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Follow the light that will lead you home

Posted by appolus on December 23, 2017

The man who has passed on into the divine Presence in actual inner experience will not find many who understand him. A certain amount of social fellowship will of course be his as he mingles with religious persons in regular activities of the church, but true spiritual fellowship will be hard to find. “The Saint Must Walk Alone” A.W. Tozer

Tozer is speaking of true spiritual fellowship. That seems to be something that is very rare. I guess the very nature of being a pilgrim denotes loneliness to a certain extent. When we think of pilgrims and pilgrimage we think of long journeys , the definition of pilgrimage is ” a religious expedition.” The word expedition means a voyage or journey, typically that of exploration. Let me ask you saints, does it seem to you that you are on voyage or a journey? Have you left the world behind and struck out into unknown lands and crossed uncharted seas? Or, have you stuck with what you know?

The Christian walk is a voyage of discovery. It crosses uncharted oceans and climbs un-climbed mountains. It leaves the world behind as it journeys towards the celestial city. We are citizens of a land unknown to men. The only map that we have is to be found deep within our hearts. In order to reach this city all must be forsaken. Have you left the world behind you? Are you a mere sojourner on this earth? Does this world seem foreign to you? The saints heart will never be at ease in Babylon. It will long to be in the New Jerusalem. We shall follow the light within us as the wise men followed the star. It will take us home.

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