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Gods Plan Will Not Be Thwarted

Posted by appolus on January 1, 2008

“How many of us have suffered from paralysis of analysis? We are so unsure of Gods will for our life that we that we cannot discern our way ahead. We are afraid that if we do not hear an audible voice, or even a small still voice then we could make a mistake and if we step outside of His plan, then we face ruin and attack from an enemy just waiting to pounce. Its hard to imagine that the Royal Priesthood could suffer such bondage from the father of lies.”


What is the plan of God for your life? What is His will for you? How does what we do affect the plan of God? Can we thwart the plan of God, can the enemy thwart His plan?

How many of us have suffered from paralysis of analysis? We are so unsure of Gods will for our life that we that we cannot discern our way ahead. We are afraid that if we do not hear an audible voice, or even a small still voice then we could make a mistake and if we step outside of His plan, then we face ruin and attack from an enemy just waiting to pounce. Its hard to imagine that the Royal Priesthood could suffer such bondage from the father of lies.

It has to be understood that God has a plan for every one of His servants and no matter what, that plan will not be disrupted. We imagine, in our vanity, that His plan for our lives depends on our obedience. If that was really true, how fragile would the plans of God be if they depended on a servant yet to be fully sanctified. Perhaps some will react strongly to the last sentence, because as Christians we all know how important obedience is, not only important, but vital to our walk with Him. It is absolutely true that we can do nothing unless we abide in Him. It is the key to the fruit and the gifting of the Spirit.

The truth is, that God the Father has a plan, set in stone, for each and every one of us and He has had it since the foundations of the world, and that plan will absolutely and definitely come to pass. The real test for us as Christians is how we walk through the path set before us. We have a starting point and we have a finishing point, that is the plan and that is the path we will take. Never let Satan convince you that you are a failure and that you are of no use to God and that have blown it and your usefulness is over, this is a lie from the father of lies to torment you. Our task here on earth, is to walk the path set before us in a peace that surpasses all understanding. We do not determine the path, the plan, it is determined for us, but we do determine how we walk it. Do you want to be a powerful witness, a light unto the world? Do you want to walk in power, a power that amazes the unsaved?

This is the choice we as Christians face, not the path, the path is set and will be complete. You see, those who have entered into His rest have ceased from their works. Its not about you trying to decide what God wants you to do next, you just keep walking and living in peace and walking in the promises of God and the path will unfold before, only it will unfold with you walking in the power of a witness.

The sovereign will of God and His permissible will was once described like this. There is a large cruise liner leaving New York and heading for Liverpool, England. It will leave at a precise time and it will dock at a precise time. This is the sovereign will, plan, of God. It is unchangeable and nothing in this universe can stop the plan. His permissible will is those aboard the ship, they are free to move around as they choose, yet are always and forever moving towards Liverpool England. We have Genesis and we have the Book of Revelation. God has a plan and it will come to pass and nothing can stop it. God has a plan for every Christian, and nothing can stop that plan, nothing can thwart that plan, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. Yet, we are free to “move around the ship.”

Do you spend a lot of your energy trying to shape your life? Do you get exhausted trying to control and manipulate events in your life? Your life is not your own. What unfolds in your life is no mere chance. The Bible tells us the steps of a righteous man and woman are ordered of God, not the enemy, not yourselves, but of God. This is what we sign onto when we come to Him. We die to ourselves, we no longer belong to ourselves, we belong to Him, body and soul. If you belong to Him then your ship has sailed. It will arrive at its destination. It will go through calm waters, windless days and months when you seem to be going nowhere. It will go through storms and hurricanes when it seems that the boat will be swamped and perhaps founder in the rough seas. Torrential rain, blistering sun, icebergs, beautiful cloudless sunny days, you will experience them all on your journey. Your journey has a beginning and it has an end. Jesus lay asleep in the boat because He already told the disciples that He was going to the other side.

Perhaps it is time to stop being anxious about “Gods plan for you.” I have news for you, if your are in Him, you are already living it. It is perhaps time to concentrate on your relationship with Him. Live life as it unfolds before you. When you hear the small still voice, obey it. When you know what to do, do it. When you know what is right, follow that. For you see, there is your relationship with Him, and there is your path, and they are two completely separate things. When Jesus promises us “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” that is a promise that cannot be broken. This is not determined by your obedience. You are not under a snare of legalism. There is no hand waiting to crush you, either the devils or the Lords if you mess up.

