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Count it all Joy!

Posted by appolus on March 24, 2015

thJames, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting. My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; (Jas 1:1-2)

Another way of saying this is that we count it pure joy when we face every kind of trial. Are you there brothers and sisters? Are you close? Do you want to be there? In order to see our trials as opportunities to be more like Jesus, we have to want to be like Jesus very much. When we find ourselves even close to this kind of thinking, we begin to elevate ourselves above the circumstances. In every trial and situation we can ask ourselves “what would bring God the most glory?” Just the mere asking yourself that question will bring so much clarity to your mind. As you begin to think of His name and how you can glorify Him in your trial, then you have taken your eyes off yourself. As you do this then you begin to walk in victory. Your trial becomes your vehicle that drives you deeper into the Fathers heart. When things are going well in our lives, we may not react that much differently from those in the world. Yet when we are facing dire circumstances and trials or infirmities, then it is a glorious opportunity to not only reveal God’s truth and glory in you to the world but also to the principalities and powers, the mockers and accusers of the brethren.

We have been called to live extraordinary lives. It is ordinary to bemoan our state when we experience trials. It is mediocre. Do you want to live a mediocre life for Christ? That word comes from two old Latin words , medius meaning middle and ocris meaning mountain. To be mediocre is to be neither at the top of the mountain nor the bottom, just somewhere in the middle. If you allow the trials of your faith to shape you for His glory then the Scriptures say that it will make you complete, wanting nothing. How would you like to be completely satisfied, content in Christ in this hard life? How would you like to walk in that kind of victory in the midst of the many trials of life that will be with us until the day that we die? How would you like to experience even a portion of this pure joy? Are you fighting your trial? Stop. Do not resist any longer. Your trial, if you allow it, will make you stronger and God will never be closer. Walking in this closeness, this proximity to God will cause you to triumph over every trial and circumstance. Now lift up your eyes and see that you are on top of the mountain. To summit the mountain is to conquer the mountain. We conquer our mountains and cast them into the sea by faith in God in every situation.

One last thing brothers and sisters, James writes this to the ” twelve tribes that are scattered abroad.” God’s remnant children are scattered all over this world. God encourages His own. And so to the remnant saints I want to say to you ” be of good cheer,” and count it all joy in the midst of your trials for our Lord is returning soon yet He is with you even now. He sees your trials, He sees your tears, He sees the afflictions of His people. He is with you in all of them.

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