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The Spirit of Conviction

Posted by appolus on May 14, 2008

It is a great wonder that some of the most riveting and memorable stories in the Bible are not about “good folk.” The Lord had came down from heaven to highlight love and grace and mercy and redemption. How better to do that than on the canvas of some of the greatest sinners. Against the blackness of these lives we see the brilliance and the total majesty of grace. When one goes into a jewelers and looks at diamonds, most times they are shown against black velvet. The blackness of the background only highlights the beauty and perfection of the gems. In much the same way Jesus chose those folk with black backgrounds to highlight the utter beauty of a love that ignores the vileness of the gutter, the sewers of life, to demonstrate the indescribable grace and mercy of God .He would not only condescend to come to a dark earth, but would go right into the hells of our society, not with condemnation but with open loving forgiving arm. Praise God I speak not from theory.

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