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Be anxious for nothing.

Posted by appolus on March 11, 2015

Be anxious for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Php 4:6-7)

A favorite verse from a favorite book of mine. Yet there was a whole year it was not my favorite verse. That is how long the Lord made me dwell on this one Scripture. And time and time again in that year I was tested on it and I failed. I still fail occasionally. I was a man who feared everything. Now I am not talking about before coming to Christ at the age of 27, although that was surely true. No, I am talking about somewhere between 10-15 years after coming to Jesus and I have been saved now for 23 years. I was plagued by fear and anxiety and that included the fear of man and the desire to please man. I hid it very well, but at the root of it all was a deeply insecure man whom God was working on. There were two things that brought me victory over this. First and foremost was the Word of God. I could not get away from the instructions that I read in the verse above. If the Lord has commanded me to be anxious for nothing, then it must be possible. And the second key which came as a revelation to me at the end of that year was this, and people will say I am harsh but I am simply being truthful, to be fearful, to be anxious was, at it’s very core, sin. I was so astounded when the Lord opened that up to me, and He did not do it in a condemning way, it was simply shown to me as a matter of fact. I became deeply ashamed at this revelation from God. The God whom I proudly told people was to be trusted in all things, for their very eternal souls, I was, on a daily basis, not trusting Him.

People will say ” well I am just a born worrier, it’s in my nature.” Listen brothers and sisters whose nature resides in you? If we should decrease so that He may increase, then should not our anxieties be decreasing every year we are in the Lord? Or, is fear and insecurity triumphing in your life over the call of God? Let me give you a very simple personal example from my own life. In my life, in my nature I am an eminently practical man. I typically know what must be done and I do not consider any of these things rocket science. And so many years ago I got a terrible call from Scotland. My sister had collapsed and was in a coma. She had suffered a brain aneurism. She was not expected to make it. I needed to come home right away. I arranged a flight that very night and I was to fly out in the morning. As I hurriedly packed, I got on the phone again with my mum and asked her whose report are you going to believe? Did not the Lord promise you your daughter would be saved? Then how is it that you believe she is going to die? Either the doctors were wrong or God’s promise would not be fulfilled. Sounds wonderful right? Just minutes after getting off the phone I was grabbing my black suit and about to pack it. Now I know why I was packing that suit, practical man that I am. And you know what the Lord said to me ” put that suit back.” I would like to report to you that I began to rejoice that God was going to save my sister and that I joyfully put that suit back. But that would not be true, that suit went back and forward quite a few times. My very nature and unbelief was struggling with the word the Lord had spoken to me. I left the suit and my sister did not die.

The promises of God. Do we believe them? When God tells us to consider the lily’s of the field, how they neither toil nor spin and yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed with such splendor Therefore if He so cares about the grass of the field and every sparrow that falls from the sky, how much more does He care and know and meet your needs? Anxiety is just another name for fear and we know that God has not given us such a spirit. Rather He has given us a Spirit of power and love and a sound mind. When we take God at His word then we will have a peace that surpasses all understanding and Christ Himself will guard your heart and mind. Remember saints, and I do not remind you to put you in any kind of bondage, quite the opposite in fact. To live in fear is to live in sin. Are you living in fear today? Note that I said ” living,” or I could have said “practicing.” God’s word promises that we do no have to live in fear/sin. Faith is the opposite and the antidote to sin and fear. Trusting and resting in God and in His word and in His promises, that is for you saint. You can be victorious over this, and any voice you hear that says differently is a lie from the pit of hell. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Begin today to trust in God and live a victorious overcoming life.

21 Responses to “Be anxious for nothing.”

  1. WOW! Good word, Frank! Thank you for the reminder that I must stop living in any kind of fear; especially fear of what man may think or say about me.
    HE who is IN me is victorious … I ‘simply’ must walk in the Spirit, so that my life manifests the same. God bless you!

  2. usafbeth said

    Thank you. You’re always such an encourager! Be blessed!

  3. We all struggle with the Spirit of fear. Thanks for the reminder that God has not given us fear, but POWER and that He provides.

  4. Fantastic word! Very much needed. We either live in the future which brings anxiety, live in the past which brings depression, or live in the present with our Lord. Great words, brother Frank!

    • appolus said

      I totally agree with that BTTM. I was going to mention something to that in the post. Many people predict their future based on past performance and events, it is typically not a good prediction. So we end up living in fear for the future based on the past and the present gets lost in the mix, somewhere along the way we forget to live our lives in the now. We know that the past is behind us and that not even tomorrow is guaranteed. Most of us know this in our heads, but life’s events seem to always come against us, like swimming up a river and we get distracted from simply walking with Him……………………..bro Frank

  5. Mal said

    Thank you brother Frank. This is very timely for me. When we become fearful I believe it also gives the enemy a foothold for him to attack our minds. We must resist him (James 4:7) and hold on to the promises of God. May the Lord bless you!

