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Stabbed in the Heart(Baptism in the Holy Spirit)

Posted by appolus on May 27, 2008

 So what is there a desperate need of today? The power that the Apostles exercised before Pentecost? Or the power that they exercised after Pentecost? May the Spirit of the Lord fall upon His church and may we be endued with “Katanusso,” power, the power to penetrate the hard hearts of the lost and the dying .
I am writing about an experience that is genuinely confusing to a lot of Christians. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit as we read about in Acts. If we as a church do not experience this kind of power, then we are destined to be just another church. I have been a Christian now for 18 years, and have heard many testimonies and stories throughout the years on this experience. One example comes out time and time again and it is one that I can personally relate to. This “heat ,” or “warmth,” that comes into a person, through the top of their head and down through their body.
It is interesting that John the Baptist foretold that Jesus would Baptize His followers with fire and on the day of Pentecost there were tongues of fire above their heads. And now, two thousand years later, a common description of being Baptized in the Holy Spirit is the heat or the warmth that starts on the top of peoples heads. I have no real interest in speaking about tongues, I am a tongue speaker and I love to speak in my prayer language, but way to much has been made of this, the least of all the gifts. The Scriptures themselves asks the rhetorical question “Do all speak with tongues?” and of course the answer is no. So while tongues is a sign of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, it is not the definitive sign.
So, here is a question. Is signs and miracles dependent upon the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? Was there miracles and signs accomplished by the followers of Jesus prior to Pentecost? Of course the answer is yes. So, if Jesus does not allow His followers to leave Jerusalem until they are “endued with power from on High,” then it must be a different power that Jesus was talking about. How sad then, that in much of the Pentecostal movement today, their highest ambition is to see the kind of signs and wonders that was going on prior to Pentecost. We also know that signs and wonders are worked through people who do not even know Jesus, as testified to in Scriptures(“Depart from me you workers of iniquity for I never knew you .”)
Consider what A.W.Tozer says on this very subject…………………………..

Again, they had the power to work miracles, so that when they came back reciting the manifestations of their power, the Lord rebuked them for pride and told them they should be glad, rather, that their names were written in heaven. But He did not deny that they had exercised His power, for He knew they did. He gave it to them! Some teach that if you are filled with the Spirit, you will have miracles, forgetting that the disciples had the power of miracles before they were filled with the Spirit.

The power of the Holy Spirit is not necessary to make miracle workers. The power of the Holy Spirit is something infinitely higher, grander and more wonderful than that. They worked miracles before the Spirit ever came.

—Counselor, The
The power of the Holy Spirit is something infinitely higher, grander and more wonderful than that.”
Do you see what Tozer is saying? So it is a great sadness to me personally that a great majority of the Pentecostal churches spend so much time and effort and prayers praying to have the kind of church that would fit quite well into a pre- Pentecost world. If the disciples could not operate in this power without being overtook with pride, do we really believe that the modern Christian world is better than they? So, while signs and miracles will indeed follow the Disciples of the Lord, what is the power that they waited for in the upper room?
When the Lord was on the cross, In John 19:34 and His work was finished, we see that rather than break His legs, the soldiers who saw that He was already dead, “pierced,” His side instead. If we now go to Acts 2:37 we see that Peter has just came to the end of a speech that was one of the greatest ever given. He had just shared the Gospel with a crowd of thousands, and that same crowd could have easily torn him to pieces. The NKJV says that upon hearing these words they “were stabbed in the heart.” They were so convicted that they asked the Apostles what they must do. The word for “stabbed in the heart,” in Acts and “pierced,” in John comes from the same root Greek word , “nusso,” meaning to pierce. Now the interesting thing about the word used in Acts is that the Holy Spirit uses the word Katanusso to describe what the people felt when hearing the words of Peter. Katanusso means to pierce thourougly, or to agitate violently. It is a much stronger word than the word nusso used to describe what happened to the Lord with a spear.
So the words that Peter spoke when filled with the Holy Spirit were more violent than the action of someone being stabbed with a spear. This is the power of the Holy Spirit, this is the difference, this is what they had been waiting on. Now they were truly fishers of men.  And indeed, instead of the crowd ripping them to pieces, against all the odds, 3000 were added to the Church that day.
And so when Tozer writes “The power of the Holy Spirit is not necessary to make miracle workers. The power of the Holy Spirit is something infinitely higher, grander and more wonderful than that. They worked miracles before the Spirit ever came.”  This is what he meant.
 Now brothers and sisters, according to Barna, 92% of proffessing Christians have never saw anyone come to the Lord through their own personal sharing. Mega churches and churches that are bulging at the seams are not filled with new converts, they are filled with “church hoppers,” people from other churches.The unchurched remain unchurched and unreached. So what is there a desperate need of today? The power that the Apostles exercised before Pentecost? Or the power that they exercised after Pentecost? May the Spirit of the Lord fall upon His church and may we be endued with “Katanusso,” power, the power to penetrate the hard hearts of the lost and the dying .

12 Responses to “Stabbed in the Heart(Baptism in the Holy Spirit)”

  1. Good post. How vital the power of the Holy Spirit is in the life of the true disciple of Jesus.

  2. appolus said

    Amen brother, it is so vital. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate the comment………Frank

  3. timbob said

    Greetings. John 16:8 comes to mind as I read this. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is so much deeper than seems to be commonly understood by many. It’s imperative to walk in the Spirit at all times and be filled to overflowing. This post places a lot of things in perspective. Thanks.

    have a blessed day in Jesus.


