A Call To The Remnant

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He still rules the winds and the waves.

Posted by appolus on January 1, 2017

He still rules the winds and He still rules the waves
He still reigns in majesty and His precious blood still saves
He is the Christ and His light still shines forever and a day
I am the branch and He’s still the vine, His light still leads the way

He is Lord of your yesterdays and all of your tomorrows
He wipes away our fears, our tears and every one of our sorrows
Today is the day, we can know nothing more than this
If your eyes are on tomorrow then His presence you will miss.

Christ alone still rules and on His throne He reigns
He’s setting loose the captives and breaking all their chains
He’s washing clean the sinner and healing their disease
He still sees our afflictions, He still hears all our pleas.

He’ll finish what He started, He’ll make us all complete
He is the balm of Gilead for those found at His feet
He is our light in darkness, our joy in the midst of pain
Open up the door He knocks and He’ll do it all again

Yesterday , today and forever He will always be the same
He loves you with unending love that is why He came
If you will follow in His steps, that path that He has paved
You will discover that He still rules the winds and rules the waves.

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