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Strange Fire- a response to John McArthur

Posted by appolus on October 25, 2013

I would like to comment on John McArthur’s recent conference and book ” Strange Fire.” This conference and the book is an all out attack, not just on Charismatics but also on anyone who believes in the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in sign gifts such as Tongues, Prophecy, Words of knowledge and gifts of healings and so on. Much of what McArthur writes is obviously correct. I do believe that most of the Charismatic sect is a Trojan horse, gifted to and greedily accepted by the Pentecostals. The Charismatics do have an obsession with health and wealth and miracles and time and time again it overshadows Jesus.I also agree that the majority worship a golden calf, erected by modern men in the shadow of Jannes and Jambres.

Yet MacArthur exposes himself in his own zeal as the opposite end of the Trojan horse. The combination of men who deny the ongoing work of the Spirit as written in the Word and men who are obsessed with health and wealth and miracles is an almost deadly one-two punch from the devil himself. These are the men who have spied out our liberty and have come down to bring us into bondage, those whom the Lord delivered from the Law. True men and woman of God would cry ” God forbid,” in response to the charge that we have created a license to sin as we walk in the liberty and the freedom of the Spirit.

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