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It all belongs to Him

Posted by appolus on December 19, 2017

I’ve seen rainbows in the waterfall
As a child I heard my mother call
He lifts me up every time I fall
It all belongs to Him

I’ve seen dolphins dance upon the waves
I’ve watched squirrels as they misbehave
I’ve seen my Lord and how He truly saves
It all belongs to Him

I’ve seen starlings playing in the sky
I’ve seen the eagles teach their young to fly
I saw my Lord, He came to bleed and die
It all belongs to Him

I have seen a little baby crawl
Then I’ve seen him standing oh so tall
When I cry my Lord He hears my call
It all belongs to Him

So when you see the setting sun go down
And all the kings have finally lost their crown
And tongues confess and every knee bows down
It all belongs to Him

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