A Call To The Remnant

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Men who go down to the sea

Posted by appolus on December 17, 2017

Hundreds of years ago, brave men would go down to the sea and embark on voyages from which there was no guarantee of returning. They would encounter monsters of the sea, savage storms that would threaten to tear them apart, windless days, ever diminishing supplies and in those days worrying about falling off the end of the world. Yet, they embarked and because they embarked we discovered brand new worlds. Few were the men who would dare to do such things and few are the men that change the world. Yet saints, genuine saints who embark upon the journey of faith, who throw caution to the wind and go all in, these saints change the world as we know it. They lead the way for others to follow. I believe there is an especially large mansion for those saints on earth who endure great hardships. The foundation that they are currently hewing out of solid rock will prove to be the foundation for their eternal home to come.

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