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Shame and fear.

Posted by appolus on August 22, 2020

Shame is the shadow that follows us. A dark specter from our past, a half life of an incident or multiple incidents all seemingly running together as one. It speaks to you and pretends to be something of a friend, something that promises to keep the secret, it warns you to keep the secret. It demands that you stay in the shadows, in the hiding places. It draws you into a melancholy world, a place of shadows and quicksand, a world that keeps you in the darkness.

Then there is the light, the light of Christ, and with that light comes transparency and vulnerability, the deadliest enemies of the ever burning embers of fear and shame. Living waters poured upon burning coals. Light that floods the darkness and illuminates every dark part of what helped to form us, or deform us. The light of Christ shone into the deepest recesses of our souls and dispels the darkness and renews us.

We are renewed, brand new creatures in Christ. The mud and the muck falls from us as He lifts us up from the bottom of the bottomless pit and sets our feet down on level ground. No longer to stumble around in the dimness that passed for light, but to stand steady in the light of Christ. Grave clothes removed after rising from the dead and walking out of the darkness at His call. Can you hear Him calling us to come forth?

The stone of sin and shame that kept us captive in the grave is rolled away and the light of God penetrates deep into the darkness and delivers us. Only in Him, only in Jesus. He came to set the captives free. He came to set at liberty the crushed and the bruised and the broken. He came to take them out of the darkness into His marvelous light that they may recover their sight.

For so many, the bars of their cell, the closed door, does not represent confinement but containment. In Jesus we are neither confined nor contained, we are set free. But it is one thing to cross the river Jordan, it quite another thing to possess the promised land. The high walls of Jericho have to come down if we are to progress deeper and deeper into the promises of God. Coming to Jesus is not the end of the journey, its the beginning. The cell door being opened is the beginning. What a tragedy it would be if the cell door was opened yet we never walked on through the door, rather we felt safer within the confines and constraints of what we knew.

It would also be a tragedy if, after being delivered from Egypt, the Israelites continually wandered in the desert, too afraid to cross over into and possess the promised land because “there are giants in there.” Giants have to be engaged and defeated by the power of God if we are to take full possession of what He has for us. Walls have to come down if we are to continue the journey. What are your giants? What great walls are keeping you from taking possession of what God has for you?

In the Lord, by obedience and trust and action, we are more than conquerors. In Him we conquer fear. In Him we conquer shame. In Jesus the walls will come down. By the power of His love and the Holy Spirit death has lost its victory and the grave has lost its sting and His perfect love casts out all fear. We overcome because He overcame. We endure because He endured the cross. We are a victorious people because Jesus was victorious over hell and sin and the grave. He arose that we might arise. Arise in new birth to a new dawn that we might sing the glories of our risen Saviour. Arise today in the power of His might and slay those giants. It is your calling.

One Response to “Shame and fear.”

  1. lcbrack said

    Such an encouraging word. Thank you! Blessings to you and your family in Jesus’ name. Loy Leslie


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