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Some more quotes

Posted by appolus on November 30, 2013

Religious spirits are those who come as angels of light! Their deception is deep and hard to recognize, but once it is uncovered they reveal who they really are and you find no love in them! You willl find judgement, bitterness and strife all the while they will accuse you of this very thing! I pray we all become educated by His Holy Spirit to be able to discern the true from the false! Just because one says Jesus is Lord! Does not make them a true follower of Jesus!- Bren Brantley.


I pray that if you are looking for me, the one place you are guaranteed to find me is before the throne and not before the crowd.- Bro Frank
But the word about Him spread even more. And great crowds were coming to hear, and to be healed from their infirmities by Him. But He was drawing back in the wilderness, and praying.
(Luk 5:15-16)


The narrower the path we are called to walk in this world, the greater the desire we will have for the world to come- Bro Frank


Do you conform to the image of your church and its characteristics or do you conform to Jesus and His characteristics?-Bro Frank

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