  4. appolus said

    Amen Timbob, John 16:8 is a perfect Scripture to illustrate this truth. Some of the points I did not get into was that in all of the NT, we see perhaps just one “Christian,” healing(Peters mother-in-law) Any yet in todays modern church, the notion of miracles and healings seems to be the sign for them that the Holy Spirit has come in revival. It is, we are told, a method for convincing the world of the reality of Christ. Hmm 🙂 There is a whole post needed there to refute that idea :)Anyway, it is self-indulgence, self love versus love of the world………..Frank

  5. Kay said

    Hi there…just had to respond to #4 comment above since there were many “Christian” healings cited in the new testament…i.e., Peter and John in Acts 3: 1-11, Acts 5:16, Acts 14: 8-10, Acts 28: 8-9, etc. However, the points made above are not lost. Evidence of the Holy Spirit by signs seems to be sought by men in these times as of old. However, this “sign seeking” by men of the Holy Spirit is evidence that the essence of John 16:8 has fallen upon a heart that is yet perfected in Christ Jesus. Judgment of the heart precludes man’s knowing, without signs and wonders, that the Holy Spirit abides within. Once the heart has been judged, self dies, the Spirit of Christ is resurrected in the life, then the heart knows the Holy Spirit has come without any need for signs. Truly, this is all the work of God in his due time and order.

  6. appolus said

    Hi Kay…welcome sister, I appreciate your comments on the post. I think you may have missed the point or perhaps I was not to clear about it, probably the latter I was not saying that there are no miracles in the New Testament, God forbid, the New Testemant is replete with the supernatural and miracles. No, what I was saying was that there is no evidence that “Christians,” were the recipients of healing miracles, perhaps only Peter’s mother in law. I personally understand this, and what we are seeing now in the modern Western church is perahaps the reason why. It has devolved into self-indulgence. “Christians,” seek out certain kinds of “revival,” because they are seeking a healing for themselves. They are so obsessed with this present world, that when a diagonosis comes from a Doctor of almost certain death, they panic. Every single infirmity requires correction for the modern day believer. Just as the world has a pill for everything, the modern believer would like an incantation for everything. And, there are plenty of peddlers around that will fill this vaccum and fill their coffers at the same time. If a man is sick, then let him have his own elders pray for him and anoint him and he will be saved. Saved form what you might ask? Ah, well there is another post Thanks for dropping by Kay and may the Lord Jesus bless you………..Frank

  7. Kay said

    Hi Appolus…thanks for the clarification. However, the scriptures that I cited earlier should still be visited as evidence that many Christians were “healed of sickness.” Also, it is pretty clear that they were healed because of their belief. Arguably, you may say that the persons in the scripture verses cited were not technically referred to as “Christians.” Should this be the case, I’d point out that they were believers and we are told that it was their faith in Christ Jesus that made them whole. While I realize that the greater point you were making is that today’s Christians primarily seek healing through a variety of vehicles for personal consumption/gain/continuance and not to the Glory of God, it is important not to overlook the fact that most of the healing of sickness in scripture, and there are many instances cited before and after Pentecost, was in large part due to the faith in Christ (and his apostles) of those healed. So while there may not be as much healing of “Christian” sickness today due to the “praying amiss” (see James 4:3), there were in fact, many healing miracles of which Christians were the recipients in the New Testament. My belief as to the reason why there was so much more healing in the New Testament than we see now is due to the dispensations of times. The New Testament Christians believed and were healed. Today’s Christians are unashamedly enamored with self-gratification as you have stated and this really is a sign of unbelief.

    Thank you for sharing and your website.

  8. appolus said

    Hi Kay. I see we may have a disagreement 🙂 Thats fine, we can agree to disagree. Good people often come to different conclusions. I would simply restate that there is no Biblical evidence to suggest that those healed were followers of Jesus. One would have to make an argument from silence, which you are entitled to do, unless of course you have specific Scriptures to say that they were followers of Jesus. I accept that this is your opinion and I appreciate your opinion. Let me just address the Scriptures that you did mention. In Acts 3:1-11 we see the man that was laid at the gate. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that this man was a believer, in fact we have to assume that the Apostles had passed him many times before. In Acts 5:16 we see the Scriptures address the people that were healed as the “multitude,’ again nothing to assume that these people were disciples. In Acts 14:8-10 Paul and Baranabas had just arrived at this place, no Christian had been there before, in fact the city they had just fled from pronounced them as “Jupiter and Mercury,” harldy the actions of a people who would rather die that “pronounce Caeser as a God.” No, they were clearly not disciples. And lastly we see Acts 28:8-9. This harldy needs any explaining Publius was an offical on an Island that knew nothing of Christianity. Whether its the leper or the blind man at the pool or the crippled man that tuned Jesus in or the lepers that did not even come back and thank Jesus, they all are similiar. Now, do not get me wrong, I absolutely believe that Jesus is still in the miracle working business, just not as a means of self-indulgence, or a magic pill for all ailments or as a means to win people to Him(indeed no one did more miracles than Jesus and He was still rejected by the “world.”) I myself am a recipient of just such a miracle. You can read about it on this blog either in my testimony “The Valley of Achor,” or in “Anatomy of a Miracle.” These can be found by putting it in the search box. As for dispensation Kay, that is a whole other post :)……………..brother Frank

  9. Kay said

    Hi Appolus…thanks for your response. I agree, I don’t think we’re quite connecting on this discussion…but it is enough to know that you believe and have given your life to Jesus Christ. He will guide us both into all Truth. Thanks again.

  10. appolus said

    HI Kay….agreeing to disagree is a sign of spiritual maturity….May the Lord bless you………Frank

  11. […] return. At Pentecost, Peter spoke with “Katanusso,” power, this is the power to ”stab the hearers in the heart.” The word itself means to “violently agitate, to penetrate. This power was so radical […]

  12. Nina said

    Reblogged this on For Such A Time As This.

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