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Revelation through need

Posted by appolus on December 14, 2017

The greatest revelation of God in my life has come in the midst of my needs. It has not come in my wants or desires or accomplishments it has come in my needs. The greater the need the greater the revelation. The second time of greatest revelation of God in my life has come when I have sinned against Him. There is no deeper humiliation for a saint than to have failed his Lord badly. Yet, when I approached the throne of grace with my head hung low and with a spirit within that was crying out ” woe is me for I am undone,” then suddenly I am encountered with love and forgiveness even although I myself had desired punishment and penance to atone somehow for my sin. Now I am undone not because of my unworthiness but because of the realization of the depths of His love and faithfulness to me. It is His holiness that saves, it is his grace that is sufficient and it is His faithfulness that will never fail. He increases in my heart and I decrease as I realize the very source of all that I am in Him and in Him alone

And so, the revelation of the depths of God have come to me and changed me and shaped me because of my needs and my need to repent of my failure and my sin. Contrast all of that to the fundamental aspects of the faith and hyper grace movement if you will. One is that God would have you have all your wants and desires and would be glorified in you accomplishments. The other is that there is no need to humble yourself and be broken and contrite over your sin because He has already forgiven your sins, past , present and future. Now if the greatest revelations of God to us are found in the midst of our needs then would not the enemy of our souls strive to get us to such a place where there is no need?

If our sins lead to humility and repentance and brokenness before the throne where we receive a greater and deeper revelation of who God is then would not the enemy of our soul try to keep us from this place by convincing us that there is no need to come here because all sins, past and present and future are already taken care of? Do not be fooled saints, God is glorified and revealed to us in the depths of our needs, our infirmities and our failures. Should we then seek to be in need or to be infirm or to sin so that God may be glorified? Not at all. I can guarantee that you wont have to seek out needs or infirmities or sin. They will find you because you are finite and corruptible. But an infinite God will one day raise you up in in-corruption. And until that day comes His grace will be sufficient for you. He will meet you in the depths of your needs. He will be faithful to forgive all of your sins when you come before Him and confess and in all of that you are drawn ever deeper into the heart of the Father.

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