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Signs of the end of the world

Posted by appolus on January 2, 2015

In Matthew 24 , on the Mount of Olives, the disciples ask Jesus what the signs of the end of the world would be. Jesus first warns them not to be deceived by man. He then tells them ” Nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in divers places,all these are birth pangs. Then they shall deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and you shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” (Matt 24:3-9)

In one short paragraph, the King of Kings looks down through the corridors of time and gives a sweeping lesson on what the future holds for mankind. Only God can speak like this and when He does we should be hanging on every word. What is birth pangs? If Jesus uses this example, it is definitely worth looking at and studying. Birth pangs is labor pains. In another translation the phrase ” the beginning of sorrows ,” is used. When a woman goes into labor, there are three stages.

1. Early or latent phase.
2. Active phase.
3. Transition phase.

The duration of the early phase is the longest, averaging around eight hours. The pain can be simple backache. You can still walk around, in fact that is sometimes more comfortable than sitting. Most woman spend these hours at home, or they can be checked into the hospital and sent home until labor becomes more active. Feeling of eagerness and excitement are not unusual. It is important at this stage that energy is conserved for the work of labor. Then comes the active phase. This is marked by regular contractions that become longer and stronger and closer together. When you are in active labor you will be concentrating on the task at hand and will not feel like doing anything else. Pain mediation is often given at this time.

After active labor comes the transition phase. This is the most difficult time of labor, and fortunately, this is the shortest period of time lasting from 30 minutes to two hours on average.Brothers and sisters I believe that we are in the early or latent phase of the birth pangs and are soon to shift over to the active phase. All of these phases are leading to the great tribulation. Jesus Himself said that after these phases we shall be delivered up to afflictions and we shall be killed and hated by all nations. Get ready saints, open up your spiritual eyes and see that there is a red sky in the mornings. These are the signs of the times and we should know in our spirits what the Spirit is saying to us.

There is a red sky in the morning
And its calling you and me
It is a heavenly warning
Of just how things are going to be

Behold the King is coming
And He is coming in the cloud
And every eye shall see Him
And every knee is bowed

And in those days, they’ll fall away
And the tribes of the earth shall mourn
They shall revile the precious Son
And upon His name pour scorn

And of that name which is above all names
They shall mock and they will deny
Yet every man shall see the Son
In His glory in the sky

There is no name under heaven
Bt which a man is saved
It’s the glorious name of Jesus
And the road to hell is paved

With well-intentioned people
Who fear man instead of God
Who have a form of Godliness
But deny the power therof

And so to some it may be nothing
To remove Christ from their name
But its a Christless Christianity
That will bring everlasting shame
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Shining like jewels in the darkness!

Posted by appolus on June 9, 2013

Brothers and sisters, Christ is coming back and He is coming soon. This world is judged, this country is judged and Christendom( everything that calls itself by the name of Christ but does not know Him) is judged. And so now we must flee, flee from Babylon and into the arms of Jesus. Just like Lot we must prepare to leave the comforts of Sodom. Just like the exiles, we must prepare to leave the comforts of Babylon

Just like our early brothers and sisters, we must prepare to leave Jerusalem for there is a fierce judgement coming, the final judgement. All attachments to this world must be broken even as we continue to go into this world for needs must. These judgements that we are in the midst of, these birth pangs are just the beginning and they are from the hand of God. Shall we resist the hand of God?

Resistance will not change the judgements to come. The arrogance of those who hate us will continue to rise. Shall we meet arrogance with arrogance? Shall we match their hatred and their violence, shall we render evil for evil? As our enemies gain ground they will become emboldened. They will have the world behind them and true and genuine Christianity will be pushed forward into the lime-light and all the world will hate us as we refuse to bow down to the gods of this world.

Yet brothers and sisters, be of good cheer for the Spirit of God will burn brighter in this generation than has ever been seen before. As the flood of darkness pours in, an incomprehensible darkness, then the light that is in us will shine brighter than ever before. The nobility of the Royal priesthood will be seen by all the world. Consider how one views diamonds in a Jewelers. The diamonds are set on black velvet so that the brilliance of the stones are illuminated against the blackness

As so it will be with the Lord’s own jewels. They will be seen against the backdrop of total darkness and they will shine like they have never shone before. The magnificent beauty of holiness will burn so brightly in the chests of every remnant child of God as they are led, all the day long, as lambs to the slaughter. And when their numbers are fulfilled, then shall come the King of Kings.

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How to stand in the coming storm.

Posted by appolus on November 29, 2012

Hi saints, many who have eyes to see can see a storm coming. Indeed the skies have already began to darken and the first bands have already arrived, birth pangs if you like. Slowly but surely Christendom is being surrounded by her enemies. How then shall God’s people stand in that day? How will you stand? Have you asked yourself that question? Will you truly have faith in the living God? Will you stand fast in that day?

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