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The glory now descending

Posted by appolus on December 3, 2012

I have seen the heavens descending
And the beauty of Christ arise
For there is no comprehending
As His glory fills the skies

Are the eyes of your heart full of wonder?
Has perfect love cast out all fear?
Can you hear the heavenly thunder?
As our Lord and God draws near

Lift up your eyes and see the King
As the angels blow their horn
Let every man and woman sing
For the day that He was born

For on that day when He came to earth
The angels did rejoice
And all who bowed now gladly serve
And make a joyful noise

For if glory filled the earth and sky
On the day that He was born
And all hell shook when He was crucified
And the veil was surely torn

Then what glory now descending
As He comes back for His own?
And every heart depending
For the trumpet it has blown

Close your eyes and open your heart
And the King of glory will come in
It was His plan right from the start
To conquer hell and death and sin

O the glory of the risen King
Who is coming for His own
And every child of God will sing
Around God’s holy throne

Come Lord Jesus take your place
Rule and reign forevermore
We’ll eternally gaze into your face
As we all worship and adore

6 Responses to “The glory now descending”

  1. cshowers said

    Beautiful… I look forward to that day when “We’ll eternally gaze into Your face as we worship and adore.” 🙂

  2. Leslie said

    Amen dear brother.
    Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!

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  4. […] The glory now descending. […]

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