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Be not afraid but speak and do not remain silent.

Posted by appolus on March 21, 2015

Then spoke the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not your peace: For I am with you, and no man shall set on thee to hurt you: for I have much people in this city. (Act 18:9-10)

I personally take great encouragement from this Scripture. It shows me that even the mighty men of God experienced fear, if it were not so then Paul would not have required a vision to tell him not to fear and to continue to speak the truth. We live in a day and age where there is tremendous societal pressure to keep our mouths shut, not to speak the truth lest we offend any number of folks. Listen brothers and sisters, you can be as careful as you like, you can tip-toe through the issues but do not be fooled, it is not tolerance that society wants, it is total capitulation on all the issues of life. It is not acceptable to agree to disagree and to allow everyone to live peaceably with their own views. The mere fact that you hold certain views is becoming abhorrent to the general population. For too long you may have relied on the fact that you have freedom of speech. Brothers and sisters, that is an illusion. You certainly have freedom of speech but not because men established it in documents, for what men can give you men can take away. No brothers and sisters, the freedom that you have is from God Himself and the only documents that we need, rely upon and stand upon is the Word of God. God has told us not to hold our peace in regards to the truth. Well there it is, that is not very hard to understand.

What is stopping you from sharing the Truth? Fear of men? Well this is an issue that even the author of two thirds of the New Testament dealt with. The solution to your fear of man? An encounter with the living God. God is still speaking to His people, His sheep hear Him speak and they know His voice. It starts with the Word of God, yet God also speaks to His people in a still small voice. Do not let the cares of this world and business drown out that voice. He still speaks to His people in dreams and vision and of course they never contradict what is written in the word. I want to encourage you today, God has His remnant. He has His people in every village, every town every city throughout the land. You are not alone. Jesus has not left you as an orphan, he has sent unto you His Holy Spirit. As the days grow darker, you will discover brothers and sisters you never knew you had as they too make the hard decisions to stand upon the Truth. Stay strong brothers and sisters in the power of His might. Speak the truth when the opening comes and if you suffer loss in this world you will gain it all back in the next.

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