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Nothing shall define you

Posted by appolus on December 25, 2017

Though many things in my life have shaped me, outside of Christ nothing has defined me. I am not that boy who grew up in an alcoholic home, we are not that couple who were pregnant as teenagers. We are not that couple who were homeless or that couple who lost their child. Nor are we the couple that’s son was 60% burned when he was two or whose other son was born with Down Syndrome. I am not that guy who struggled with drink and pot. I am not that guy who quit drink and pot. I am not that guy who laid bricks nor am that guy who sells houses. While all of these things had a hand in shaping my wife and I, it is only Jesus that has defined us. Jesus has defined us so much that probably no one could tell where we came from or even guess what our childhood was like. We are so rooted and defined by God because He is so much bigger than any one of those events or even all of those events combined. Do not let yourself become defined by the events that happened in your life whether good or bad. Don’t be that guy who is very wealthy, don’t be that woman who was abused, don’t be that person who has a handicap, be defined in Christ and you will be renewed no matter what your circumstances were or the combination of all of your circumstances are. Be known as that couple who are kind and loving. Be known as that woman who is virtuous. Be known as that man who walks with integrity. Be known as the couple who others can turn to for help. No single event or series of them must be allowed to define us, not even our salvation, for salvation is not a one time event, it is a living thing. Let the lives that we live define us and let those lives be in Christ and then when the world looks at us they will see Jesus. And if He be lifted up…………………….Glory to God in the highest ,  Glory to our God on high who can take someone who has been shattered into ten thousand pieces and put it all back together. Glory to the one who transforms and renews and makes all things whole.

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