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Hysteria and poison

Posted by appolus on January 31, 2017

Hi saints. I just want to comment on the hysterical nature of what is going on in America and in Europe right now. For many years now I have spoken about coming persecution of the saints. I believe we are much closer now than ever. One might think that the election of someone like Donald Trump would change that. It will change nothing, in fact the hatred of Christians is being primed by the recent election results. Now what do I mean by that?

I believe that God is exposing those forces that have claimed tolerance. How many times have we heard that word in the last decade? How many times was that word used to effect political change? How many times was that word used to effect societal change, cultural change? It was used over and over and over again. And now God is revealing the true nature of those who have stood in the shadow of that word. He is exposing the fact that not only are those people intolerant of anyone who dares to disagree with any of their positions,they are full of hatred and poison.

This hatred, this intolerance of any position other than their own is akin to Nazi Germany. There was one ideology and if you did not fall in lockstep with it, you were exposed, condemned, rounded up and eventually killed. What is interesting is the moralizing by the hysterical mob. All arguments are now parsed as either moral or immoral. Remember, these arguments are being made by people who love abortion. Who love homosexuality. If you are not in favor of these then you are now categorized as haters. Interesting isn’t it, that with such an outpouring of actual hatred that this word would be ascribed to born-again Christians.

God is in the business of exposing hypocrisy in all its many forms. If you claim any moral high-ground then the ground upon which you stand had better be solid. And this applies across the board, it is a universal truth. Just as pride coming before a fall is universal then so is the exposing of the hypocrite. It is a universal truth, it applies to all of us whether we are Christians or not and all men are equal in the eyes of the Lord. If the forces of tolerance are in actual fact the forces of hatred and bigotry then the Lord will expose it. He has exposed many ministries in the last two decades. He has exposed many top evangelicals including the leader of the evangelical society in America, Ted Haggard. Christians know that judgment begins at the house of the Lord, but we also know that it does not end there. God is, as we speak, showing the whole world the true nature of those who have claimed to be tolerant.

This intolerance of all things holy, of all things just, of all things Biblical will not just stop at mere hatred. This poison that is in the souls of men will continue to spread. It will not stop until the saints are hated by all. It will not be local it will be universal. Saints will be hated all around the world for nothing more than identifying with Jesus and His word. If you dare to stand upon the Word in these coming days the enemy will come at you in all of his fury. And the forces that he will use are the forces who identify themselves as tolerant. Now this irony will only cause Satan to smile.

So saints, I urge you to draw closer to our Lord in these days. Do not get caught up in the hysteria and the hatred. Jesus was dumb before his accusers because he knew that their minds were already made up. Now it made Pilate marvel but only caused the mob to scream all the more loudly for His blood to be upon their heads. The tolerant mob will soon be screaming for your blood and desire it to be upon their heads and the heads of their children. These things must come to pass. It is part and parcel of their final judgement. So let us go into this dark night wrapped in light, clothed in the garments of righteousness and love. Let our actual tolerance be the weapon against those who are filled with hate.

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