The simple fact is this. If you are covered by the blood of the Lamb, then you are righteous, and nothing can change that. Now all you have to determine is how you are going to live, not the path you are going to take, remember that is already set and it is not yours to choose. This is not a license to sin, “God forbid.” This is freedom to live in the beauty of His holiness. If you try to determine your own path, if you think your path is linked to your obedience then you will cry out “oh wretched man that I am.” Rather, surrender is the key. You may ask “Is not surrender the same as obedience?” Surrender is completely different from obedience. Surrender will actually lead to obedience.

What the Lord is asking of us is surrender of ourselves, our rights, justice. Turning the other cheek, walking the extra mile, giving our cloak when our coat has been stolen will not come from obedience to a set of rules or commandments, it can only truly come from a man or woman who has surrendered to Christ everything and has become like a slave to serve mankind, not to be served by it. Out of our surrender will flow fulfillment of the Lord’s commands. Do you see the difference? We take injustice because we have been justified by our God, justice is already ours. When we surrender to the Lord in our hearts, our minds, our spirits, then out of that surrender will flow Christlikeness.

Why is Christianity in the West so weak and anemic today? Because we fight tooth and nail for justice for ourselves. Our leaders encourage us to stand up and fight for our rights, this runs completely counter to the life of Jesus and the saints that came after Him. Much of the Church of America is full of the “American spirit,” and not the Holy Spirit. Patriotism and “The American way,” has infiltrated the Church in America. There is nothing wrong with being American just as there is nothing wrong with being Scottish. Yet, it is not where I was born in this world that is of concern to me, it is where I was born again. I was born again at the foot of the cross and became a citizen of another country. I love my natural family, but I was born into the family of God. I love my earthly Father, but I worship and serve my Heavenly Father. If I have to make choices that will offend one or the other, I will surely honor my Heavenly Father. When I honor Him in all that I do, I can never go wrong.

It is your relationship with God Himself that you will quench with your disobedience, not the path, the path is set. How many of us know that it is much better to walk this life in the presence of God and the beauty of His holiness than to walk it outside of His presence? Walk it you will, let us determine today to walk in His presence because there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh but walk according to the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.

3 Responses to “Gods Plan Will Not Be Thwarted”

  1. Odale said

    ‘Paralysis of analysis’—good one! My profession (grantwriting) is analytical, entailing research of things I’d sometimes rather not know. It causes me to realize the distortions and depravity of beliefs that attemppt to rewrite and/or reinterpret God’s Word (w/ US gov’t nonprofit funding), which, in turn, makes me want to ‘fight back’ in defense of our children and those who do not know better. Please pray with me, as I will you, to be where and recognize when to take a stand and when to wash the dust from my feet!
    My dad was from Rhode Island but retired in Georgia, USA. When he went to RI, he was teased as being a hillbilly; in Georgia he was a yankee. Do you have the accent that turns heads? ;-)) Just kidding you! Glad you’re here and God Bless you & yours!

  2. appolus said


    I am sorry it took so long to write this reply. I just returned from Scotland. I will certainly pray for you and discernment. Its a tough challenge as a Christian to know when to help and whn to shake of the dust. There must be an abiltiy to listen to the “small still voice.” I have saw Christians exhaust themselves and have all of their energy drained out of them by hanging in there when they should “let go and let God.” Often times they merely pour fuel on the fire of dysfunction by operating in the emmotional realm. The problem is that “hearing the Lord,” is based in that realm. Not the Word of God, which stands and never changes, but the small still voice of God has to be discerned from our own “thoughts.” This is where so many Christians run into trouble. They “feel it,” so it must be God. And while God can certainly be “felt,” it is so important to bring every though and feeling into captivity and be subject to the Spirits leading and the Word of God.
    One sure sign that your in the will of God is that there will be a certain emmotional detachment, to a degree, from the recipient. This enables us not to be sucked dwon and drowned and lets us see the situation clearly, not clouded by emmotive issues which do not actually flow from God. Of course there is a vital “tension,” here between loving “the world,” and be as wise as a serpent. If we get the balance right, if our ears are attuned to the ways of the Spirit, then we shall run and not grow weary. We shall walk away from situations where people do not actually want to be helped. God never works to keep people victims, but He does reach out and lifts someone up who throws up their hands for help.

    Thats quite a long-winded reply :)……………Frank

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