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The difference between gatherings and meetings

Posted by appolus on August 25, 2020

Consider what Wayne Jacobsen says in his book “Finding Church.” In comparing meetings to gatherings he says “What’s the difference? Am I just splitting hairs here? I realize the terms can be used synonymously, but I’m not doing so. A gathering brings people together to celebrate relationship. It is heavy on conversation, often multiple conversations, because people are nor forced to follow an agenda. Meetings, on the other hand, bring people together to accomplish a task even if that task is to perform some ritual. They demand conformity and people have to cooperate for them to work. Relationships are not critical, which is why you can attend meetings for years, even small ones, and not get to know or care for others in the group….. success is measured not by the size of the group but by the quality of relationships.”

I could not agree more with this brother on that subject. For years, decades, centuries, people have sat together in meetings and had no idea who their neighbor was. Yet, gatherings promote true and genuine fellowship. People are starving for true and genuine fellowship. They desperately need to be edified in relationship. Rather than one more teaching they simply need to be heard and to be able to share what the Lord has and does through them. I am not speaking here of novices or babes in Christ, I am speaking of true and genuine saints who have been on the road for years and decades. God is raising up a last days people who long for and desire true and genuine fellowship that is bathed in love for one for Jesus and for one another.

One Response to “The difference between gatherings and meetings”

  1. BT said

    Church is not somewhere Christians go it is who they are.

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