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Trials and comfort

Posted by appolus on October 25, 2014

I wrote the poem below last night after speaking with a friend who is dealing with cancer for the second time. You can easily take out the word cancer and replace it with ” trials.” God is with us in out trials shaping us. Often times we are only a doorway away from His glory and presence. When He becomes our primary object and not the trial itself then we discover a way of walking through the door.

Trials and Comfort

It’s not the cancer that I fear
It is the thought that you’re not near
For in your presence worlds collide
Beneath your wings I’ll surely hide

Take me to yourself I pray
Walk with me along the way
I’m tired O Lord please hold my hand
And pull me out from shifting sand

For in the sands there is no ground
Nor solid place that can be found
No handkerchief to wipe the tears
Surrounded by my many fears

You pull me up you cover me
You saw me longing to be free
And now I’ve found a place in you
On solid ground I stand tis true

I fix my eyes on you alone
I lift my hands unto the throne
Of glory mercy love and grace
I gaze upon thy Holy face

And as my gaze is fixed on thee
I find that I am surely free
And in your presence I draw near
And perfect love casts out all fear

Oh my King take all of me
Take every part that you can see
Then in thy hand you’ll hold me tight
Two hearts entwined shall then take flight

Now here I am before your throne
Not forsaken not alone
Legs once weary now can run
Into the arms of God’s own Son

The joy of the Lord is my strength
And you shall go to any length
To take me deeper into thee
To heal me Lord and set me free

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Battle against Cancer-Trusting in God

Posted by appolus on April 14, 2012

My dearest friends in Oklahoma are facing a mighty battle. Their oldest son Luke, 16, is fighting leukemia. Two years ago he had a bone marrow transplant and just recently the disease has made a come-back and they face the same battle all over again. The diagnosis from the doctor is not good. They are currently at St Jude’s hospital in Memphis. Brian(father)  the pastor of a small church in Barnsdall ,Ok, has decided to journal for the next month, this time will be the most brutal time of process of the second transplant. Brian and Martha would love you guys to enter into prayer on behalf of their son as their hope and trust is in the Lord. Here is the first journal entry……………………..

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