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Footsteps in the snow

Posted by appolus on December 28, 2016

Sometimes you just want to walk into the light
And leave the shadows far behind
Tis cold when the wind is blowing
Especially when it’s blowing through your mind

When the center of my soul is cold and weary
And the snow is falling in my heart
I turn my face towards the sun
The one who saved me from the start

And with heavy feet and the weight of the world
I stumble forward for there’s no going back
One step at a time, day by day
Following footsteps in the snow, in the dark

A path before me, footsteps in the snow
One step in each footprint is the way I must go
One day at a time ever closer to thee
No longer you and I but forever we

Tis your footsteps in the snow
That I follow each day
They wind their way through the valley
Ever leading the way

Thank you for the sun
When in my heart the snow falls
Thank you for your voice
Over the wind it still calls

I’ll follow the path that you tread for me
Despite the darkness the path I can see
And even when the snow is heavily falling
Through the wind and the rain I hear my Lord calling

So your word is my lamp and your voice leads the way
And the path that you walked guides me every day
Through the wind and the rain, the snow and the storm
In a very cold world your love keeps me warm

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