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Delivered from the Word of Faith cult.

Posted by appolus on November 12, 2013

Below is a comment I received from a dear saint this morning. I thought I would share it as it did my heart good and it is thought provoking. The comment was in regard to a post of mine ” A Call To The Remnant,” https://acalltotheremnant.com/a-call-to-the-remnant/ which of course is also the name of this site. The comment…….

“Wow, I really enjoyed this post; it brought tears to my eyes and it really encouraged me, because I am one of those who was wounded by Christ, and I am now a remnant soul. Jesus disciplines those he loves, isn’t that so? I was deeply embedded in the Word of Faith cult, all the while thinking I was saved, I was in need of deliverance. I thought I was in the light, but I was in a false light that was really darkness, and how great was that darkness! While he was dealing with my mother’s adulteries through sicknesses, to the point of bringing her rebellious heart to finally repent of her sins while on her death-bed, he was changing my heart too. In the aftermath of prophecies and promises of her healing that were supposed to be from the LORD, but were left unfulfilled, I was finally ready for the truth. I was desperately hungry and thirsty for the real Almighty God.

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