Lord. He is our heavenly Father and it is still our joy to come to Him. To reach out and take His hand. To know that He is always there and that He loves us. If you have a moment today, ponder your beginnings in the Lord. Remember again what it is to be held, safe and secure, in His loving arms. It will strengthen you to think upon these things and you will once again be embraced by His beautiful presence. Our Father is with us in everything and no matter what we go through in this life, there is healing in His presence. Come brothers and sisters, let us be drawn to the Hand that feeds us, He loves us and He desires to see us whole.

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