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Psalms and Poems and spiritual things (Psalm 139)

Posted by appolus on March 4, 2012

Hi Saints, as some may know, the Lord asked me to write a poem for every Psalm. As I contemplated what the Lord had asked me to do, it was a little daunting, but by HIs grace I am approaching the end, I am at Psalm 145. As I went along the Lord opened up to me what He was wanting from me. What I was bringing to the poem was the experience of a New Covenant Christian. So much of the psalms, more that I thought when I got down to it, was about justice, crying out for justice, crying out for vengeance against enemies and so on.

And so my challenge was going to be, as a justified Christian, one who has found justice and complete victory in Calvary, to introduce that fact into the poems I would write. I know that if David had been a New Testament Christian, Jesus would have been front and center in every one of his psalms. While David found most of his enemies on the battle-field of life, and he was a warrior poet, we, as new testament Christians fight on a different battle-field. Our battle is not against flesh and blood. We fight our battles in the shadow of victorious Calvary. So, we have attained justice and we walk in victory, yet we still battle principalities and powers. This is why the psalms still speak so powerfully to us today. David writes down every raw emotion with total honesty. We find comfort in the fact that a man after God’s own heart struggled on so many different levels.

We see the comfort that David inevitably always finds as he falls back upon the God he knows, even if he could not always feel His presence and at times felt abandoned. All of these issues are so relevent to the modern Christian. We no longer call out for the deaths of those who hate us, our enemies, we have been called to a higher plane by the Lord, to walk in the light of Calvary. Yet, we will still go through every dark valley, we will still experience loss. We will still find ourselves holed up in caves as we withdraw from those who despitefully use us and seek for a place of refuge. That is why the Psalms are as beloved today as they were 3000 years ago. They peel away the layers of the heart and leave us standing alone with our Lord. Below is the poem that I wrote for psalm 139 a few days ago, this psalm has always brought me much comfort………………

The Book of Life was opened
And a name was written down
All of heaven stood and gazed
Not a movement, not a sound

The angels watched in silence
As the story did unfold
And from the pages of the book
The story it was told

And life sprung up from off the page
These words became a man
The angels gasped to see such work
To see God’s mighty plan

A soul was fashioned in His hand
And how, no one could tell
It was marvelous and wonderful
And this my soul knows well

Where could I go from you Spirit Lord?
Could I hide in the depths of the sea?
No matter where I run to Lord
You still come after me

I could take the wings of the morning
And fly into the darkest night
And there be blinded by the darkness
And you would come and give me sight

I could ascend to the highest heaven
And I would find you there
I could fall to the lowest pits of hell
And discover that you are everywhere

And so you came and sought me out
Even in this hell dark place
For the day and night are both alike
As they gaze upon your face

For in the glorious light of heaven
There is no darkness that can stand
For through the very gates of hell
You came and took me by the hand

And you laid your hand upon me
That hand that gave me birth
That hand that knew me through and through
Before I came to earth

For before the earth was fashioned
That Book was in your hand
Before the sun shone in the sky
All of this was planned

Oh search me God and know my heart
That sin may have no place in me
For I was covered by your Blood
That precious Blood of Calvary

This sin it would assault my soul
And rob and steal and take from me
The testimony of my King
And what He did on Calvary

But praise the Lord there is no power
Neither hell nor death nor misery
Can come against the precious work
The precious work of Calvary

How precious are your thoughts to me
They’re more in number than the sand
I’ll praise you Lord eternally
My name was written by your hand.

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