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Until the morning star rises

Posted by appolus on December 18, 2017

The victory for the saint comes in the depths of the dungeons. Those who will prevail are those who shall endure and overcome. If we love God more than life then we shall endure until the end and not just endure but cry glory even in the midst of gross darkness. The enemy shall never silence the praises of His people even though he would try to kill every one of us to shut the mouth of Jesus. The enemy killed every child of a certain age in a great slaughter and laments were heard all over the land, but, hark the Herald angels sing, glory to the new-born King, above the weeping of grieving mothers the cries of our deliverer was heard. The enemy failed and Christ prevailed and as it was then so it ever shall be until that day dawns and the morning star rises in your heart.

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