    • appolus said

      Amen Mal, and a foothold can turn into a stronghold and from strongholds the enemy can attack at will and only have to retreat to the relative safety of that stronghold………………….bro Frank

  6. Afchief said

    Thank you for this timely word. I too wrestle with worry (fear) and being anxious. Just before I read this in my email I was offered a new job with a new company (for more money) and was fearful of leaving my current company and the friends I made there. When I read your article a Spirit of Joy and peace came over me and brought tears to my eyes and which direction I should take.

    I wonder if this could be a generational curse. My mom who has been a Christian since the mid 70s and has also wrestled with worry since I can remember. My Grandmother also was a worrier.

    • appolus said

      Afchief , my heart was overjoyed to hear that this was a timely word for you and that you were touched by the Spirit of God. I want you to know that it is less about what we do and more about how we live. To live in Him, to walk with HIm as Enoch walked, is to get right back to the garden and the cool of the day. I believe that it could very well be a generational curse. Do you know breaks generational curses? Following The Spirit of God and being obedient to His word and His still small voice. Victory is yours brother, the chains are already broken, the way is already made for you, follow therefore in it and you will know freedom and the joy in the Lord that comes from such freedom. In the years that I have know the Lord Jesus, He has brought everyone of my fears to the fore in such perfect timing and such patience and such love. Now it was terribly uncomfortable to say the least, some times I was literally terror stricken. yet for the most part I pushed on, sometimes had to go around the mountain again and try it over, but God has a wonderful tender heart to see His children free to run, free to love, free to soar with the eagles above ( a line from a poem He gave me one time) My prayers are with you as you move forward in the direction you should go……………………….bro Frank

  7. Becky Johnson said

    I need to absorb this. I’ve been believing God to heal my lungs. I am convinced that this is not only possible for Him to do, as well as His desire that I have the ability to breathe and love this life He has for me. But nothing has happened. I have believed Him for the provision of very (very) expensive asthma medicine that He has provided free through my doctor’s office. One month ago I called as I was about out. They didn’t have any. Today I called again and am awaiting a return call. There have been a few times today I’ve felt a tingling in my back. I long to know that as my spirit has been infused with the Life of Christ, that is better than touching the hem.of His garment. Lord, please heal my lungs and let me breathe through life. Help my unbelief (and fear that You will not). Amen.

    • Becky Johnson said

      *live this life

    • appolus said

      Dear Becky, as I read of your breathing difficulties, it reminded me of one of the earliest tests of my Christianity. I had been a Christian for just a year and a half and my youngest son ( now 22) had just been born with Down Syndrome. He had to have a series of major surgeries. Just six weeks after he was born and just being 29 myself, I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. I just wanted to encourage you with this testimony. I wrote it back in 2008 and dug it out of the archives of this sight đŸ™‚ https://acalltotheremnant.com/2008/02/13/anatomy-of-a-miracle/ ……………………….bro Frank

  8. amongtheforgotten said

    The key to this verse for me are the words “in everything” and “thanksgiving.” It is not necessarily difficult to pray about specific things we need (supplication) though its much more rare for people to remain thankful in the various circumstances in which they currently find themselves. Reading on a little later in Philippians 4:11, 12 it says;

    “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need.”

    In every circumstance………when I come to the place where I trust whatever is happening in my life now IS HIS WILL then I can have peace now and in that situation. If I’m waiting for my circumstances to change first, I cannot have peace because I am not trusting God, His timing or His promises.

    Sadly, and due to the “church” suppressing the truth in unrighteousness, we often suffer alone. That is not and should not be. Within true local ekklesias Christians share their pains, their sorrows and their material blessings with others in need. This most of us are very slow to learn:

    “Nevertheless, you have done well to share with me in my affliction” (4:14-16)

    • appolus said

      Perfect ATF. Thanksgiving, for me, is the key to walk with the Lord. One of the fundamental truths the Holy Spirit has laid upon my heart is the wonder and the beauty of praising God and being thankful in the deep valleys. How simple is it to praise God from the mountaintops? What else is a child of God to do when we are on the top of the mountain with our hand raised high to the heavens? But can I tell you and you already know, Hell itself is shaken when the saints of God, from the deepest darkest valley, from the vilest dungeon, begin to give thanks and praise the Living God. Can you just hear Paul praising God right now when he had been, just that day, whipped with 39 lashes. Now he is thrown into the darkest part of the dungeon, and at the darkest part of the night, he begins to sing praises to the Living God………………….Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………And all the other prisoners were listening and no doubt utterly amazed and then, and then, the glory of God falls in that place and the whole building shakes and the prisoners were loosed from their bonds and the jailer and his whole family were saved . Whoooo, glory to God. Now that is the power I long to see fall upon the saints. My how the prisoners, in bondage to sin all around us, would be amazed to see a people full of thanks and giving glory to God in any circumstances, this is hell shaking power……………………….bro Frank

  9. Steve said

    A teaching by Derek Prince, which has stuck in my mind these 40 years:

    “Worry is faith in the devil.”

    Amen !

    blessing, Steve

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