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It is no longer I that live!

Posted by appolus on March 20, 2015

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.Gal 2:20

This is a tremendous expression of the living reality of Jesus in His saints. Paul says that he has been crucified and that he no longer lives. There was an old Paul and then there was a new Paul and the new one was radically different from the old. Not only was there the death of the old Paul, but Christ was birthed in him. He had the life of Christ in Him. The life of Christ is dynamic and radical. When others look at you, can they see the life of Christ in you?

I am a city boy, born and raised in an industrial town. I could not tell you one tree from another. Big green things with branches, some prettier than others. I did know what a chestnut tree looked like, because every year as a boy I would go hunting chestnuts which we called ” cheggies.” We would look for the spiny fruit of this tree and for the wonderful brown nut that was inside it. We would bake it in the oven and then when it was good and hard, we would drill a hole through it and put a string through it and tie a knot at one end of the string. I would find some other school mate with one and he would hold his up, the chestnut dangling from the end, and I would try and hit it and destroy it with mine. Now, if I was walking along and saw apples on a tree then I knew that this was an apple tree, not rocket science right? And so the fruit of the tree identifies what kind of tree that it is. In a world where everyone calls himself a tree, a Christian, how can we identify who indeed has the life of Christ in them?

Is there fruit hanging from your branches? Has the life of Christ in you welled up from the depths of your spirit and produced fruit that others can identify and partake of? You have heard the saying that the fruit identifies the root. If others were looking at you, would they know what kind of tree that you were by the fruit that they could see? There is one thing about the life of Christ, it is unmistakeable. It radiates, it produces passion, people can even see it on your face. It wells up in us. As God pours in His living waters into the very depths ow who we are, as the life of Christ bubbles up in us, it has to have an expression. Artists must paint, singers must sing, musicians must play, sculptors must sculpt and writers must write. It is so vital to who they are, they are just out of sorts if they are not able to have an outlet for the passions that they were born with. It is not even something that they have any control over. If the life of Christ was born into the very depths of who we are it must and will have an expression. The creator of all things, dwelling in you, will love others, will comfort others, will share the truth with others. To those who have Christ living in them, to talk about the one they love is to turn their light on. Only as they are giving expression to that life that is in them are they truly alive.

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