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Everlasting joy and gladness!

Posted by appolus on March 10, 2015

Isa 51:11 Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.

The context of Isaiah 51 is Isaiah speaking to a remnant in Babylon. They had been there for almost seventy years, living among the gentiles and a great proportion of their fellow Israelites were thoroughly taken up with life in Babylon, in fact it is reckoned that when the time came and they were released to return to Jerusalem, almost two-thirds opted to stay behind in the comfort of Babylon. Yet there was a remnant whose hearts were full of sorrow and mourning and a deep desire to return to promised land. They were promised here in this passage, that their sorrow and mourning would soon be replaced with gladness and joy. In our own day, there is a remnant people who are full of sorrow and mourning for what they see unfolding around them. Strikingly there is a great majority who believe everything is fine. They would look at those who mourn and sorrow as if they were mad. I would like to encourage all the saints whose hearts are heavy because of the low state of Christianity. You are not mad, in fact I believe that you have a fire in your bones and a burden on your heart placed there by God Himself. Can I tell you that our Lord is coming back soon and He will be looking for those who remained faithful to their calling. He will find such faith on the earth. And though there may be days ahead of great sorrow and mourning, they will be followed by everlasting joy and singing. You may not have it in this world but you shall certainly be rewarded with it in the world to come. This is the reward to those who overcome.

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A new generation of Pharisees arise.

Posted by appolus on March 10, 2015

F-VicariHere’s How the New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel.

This article above, while making some good points, is a clear indication that there is a new generation of Evangelicals ready to rise up and defend their system. This is a reactionary piece from a growing panicked evangelical movement. The writer bemoans the passing of a moral majority generation. In a state of decline, evangelicals swing wildly from the right to the left and then back again. The very system itself denies Jesus His preeminence . The Ark has left the Holy of Holy’s and the religion reacts in an effort to desperately maintain the status quo . How sad to think folks have to fight to regain lukewarmness. Make no mistake, the birth of the Pharisee came out of living amongst a very un-godly post-exilic people. The Jewish people had lived in Babylon for seventy years and lived in a very worldly way. The Pharisee was a reaction to that. Now today, there is a great danger that the younger folks coming up will be even more political than their parents and grandparents because they see such un-godly lifestyles among their own generation. They never really question the system that produced such ungodly lifestyles amongst their peers. Now they say, ” If we could just get back to ………” you fill in the blanks. ” We just have to be more active politically.” “We have to retake the moral high-ground.” And so we repeat the damning cycles of the previous generations and are blind to the fact that the religious system itself is, at its very core, the problem.

It was those generations who believed that the way to change things was through Washington. It was those generations who really gave us cheap grace. It was those generations who raised their children under the wings of the all important American dream. Go to church on a Sunday morning-Tick that box. Drop of your children at Sunday School and let some pimply faced kid teach your children-Tick that box. Take little Johnny to baseball practice-tick that box. What, prayer meeting is on Wednesday night? sorry, that is little Jenny’s dance practice night- tick the dance practice box. Do a check of all your boxes at the end of the week. Yeah, that looks good. Christianity became just another box to tick while pursuing the American dream. Little Johnny knew fine well that his parents had no concept of being content with food and clothing. Jenny knew that her parents knew nothing of being content with where you were or that there was great danger in the pursuit of wealth. She did know that if her grades dropped below honor roll status she would be in deep trouble. She also knew that she could fail Scriptural truth all day long and her parents would never even notice. Jenny and Johnny become sold out to a system because they were taught that. What system, the religious one? Noooo, that was lukewarm and a mere addition, an adornment to their parent’s life, no the system they were sold out to was the American dream and all that it offered. Seek ye first the Kingdoms of men and all these other slightly less important things will be added unto you.

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