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Walking through the fires, passing through the waters.

Posted by appolus on January 1, 2017

No saint who has walked through the fires or passed through the waters would ever say that God will not give you more than you can handle. We are truly shaped by the events that bring us to our knees. The place where we realize that we have limitations and we have reached the end of ours is truly the place of transformation. We are never the same after realizing that we are finite and all of our abilities are finite. This is where the infinite steps in and touches us and reaches out His hand and helps us up from off our knees.

3 Responses to “Walking through the fires, passing through the waters.”

  1. Fiona Burky said

    Think you’ll enjoy reading this…

  2. Rebecca said

    Yes … to come to the end of ourselves is a place that the self struggles yet finding out the only relief is by holding onto the Savior. My beautiful young grand daughter has called “out of respect” to tell me she is dating a girlfriend. December 24th my daughter called in exuberance to tell me my granddaughter was now engaged to ‘Amy.’ When I tried to speak to them about the LORD … I was told “GOD loves us.” They attend a Lutheran church and are planning a wedding. They speak of love and unity. There is only to be unity in the truth.
    The spirit of deception is being invading our schools and has invaded much of the institutional church. Next on Satan’s agenda is persecution in our country. We must prepare to endure and stand. We must die to ourselves daily. Jesus will give is power to stand … suffering is part of a Christians life … we are being prepared for much more to come. I am thankful for yours and other sites … it encourages me to hold on.

    • appolus said

      Dear Rebecca, so sorry to hear about your grand-daughter. The spirit of the age has defiled and even as we speak takes a hammer to the pillars of truth. My sisters girl has went down the same road, she stayed at our house for two years. My prayers are with you and every other Christian family who has to deal with this issue. May wisdom flow down from heaven above straight into the hearts of all the saints…………………bro Frank

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