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A Poem for my wife ( and marriage)

Posted by appolus on December 6, 2012

I would run a million miles
Just to see your face
And I would climb the highest peak
Just for one embrace

I loved you from the very start
When you fell right into my heart
And became a very part of me
No longer ” you and I,” but “we”

And in this world that now is one
This cloth of life that we have spun
We stand together face to face
We stand as one in time and space

And I would gladly die for you
For we are one our hearts are true
For when you hurt I feel it sore
And I would have you hurt no more

And in my mind I cannot see
A day when you’re not part of me
For God Himself put us together
And what He makes it lasts forever

We have walked through trial and flood
And witnessed desert blooms that bud
Though vibrant valley’s, mountains too
And years where days of joy were few

Yet Gods creation perseveres
Through all these days and all these years
Refined by fires and shining bright
Humbled by years and more contrite

This love for you will never end
My wife my lover and my friend
And so forever and a day
We shall be one till we pass away

6 Responses to “A Poem for my wife ( and marriage)”

  1. Robert said

    Brother Frank you rascal, you caused tears to come in my eyes. I´ve been in the deep mountians building a new church and havn´t had time to check your web page. I am looking forward to catching up on your articles in the next few days. If the rest of them is as good as this one, i am really in for a treat…….Robert

  2. Rachel said

    Beautiful Frank, Your wife is truly blessed to have these words written and spoken for her to her. Words are very powerful when spoken from a place of truth and love. ~ Rachel

    • appolus said

      “Rachel writes…………” Words are very powerful when spoken from a place of truth and love.” Amen sister, one of my lives ambitions is to continually speak the truth in love, it is the power of God in man…………….. bro Frank

  3. Leslie said

    Dear brother Frank,

    Since I had an unfaithful husband, this poem made me sad and then the Lord gave me eyes to see it as a love letter from our Bridegroom, Jesus. Then I saw it as already done in our lives, He did die for us and even death will not tear us apart. Now I can see in your poem the beauty of how Christ loves His bride.

    Sister Leslie

    • appolus said

      Well spotted Leslie. And I should love my wife as Christ loves the church. I can do this in His strength…………….bro Frank

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